Design-Aire™Design-Aire™ Chairs - inflatable furniture and custom seating. When you look around the world, there are so many things that can be used to your advantage in the advertising industry. When marketing your brands, it's important to notice the new trends that are taking place!Design-Aire™

Design Air ™ furniture is one of our favorite innovations and trends! We took regular inflatable furniture and made it more durable, fashionable and simply a must have for any showroom, brand and or activation.custom seatingThe Design-Aire™ Couch is truly one of a kind! Its sleek design makes it eye catching with a high quality look and feel. It's made from our EP material inner inflatable structure and then covered with a high end premium polyester fabric shell which is printed using high quality digital dye sublimation. This material we us makes this product durable, easy to transport use wash and repair if necessary. The print is completely customizable; we can accommodate nearly any design wanted!

The Design-Aire™ Lounger There is nothing quite like sitting back and relaxing on your own personal lounge chair, specially designed for your company! This material is also made of Elasto-Planolium™ with an outer canvas shell. This makes the lounger an incredibly durable and dependable item! This is offered in full Dye Sub, and the print is completely customizable!  inflatable furnitureThe Design-Aire™ L-Shaped Chair is one of our most requested items! The Design Air product line, unlike conventional PVC inflatables, can withstand much heavier usage and is extremely durable. Not only is this product sturdier, it's so easy to set up! It inflates quickly with an air pump and the seal ensures that no air escapes while you are using it. Once you are done using this item, simply release the air via the seal, and it folds up tight for clean and easy storage even when space is limited!L-Shape ChairThe Design-Aire™ Ottoman is one of our simplest designs, but that's no lack for design! This product flies off of our product lines because of the fully dye sublimated prints and it's natural versatility of use. This piece too is completely customizable! This product is also made out of Elasto-Planolium ™ with an outer canvas shell, so it's very durable and easy to work with.

It's no wonder why these amazing products are becoming the latest trend. They work well in practically any environment. They can be used as everything from ad space at events, in store, at festivals and so much more! The sky is the limit with these amazing products!
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