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  • 8 Unexpected and Creative Promotional Aids.

    It’s no secret that promotional aids can provide creative marketing solutions for companies of all sizes. For years, promotional aids such as tote bags, beverage holders of all shapes and sizes, and t-shirts have been helping spread the word about companies to the greater public.

    However, sometimes you need to think outside of the box to stand out. While the aforementioned promotional aids are always great choices, if you’re looking for a new and different way to really wow customers, consider one of these eight unexpected and creative promotional aids. From magnetic floating displays to kites and even paddle boards, Above All Advertising offers promotional aids that are bound to make customers take notice and improve your branding.Picture2

    1. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards.Across not only the nation but around the world, SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) has caught on as a fun and trendy recreational fitness activity. You can capitalize on this trend and increase brand awareness by investing in inflatable stand-up paddle boards. These easy-to-assemble promotional items will act as an enticing and cool marketing booster for your company, and help establish you as on-trend and cutting edge.Personalize your inflatable stand-up paddle boards with your logo and company colors for maximum effect. These promotional items make a great gift for investors or vendors, and are bound to make your company stick out in people’s minds. Picture3
    2. Clocks. Time has proven that some of the most successful promotional items are those that can provide a functional service. While tote bags and beverage holders are classic promotional items for this reason, a customized clockis just as useful but less expected.

    Think about it: with a promotional clock, your customers are literally exposed to your brand every time they glance at the wall to check the time. That’s a lot of times per day! Featuring your logo in the center and large, easy to read numbers, this 10.25-inch diameter clock is a functional and beautiful promotional item that is available to order in quantities as low as 6 units!Picture4

    1. Floating magnetic display.If “out of the box” is what you’re going for with your promotional aids, look no further than the floating magnetic display. This unique display unit is appropriate for retail, showrooms, and even trade show floors, and is bound to make customers flock to you with curiosity.

    Featuring patent-pending magnetic technology, this unique display makes the product or item of your choice (up to 13 ounces) levitate, continuously revolving in space. Augmented with spot LED lighting, this display is bound to attract potential customers who want to know, “how’d you do that?”. This promotional aid provides the perfect ice breaker, inviting conversation with potential customers and exposing them to your brand in a cool and attractive way.Picture5

    1. Custom sealed inflatables. Few promotional aids have the power to delight like custom sealed inflatables. In essence, you can create a 3-D version of a company mascot, product, or the likeness of any item which can help promote your brand.

    These approximately 16-inch inflatables have a super-high degree of customization, and can be made in the shape and colors of your choosing. This makes them perfectly tailored to your brand, and perfect for promotion. Whether you’re displaying them at a trade show, using them as promotional giveaways, or using them to create a dynamic retail display, custom sealed inflatables are proven to increase sales and brand awareness.Picture6

    1. Triton™ printed blinds.It’s likely that you’ve never considered customized blinds / shades as a promotional item, but you should. Our Triton™ Printed Blindsare a truly unique and eye-grabbing promotional aid. Available in a number of different sizes, they provide an ample canvas to really showcase the artwork of your choosing.

    These blinds are appropriate for both residential and commercial applications, and can be printed with the custom graphics of your choosing. The design possibilities are endless! Perhaps you’ll showcase a product image, or just emblazon your blinds with your company’s logo and tagline. Either way, every time the sun comes out your blinds will capture attention on these roller shades! They can truly enliven a business or any room in which they are placed.

    1. Changing station.If you’re exhibiting at a street fair, music festival, or trade show, you’re guaranteed to garner attention with a customized changing station. Customers have rarely seen something like this!

    These portable and compact dressing rooms feature the unique Fabsta™ style stretch fabric exterior that is growing rapidly throughout the exhibition industry. But its appeal isn’t just aesthetic. This popular item provides a great solution for events out in the public, or can provide a helpful promotional aid at photo shoots. Anywhere can be “on location” in a jiffy with this unique promotional aid.Picture7

    1. Kites.It’s a bird...it’s a plane...no, it’s an incredible promotional kite! Kites provide a fun, novel promotional item which establishes your company as fun-loving and creative. It’s also an eye-catching promotional item which acts as a flying billboard of your company! Choose a template for a custom kite, or submit your own design. Your logo printed on a kite will improve your branding with flying colors (literally)!Picture8
    1. Beer tube. If you run a bar or restaurant, the beer tubeis the perfect tabletop dispenser which can increase brand awareness, enhance your atmosphere, create a conversation starter, and perform the valuable function of keeping beverages cold! While it’s called a “beer tube”, don’t let that hold you back: this display can be used for all sorts of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including vodka, orange juice, rum and coke, whiskey, and soft drinks.

    These customized drink dispensers assemble quickly and travel easily, so they can be used either in a food service space or taken outdoors for festivals or street fairs, which makes them versatile and appropriate for a number of different settings. Not only do these drink dispensers help advertise, but they help build positive identity for your brand as a design-savvy and on-trend company. Various sizes and templates are available so that you can customize your drink holder to be appropriate for your unique business.

    Conclusion: Promotional aids can be a great way to improve your company’s brand identity and start conversations with customers. In today’s saturated market, it’s important to stand out in the crowd, and creative, out of the box promotional aids can help. Above All Advertising offers a number of creative and sometimes unexpected solutions; see for yourself if one of these creative and unique options can help improve your company’s visibility and gain you more attention!

    Which is your favorite creative promotional aid?

  • 10 Custom Games to Use for Promotions.

    10 Custom Games to Use for Promotions. When it comes to promoting your business, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your marketing. In recent years, branded custom games have attained more and more popularity as a method of capturing the attention of potential customers, allowing them to interact with you, and making them far more likely to spend money with your business. These games can act as the ultimate ice-breaker, taking customers from curious to actually engaging with your business and employees.

    There are a number of different custom games out there which are suitable for businesses; which one is right for you? Here, we’re profiling some of the most popular options and highlighting the advantages of each, to help you decide which one is the right fit for your business.

    10 Custom Games to Use for Promotions. From tabletop games to inflatable ball toss options, there’s a game for every type of business. Here are ten awesome options:



    1. Bean toss: While this might initially come across as a kid-friendly game, you’ll be surprised and delighted by how a bean toss gameattracts people of all ages. Light and easy to transport, the bean toss game can be made with a full color digital imprint so it can reflect your company’s logo or imagery related to a product launch or event. The bean bags themselves can be printed with custom imagery, too; this repetition in branding helps your business stay fresh in customers’ minds. Placing a bean toss near your trade show booth, or outside of your tent at an outdoor event, is a great way to attract customer attention.


    1. Giant Tangle game: Go big or go home! The giant tangle gamepacks a triple punch as a promotion.First, the classic game is bound to appeal nostalgically to adults, and capture the attention of children. Second, it’s a ton of fun: formatted like a classic childhood game, a spinner is used to determine where each player puts their hand or foot. Before you know it, everyone’s in a tangle, which allows customers have fun with your brand. Third, in addition to being fun, it’s a powerful promotional tool. Branding options and customization are available, making this a smart and fun way to engage and promote. It’s the perfect pick for outdoor events and festivals.


    1. Inflatable golf range:Easily transform your business parking lot (or any outdoor space!) into a sales tool with an inflatable golf range. The inflatable structure itself is eye-catching, featuring a rear and backdrop which can be customized with your logo or the company imagery of your choosing.But this cool promotional tool is not just about form: it’s got a function too, acting as a safe, contained golf range which can be set up easily and quickly using a motorthat sends air up into the unit. Set this inflatable up at your next trade show, outdoor event, or even in your business parking lot and bask in the attention of new customers.


    1. Free throw toss:All you need is a basketball! This creative and space-efficient cold air inflatable free throw toss gamefeatures puffy sides with mesh netting and hoops. It can be branded with your logo for maximum impact. This is the perfect advertising tool to capture the attention of passers-by at busy events like trade shows, corporate events, or outdoor festivals. Easy to assemble using a motor that sends air up into the unit, this is an effective tool to make your business stand out from the crowd and attract customers.


    1. Football toss: Looking for a bigger or more tricked-out variation on our bean toss game? Our football toss gamemight just be the perfect pick. It includes everything but the footballs! Your sealed inflatable football game can be designed to feature your branding and imagery so that they suit your particular needs.At large-scale events such as parades or outdoor festivals, these easy to install inflatables are extremely effective at getting customers to stop and check out the game. Engaging customers in this way allows you to make a good impression on them, which helps forge positive associations with your business and brand.


    1. Basketball toss: For a game on a super scale that grabs customer attention, our basketball toss gameis second to none. Everyone loves to try their hand at basketball; this nifty inflatable allows them to try it on a cartoon-like scale and have a little fun while they’re at it.In spite of its assertive size, this inflatable is easily portableand handy, making it easy to transport to outdoor events and making setup and takedown a breeze. A game like this instantly delights customers and gives you common ground to talk about, allowing you to network along with a little good-spirited competition. The columns can be printed with your custom imagery, making this an extremely effective billboard for your business. Picture18
    2. Prize wheel: Let your customers feel like they’re on a game show with this nifty prize wheel! A traditional wheel with a pointer "clicks" between 12 segments. This clever promotional item can be used on a tabletop, or modified to be a standing floor unit. Either way, you can set it up to offer services or giveaways to potential customers at trade shows, events, employment fairs...you name the event, this prize wheel can be used as a promotional tool. People love spinning the wheel, and in this case, it might just be the difference between a customer stopping to check out your business and walking on by.


    1. Putting green game. Golf and business are like two peas in a pod, right? Bring them together in an appealing way with our putting green game, which will bring customers right to you on trade show or event space floors, networking events, or parades.This unique modular putting green system allows the golfer to adjust the slope of the green with a push of a foot; each side has a wedge that can be raised or lowered to adjust the desired slope or pitch of the green. With this amount of available settings, this game won’t get boring even for experienced golfers! Constructed with an anodized aluminum base and high impact plastic components and a supported base, this game is built to last, and can be branded with your logo, making for an effective and engaging marketing tool.Picture20
    2. Hot Shot game:Looking for a game that’s a little different? Our hot shot gamemight be exactly what you’re looking for. This game offers an opportunity to make promotional giveaways more memorable and fun. Set up like a big “pong” game, a ball can be bounced along a printed flooring portion into bins featuring your logo and branding. This offers plenty of exposure to your business as customers enjoy the game. Appropriate for trade shows, sales events, and even stage shows and parades, this Hot Shot game is bound to draw a crowd and create favorable impressions.


    1. Plinko: Not all games have to be super “sporty”. Our plinkogame is the perfect choice for when you have limited space (or for events where there might not be room to throw balls or bean bags!). Simply drop the puck and watch it bounce down and slide into the prize slot. You can customize your board with custom branding and prize options to make it suit your business.


    Not only is this game perfect if your space is limited, but since it ships completely assembled, it’s a snap to set up and transport at your next event.

    Conclusion: Custom games are an eye-catching and engaging way to help promote your business and establish your company as being hip, relevant, and fun-loving. By offering people the chance to engage with your brand in a playful way, you’ll forge positive associations with potential customers, and leave a lasting impression. Investing in a custom branded game is a great way to boost your business and have fun at the same time.


    Have you ever considered a promotional game for your business?

  • 10 Things to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Tent.

    Have you ever considered buying an outdoor tent? Simple to construct and emblazoned with your logo, an outdoor tent can be a powerful marketing tool and a way to increase sales both on your business site and by bringing your business to outdoor markets.Buying an outdoor tent requires an investment, it’s true, but it is one on which you can potentially see great returns in sales, marketing, and general exposure to your business. To make sure that you make the most sound investment for your company, take a few minutes to consider these 10 things before buying an outdoor tent.

    Buying an outdoor tent requires an investment, it’s true, but it is one on which you can potentially see great returns in sales, marketing, and general exposure to your business. To make sure that you make the most sound investment for your company, take a few minutes to consider these 10 things before buying an outdoor tent.


    (Source: Above All Advertising)

    What is an outdoor tent? Before talking about what to consider when buying an outdoor tent, let’s briefly discuss what an outdoor tent is, exactly. Many people will think of a simple, farmer’s market style tent; while this is absolutely an outdoor tent, it’s far from the only type. Outdoor tents can include a much wider variety of products which can be tailored to your business, ranging from pop-up tents in sizes from a modest walk-up to huge version suitable for large events, to inflatable Show Shells to eye-catching Spider Tents. You can browse the robust offerings on the Above All Advertising site.

    10 Things to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Tent. Now that you’ve got an idea of some of the different outdoor tent options, here are some important questions to ask yourself before making the investment. These can help you make the best purchase for your business.

    1. Where will you put your tent?Will your tent be set up in your business’s parking lot, or will it be set up at trade fairs and street markets across the region? Considering the location of your tent can help you decide on which option is right for you. For instance, if the tent will be set up in your own place of business where you have freedom to set up as large and in whatever style you like, the options are more open; if you have to adhere to style and size guidelines to set it up in other places, keep that in mind.
    2. Do you need to take down and re-set up your tent? Is your tent going to remain in one place and only be taken down and re-set up on occasion, or will it be assembled and disassembled on a weekly basis? If your tent requires frequent setup, it may be beneficial to choose a model that is on the simpler side to assemble, so that you can spend more time selling.3(Source: Above All Advertising
    3. Do you need to ship your tent?Will your tent need to be shipped to various locations? If so, be sure to check out the dimensions of the unassembled tent, so that you can decide if the weight and size is going to be financially viable in that way. Some tents pack up smaller and lighter than others; each item’s includes this information.
    4. Will your tent be used at street fairs or events?Will your tent be used at events or street fairs where you are renting a space? If so, you will probably have to adhere to size and height restrictions. Be sure to reach out to the market organizers and find out any restrictions before buying a tent: you don’t want to buy a beautiful tent only to find that it is two feet too wide for the show.
    5. Do you want your tent to stand out, or to fit in?Do you want your tent to be a neutral selling ground where you can fit in with other tents in an event? Or do you want something flashy and eye-catching? If you want a more uniform look, a more basic pop-up tent might be a better choice, whereas if you really want to catch people’s eyes, a specialty tent such as a canopied Action Tent might be a great choice for you. 4
      (Source: Above All Advertising)
    6. Consider the elements.Sun, wind, rain: all of these can take a toll on your tent. If possible, consider where and when you will be setting up your tent and try to choose an option best suited to those elements. For instance, if you live in a hot and muggy climate, a show shell might get too hot, and an option with open walls might be a better choice. If you anticipate rain, you’ll want a tent with more coverage that will protect you and any products or ad materials you have on display.  5
      (Source: Above All Advertising)
    7. How will your tent be used? Will your tent be used as a place to hand out business cards and flyers, or do you want it to be a safe cover for cars you’re selling? Consider the use of your tent; this can help you choose the right outdoor tent. For instance, if you want maximum space open so that people can enter your tent from multiple sides, consider an option with open walls.
    8. How many people will be setting up and using the tent? Is it going to be one person responsible for setting up the tent, or will there be multiple people around to assist with setup? SOme tents are easy to set up solo, whereas others benefit from having 2 or more people. On the Above All Advertising site, each tent listing has an FAQ section where it is noted whether or not this tent is suitable for set-up by just one person.
    9. Think about weights. When setting up a tent outdoors, you’ll need to set up weights or tethered straps to keep the tent from blowing away. Be sure to evaluate what the requirements will be for the type of tent you’re interested to make sure that it will work in the setting in which you’d like to display your tent.
    10. Are you selling from your tent? If you are selling out of your tent, you want to be sure that your tent is high enough that people can stand under it, and large enough to accommodate whatever it is you are selling and allow people room to approach.

    Conclusion: These considerations don’t take up too much of your time, but they can be of huge assistance when you’re investing in an outdoor tent. By taking the time to take stock of your needs and goals for an outdoor tent, you’ll be well on your way to making the best investment for your business.

    How would you use an outdoor tent?

  • 5 Ways that Outdoor Signs Can Help Increase Business.

    An outdoor sign performs many different services for your business. On the simplest level, signage outside of your business acts as an informative marker of your location for existing customers, helping them locate you on the street. But outdoor signage is also one of most effective ways to attract new customers and expose your business to those who might not otherwise discover you. A prominent, well-designed outdoor sign acts as both billboard and advertisement for your company, enticing potential customers who might be walking or driving by, and ultimately bringing new business in the door.

    Here, we’ll discuss five specific ways in which outdoor signs can help increase business, both in short and long-term ways. We’ll also include some informative tips for how to maximize your sign’s potential so that it can be the most effective sales and promotion tool possible.

    What is outdoor signage? This might sound like a silly question at first: obviously, it’s signage that is outdoors. But it doesn’t just mean a sign outside of your door.

    What is considered outdoor signage is actually quite a wide category, including but not limited to  hanging banners and flags, sandwich boards, human directional signs (a sign physically held by someone outside of your business), inflatables, ad tunnels, frog signs, arches, retractable banner signs, air tubes, and even outdoor tents. To get a full idea of the breadth of the outdoor signage options available to you, check out the outdoor advertising section on the Above All Advertising site.

    Choosing an outdoor sign

    Feeling intimidated by all of the outdoor signage options, and confused about which one is right for your business? Don’t be. By taking some time to consider your business’s specific needs for signage, the choice will become far easier. For help deciding which type of sign might be right for you, check out this informative post on how to decide what type of signage is right for your business that will help you gain clarity on your goals and needs for a sign.

    (Source: Above All Advertising)Picture28

    5 Ways that Outdoor Signs Can Help Increase Business. Here are five ways in which outdoor signs can help you increase business, including how to maximize the effects for your business.

    1. Bring attention to your business from passers-by. Outdoor signage can attract customers simply by being there. That’s a great starting point; increase the odds of being noticed by making sure that you have an appropriately-sized outdoor sign, prominently placed, which has been professionally designed to showcase your logo, business name, and / or the service offered. Work with a professional designer to create a sign with the most possible impact.Picture29

    (Source: Above All Advertising)

    1. Add an outdoor tent = added business.If you have an outdoor tent, you have the ability to maximize your “selling” space. Your tent could be on the business premises, such as in front of your business or in the parking lot during a summer sale, or it could be in a different location totally, say, at a street fair or outdoor event. If it is off-site, an outdoor tent can be a way to make a satellite location for your business to promote yourself, either offering products or services from the tent, or giving out business cards or brochures if that is more appropriate for your business. When displayed on-site at the place of your business, it can bring you one step closer to the public walking by, which might just be the nudge someone needs to check out your business.Picture30

    Source: Above All Advertising

    1. Showcase specials or sales. When you have a yard sale, chances are, you put out a sign on the corner that says “Yard sale” with your address and the times. On a larger and more professional scale, this is what you want to do to help promote sales or specials for your business. After all, nothing says “BIG SALE” like a huge outdoor sign stating those exact words! Outdoor signage can provide an opportunity to bring attention to important events, goings-on, or savings that may be of interest to your customers. Be sure to make the offer clear, and use bright colors and engaging graphics to help lure customers in.Picture31

    (Source: Above All Advertising)

    1. Engage with customers with creative signage. Creative signage options, such as ad tunnels, air tubes, inflatables such as hot air balloon shapesor wacky dancers are signs that engage and attract customers. A potential customer might approach at first because they are curious about the cool and creative sign; this can be a great way to get a conversation going with that person, which will make them far more receptive to learning about what it is you do or sell. This approach can be a great way to engage with customers and expose potential new customers to your business.Picture32

    (Source: Above All Advertising)

    1. Make a large (literally!) impact with flags and banners.When you have a noticeable flag or banner outside of your business, it becomes  a landmark in the community. By creating that kind of brand recognition, your logo and business will stay fresh in people’s minds. This is a slower type of advertising, but very effective: say you have a drain cleaning service, the next time that someone has that need, if your signage is in their mind, you will be the first one they will think of and likely the first one they call.

    Conclusion: Whether it’s a simple sandwich board sign or an elaborate inflatable, outdoor signage is an effective marketing tool for just about any type of business, allowing you to promote your service or product to the public. Pursuing outdoor signage can have a huge impact on your business and help bring in new customers, so it is well worth taking the time to explore. Check out our outdoor advertising options to see which one might be right for you!

    What kind of signage do you display outdoors?

  • 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding on an Indoor Display.

    If you display at indoor events such as trade shows, exhibitions, or even job fairs, it’s important to have display tools which will help you showcase your business in a polished, professional way. Our indoor display kits are the perfect solution, providing all-in-one custom printed display options which can be used at a variety of different types of events.

    But which indoor display kit is right for your business? Do you need something simple, or something a little fancier? Before investing in an indoor display, ask yourself these ten questions to help determine which kit is right for you.Picture22

    1. What type of trade shows will you be attending?One of the first questions to ask yourself when considering an indoor display is what types of trade shows you will be attending. Will you be attending big, flashy trade shows? Or quieter, more subdued affairs? This can help inform what type of display you’ll need. For instance, if you’re attending trade shows where vendors have tricked-out, “dressed to impress” type booths, you should probably consider a booth with more bells and whistles; if you’re attending trade shows primarily attended by vendors handing out brochures, a simpler setup might be all that you need.
    2. How often will you use this display?Another important question is to ask yourself how often this display will be in use. Will it be once a year? Or will it be on a weekly basis? This can help you decide what type of display you’d like to use. If you’ll be using your display once a year, for instance, perhaps you want to keep it simple with our Indoor Silver Kit, which includes a backdrop, retractable sign, and a table throw.If your display will be used more frequently and in a variety of different settings, an option such as our Indoor Gold kit might be a better fit, as it includes more signage options which are suitable for a number of different spaces and settings.
    3. What kind of impression do you want to make?It’s important to know that the way in which you display your business sends a message to your customers. With that in mind, what kind of image do you want to project with your indoor display?
      Just because your company is small at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t aim big. For instance, are you an up and coming company who is looking to make a splash? If so, the more signage the better, as in the case with our Indoor Platinum Kit, which includes a few more bells and whistles such as a multimedia display stand.
    4. How large is your display space?How large are the physical dimensions of your display area? Different trade shows and events often have slightly different parameters. Obviously, if space is very tight, a simpler setup makes more sense. However, if your display area is quite large, one of our indoor kits with more signage options can help “fill out” the space, so that it doesn’t look too empty, and so that it includes plenty of things for potential customers to look at while they browse. Picture24
    5. Do you want something a little different?For some businesses, a simple, no-nonsense display suits them just fine, due to their personal style and leanings. Is that you? Or do you want to showcase your business as a little bit different? Invest in a display that sends the message you want to project to customers.For example, if you’re poising your company is a creative powerhouse, the Indoor Silver Kit might be a bit too staid for you; instead, you might decide to go with the Indoor Platinum Kit, which includes more creative sign options. Or, alternately, you might go with a simpler indoor display kit, but augment your setup with inflatable furniture or other creative display options.
    6. Will you be able to use signs throughout the year? When the trade show or event is over, will you be packing up your display to store it until next year? Or is there potential to give some of the signage and display elements other uses throughout the year?If you think that you’ll be investing in a display which can give you mileage all year long, it is prudent to look into one of our more deluxe displays. Our Indoor Gold Kit, for instance, includes retractable banners and a blade flag which could potentially have many other uses for your business throughout the year.
    7. Do you want to include a multimedia display?Technology is becoming more and more common and popular in trade show and event displays. Is your company ready to jump on the bandwagon and reap the potential sales rewards that a tech-savvy display can offer?If so, you’ll need a display which can safely and prominently showcase your iPad or television screen. Our Indoor Platinum Kit features a multimedia display featuring tablet and monitor mounts, which makes it a great choice for company looking to include multimedia into their setup. However, display units such as our Viper-V display allow you to incorporate tech on a more à la carte basis.
    8. What’s the floor like where you will be displaying? Some event spaces have nice, plush carpets or dignified hardwood floors. Others have ugly, discolored concrete floors. Don’t let your beautiful display suffer based on the floors of your event space.Our easy-to-assemble interlocking floor tilesare a perfect solution, which not only provides a softer surface for your customers to walk on, but look polished and professional. It’s an easy way to increase the appeal of your overall display.
    9. Do you need to display brochures? Will your display require units which can be used to house brochures or printed matter? Be sure to invest in a display that includes these units, or to invest in a free standing display that can suit this purpose.For instance, our Indoor Bronze Kitfeatures a standing brochure holder which can be outfitted so that the colors match the retractable banner and table throw which are also included in the kit.
    10. What type of display feels right for you? Sure, you can consider all of the questions posed in this post, but ultimately, which display is right for you also depends on what feels right. Once you’ve determined some of your practical needs for a display, spend some time browsing the offeringson our website and looking through what looks good to you. Investing in an indoor display kit can be a big deal, and it’s important to purchase the one that feels just right for your business.

    What type of indoor display do you employ for your business?

  • 10 Unique Types of Signs to Use Indoors.

    Everyone knows that outdoor signage can be an effective way to bring attention to and promote your business. But your promotion shouldn’t end outside of your business’s front door. Expanding your signage to the great indoors can prove an invaluable sales tool. There are plenty of ways in which indoor signage can help increase sales, boost your business, and bolster your bottom line.


    In this post, we’ll discuss 10 unique types of signs to use indoors. Reaching beyond just traditional signage options, we’ll discuss unique styles of signage which can help make an impression and convey information about your product to customers in an engaging and effective way. These indoor signs are bound to make an impression on customers and help boost business.


    10 Unique Types of Signs to Use Indoors. Regardless of the type of business you run, chances are, you could get some good use out of these creative and innovative indoor signs. These are just a taste of the offerings; you can browse the full indoor signage collection on the Above All Advertising website.Picture2

    1. iPad holder. We are living in the information age; let your signage reflect that and speak to your tech-savvy customers. An iPad holder acts as a unique type of interactive  sign for your business. There are different options available, including a stand-alone sign or the visually attractive  Viper-Vdisplay, which allows you to showcase type or an announcement on the holder (image above left). Easy to set up and display, the iPad can be programmed to educate customers about aspects of your business or can even provide interactive services or information. Regardless of what type of content you choose to offer on the iPad, one thing is for certain: it is going to attract the attention of passers-by.Picture3
    2. Sealed inflatables.Did you know that sealed inflatables, be they large or small, are proven to stimulate impulse purchases? They add visibility and appeal like no other type of point of sale display, bringing customers’ attention to the item you are promoting. It’s like taking the eye-catching power of an outdoor advertising inflatable and shrinking it to a size appropriate for indoors.Whether it’s an inflatable replica of a candy bar, a company mascot, or a new type of craft beer, these easy-to-display promotional items will command attention and bring eyes to the product or service you want to promote like nothing else. Picture4
    1. Carpet graphics.Don’t let customers walk on by! Make an impression by creating promotional artwork that stops them in their tracks. By putting a custom image, logo, or slogan on a printable carpet, you’ll catch the eye of customers.This creative style of signage is not only engaging, but functional. You can create a carpet in any number of different colors and custom shapes, so you can really create something unique. Or perhaps you’ll create a wall-to-wall option for your business. The sky’s the limit!Picture5
    2. Event podium. Think podiums are only for airport customer service and political candidates? Think again. An event podiumwith a strong display graphic sends a message of authority and professionalism, and draws customers right to you.Easy to create using a large format print which is adhered to the podium, the final result is super professional and very functional. Use the podium to highlight a particular product, to have employees handing out samples or brochures, or to have someone answering questions. Picture6
    1. Rolling snap frame. The rolling snap frameis a fantastic solution at an affordable price. You can easily change the display and roll the base out to various locations in your business for maximum impact. So whether you want to highlight a particular product or service or even a new type of payment plan, you’ll bring attention to it with high quality graphics in this slim, easy to display format.But wait, there’s more: this display is dual-sided, so you can display multiple graphics in one display format!


    1. Recyclable display. Looking for a temporary display that doesn’t have a huge footprint? A recyclable display may be just the ticket. They can be customized to fit any number of different products and to fit in different parts of the store, whether you’re looking for an end cap display or a free-standing display unit to post near registers.These corrugated cardboard displays not only help showcase products but emphasize your commitment to the environment, which customers respect and gravitate toward.Picture8
    2. Wall murals.A wall mural makes a huge impact in your company space. Created using state of the art UV inks, these murals can be printed on a variety of different surfaces and in a huge array of sizes. Whether it’s on a wall in a retail store, in a public space such as a mall or business park, or displayed on pillars in front of your business, wall murals are eye catching and convey a professional air for your business.Promote specific products, services, or just your business in general in a big, splashy, attention-grabbing way.


    1. Display walls. Display walls can be like a movable wall mural for your business. They can be used at trade shows, but can also be utilized as signage for your business during the off-season for trade shows.Easy to set up and impressive to behold, display walls are hugely popular for promoting businesses because of their visibility, versatility, and ability to be moved. Whether it’s a curved display wallor a collapsible display wall, display walls should be considered a great option for indoor signage.


    1. Table throws. This type of sign is simple, but infinitely effective. A table throwis a high quality tablecloth printed with professional graphics. It is functional and makes any table a selling surface. Designed to fit snugly over tables with no pins or clips needed, a table throw is a professional way to showcase your business while also making your display more beautiful and less temporary-looking.


    1. Floating magnetic signs. Take customers to “how’d they do that?” to potential buyer with this engaging, attention-grabbing futuristic looking magnetic floating displays. A patent-pending magnetic technology allows objects to float in a magnetic field, so they appear to be defying gravity and floating through the air. A wide variety of objects can be displayed within the magnetic field, including but not limited to beer, wine, cell phones, collectibles, toys, and perfumes--just about anything weighing up to 12 ounces. You can take it to the next level by spotlighting the item with LED lights or by employing a rotating option on the sign.This awesome, high-tech signage will delight and engage customers of all ages!

    Conclusion: Think outside of the advertising box with one of these unique signs to use indoors. Don’t let outdoors be where all of your flash is--keep customers fascinated once they enter your place of business, or use these indoor signs for your next indoor trade show or event.

    What types of indoor signage do you use?

  • 12 Ways to Promote your Business Using Vehicle Printing.

    When it comes to promotion, the more eyes exposed to your logo or advertisement, the better. Printing your logo or advertisement on a vehicle is a brilliant way to show your business and services offered to the world. Not only will it catch people’s eyes on the road, acting as a moving billboard, but even when the vehicle is parked, it can act as promotional item even while you shop or run errands. You never know when someone who needs your service will see your vehicle and reach out!

    Venturing into vehicle printing can seem intimidating to some, so this post is intended to inform you about some of the effective ways in which this advertising method can be used to promote your business. From all-over vehicle printing to low-commitment removable magnets featuring your logo, there’s a vehicle printing option for just about every style and budget.

    What is vehicle printing? Vehicle printing refers to any number of ways in which you can transform a vehicle into an advertisement. This could include an all-over vehicle wrap, a custom car cover, a mirror glove, or even a magnet which can be affixed to a car. All of the offerings are viewable with specifications and photos on the Above All Advertising website.

    12 Ways to Promote your Business Using Vehicle Printing.


    1. Print your car with your logo. If you really want to get noticed, a vehicle wrapis the perfect choice. This involves the application of a high performance, large-format, digitally printed vinyl that adheres like a skin to your vehicle's painted surface. You can customize just about any photo, design, or logo to create an out-loud, highly noticeable advertisement on a vehicle. This can be done on cars, trucks, or on the sides of freight trucks.
    2. Print someone else’scar with a logo. Alternately, you can print someone else’s car with a vehicle wrap, either instead of, or in addition, to your own or your business vehicles. Often, people will accept money or will get a highly reduced price on a car with an advertisement on it, thus spreading the “reach” of your moving billboard even further. 3
    3. Invest in a custom magnet for your car.Does an all-over vehicle wrap seem like a little too much commitment to you? Or perhaps you like the option to drive an ad-free vehicle on occasion. If this is the case, perhaps a magnetic vehicle sign is a better choice for you.A magnetic vehicle sign is exactly what it sounds like: a bigger and higher quality version of a magnetic business card that can be affixed to the side or back of your car, easily transforming your vehicle into an advertisement. You can include a logo, phone number, and services listed, or a catchy slogan--really, the sky’s the limit. These magnets are 100% removable and won’t damage your car, so you have the freedom to choose when your ad is live and when it is not.
    4. Give magnetic signs to your employees. When your employees are driving for work-related purposes (or even after hours!), they can affix magnets to their cars, too, lending an air of legitimacy and officiality to your business. Plus, the more chances of eyes on your logo there are! 4
    5. Promote with a custom car cover. Even when your car is not in motion, it can be working to make you money! A custom car coveris tailored for your vehicle’s specific size, using high quality materials that help protect your car from elements such as dust, UV rays, or falling debris. But while it protects your car, all-over printing with a logo or the advertisement of your choosing helps promote your business. So if your car is parked in a place of business or even in a garage and has a custom cover, it could be potentially bringing in new customers even while it is idle. 5
    6. Try tire covers. This is an engaging way to attract customers while protecting your spare tire! Equipped with an elastic back hem and quick-connect clips, a tire covereasily attaches snugly to your spare, protecting it from the elements while also broadcasting your business to the world. Constructed from heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl that can easily be wiped clean and is appropriate for all weather conditions. 6
    7. Try mirror gloves. For another subtle yet effective way to promote your business without the commitment of all-over printing of your vehicle, consider mirror gloves. These pocket covers are made of fabric, and slide over the side of your rear view mirrors, ingeniously fitting so that your view in the mirror is not obstructed. These mirror gloves fit just about any car, and can be printed with high quality, full-color ink. This can be a more subtle way to promote your business, with a logo or slogan featured on the mirror covers, or it can be combined with other custom vehicle printing to really make an impression! 7
    8. Print a fleet truck. The commercial truck wrapis probably the largest investment in the arena of vehicle printing, but well worth the money. According to 3M (a prominent vinyl substrate provider), a company would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to produce the same effect of a $3,500 Vehicle Wrap. Printing a truck with your branding is an impressive way to reach many thousands of new eyes. 
    9. Sponsor a fleet truck. What if your business doesn’t require cargo shipments or doesn’t warrant a truck? You could consider sponsoring a freight truck to carry your logo on the side. Similar to sponsoring a vehicle wrap, you can partner with a company that does need a truck, and have your logo printed on it for a fee. This can be a great way for them to cut some of the costs and for you to gain great exposure. 8
    10. Car Flags. Draw eyes to your business or a special event with a custom car flag. Configured like a flagpole, but extending from your car window, these sturdy, double-sided car flags ensure that there is an image showing no matter which way the wind blows. This is a great way to promote your business while driving around town, or to bring attention to an event or sale that your business is offering. Mounting hardware makes these flags suited to even driving at high speeds.
    11. Offer free car flags to customers. Offer free car flags to customers! Be sure to make your flag imagery something interesting and well designed; a slogan or an image that relates to your business but is also cool enough that people would be interested in displaying it. Whenever someone displays your flag and drives, they are acting as mini billboards for your business, driving all around town.
    12. Create a promotion using your vehicle printing. Some businesses even create promotions involving their printed vehicles. There are a number of different ways to approach this; to offer an example, there might be a contest in which customers are entered by posting a designated hashtag on social media where they spied the company vehicle. Getting more people to mention your business will mean even more exposure!

    Conclusion: Vehicle printing is an effective way to advertise your company and services. It also allows for creativity that makes them fun to create, and it is an engaging way to share your business with existing and potential customers. Give this innovative method of marketing a try and see for yourself the amazing results that vehicle printing can offer.

    Have you ever considered vehicle printing?

  • 5 Ways that Market Umbrellas Can Boost Business.

    For a business, brand recognition is maybe not everything, but it counts for a whole lot. The more ways you can expose your brand to the world with printed variations of your logo and look, the better: people will begin to recognize you, and then to gravitate toward you. A surprisingly effective tool? Customized, printed market umbrellas.

    Believe it: branded umbrellas can be a seamless way to create a useful and helpful object while also acting to promote your business. Not only will you create a functional item and pleasant decor, but you will also create a powerful marketing tool which can expose new customers in unexpected settings to your business. This post details some of the sometimes unexpected benefits of market umbrellas for your business.

    What is a market umbrella? So...what is a market umbrella? Basically, picture the umbrellas at the tables of your favorite outdoor restaurant or bar. This is the type of umbrella we are talking about here: a large, sturdy specimen with a large span (7 to 9 feet). While it opens similarly to an umbrella you’d use for the rain, the quality and durability is much more advanced: the “ribs” holding umbrella top are wood, and the center pole is far thicker, making these umbrellas suitable for outdoor use and better suited to survive elements such as rain or wind due to an added extra crown of fabric known as a “wind vent”.

    The umbrellas can be fit through holes in patios, or picnic or bistro tables, or can be fitted into weighted umbrella stands. They can be created in round, traditional umbrella shapes, or hip, eye-catching square shapes.

    But wait, there’s more! In addition to being sturdy and strong, these umbrellas can also be personalized. Above All Advertising offers full digital dye printed umbrella canopies, which leave the creative design completely up to you, so you can create a unique expression for your business. Just about any custom PMS/Pantone color can be matched to create umbrella canopy panels that form a unique expression for your unique business. You could work with a graphic designer to create a multicolored design divided among each panel, or create an all-over print featuring your logo on the flaps. The sky’s the limit!

    What are some ways market umbrellas are used by businesses? You might be tempted to think that market umbrellas are really only suited to restaurants featuring outdoor seating. While this is a great way to utilize the umbrellas, it’s far from the only use. There are a myriad of creative ways for market umbrellas to boost your business, whether you’re selling food or cars or even vodka! Here are just a few. 2

    5 ways that market umbrellas can boost business. Here’s a collection of five ways that market umbrellas can help to boost your business, including potential benefits and tips for how to put each idea into action for your business.

    1. Make a comfortable space for customers to escape the heat and discover your business.Picture where your business is located. Does it get sunny? Does it get hot and humid? If so, a market umbrella can be an easy asset to add to your business’s offerings. By placing umbrellas outdoors around your business, you’ll not only create a spot for potential customers to catch some shade, but will create a safe space for them to observe your branding. No, not everyone who catches some shade under your umbrella will become a customer, but you’ll be one step closer to reeling them in to your business, and you might be surprised by how many people’s interest you pique. Plus, the umbrellas act as a conversation starter if approaching a customer under their shade! 3
    2. Offer branded umbrellas in common areas. Guess what? Your market umbrellas don’t even have to be installed at your own place of business. You can partner up with a local restaurant or cafe and offer to pitch in (or even sponsor) the umbrellas, provided they are branded with your information. Many businesses are open to such arrangements, as everyone benefits. If you install market umbrellas in high-traffic places, it’s like a billboard for you business; you’ll have a captive audience and capture the attention of those whom you might not reach otherwise. For the establishment on the receiving end, they receive free shade for their valued customers!
    3. Make your mark at outdoor festivals.If you’ve ever been at a big outdoor festival or street fair, you’ve probably noticed branded items such as advertising inflatables, branded furniture or flags, or...you guessed it, umbrellas. Providing umbrellas for an outdoor festival can be a powerful advertising tool. The show organizers might even allow you a small table to hand out business cards and brochures!
    4. Make your trade show booth stand out. Is an umbrella opened indoors bad luck? Not for your business when you use a market umbrella as part of your trade show Indoors or out, an umbrella branded with your business information and logo is an eye-catching and engaging way to draw customers in. Plus, you’ll create a unique look that differentiates your booth from others at your next trade show! Consider this as a unique way to display your offerings. 4
    5. Use your umbrellas at outdoor street fairs. Umbrellas can be a great shelter and way to promote your business at outdoor street fairs. Whether it’s an art festival to a farmer’s market, chances are, organizers would be open to allowing you to set up a mini-booth to hand out brochures, cards, or offer swag for those who join your mailing list. This is a trick that newspaper subscription services have used for years; why not your business?

    Conclusion: A market umbrella can be a creative and innovative way to advertise and market your business. Market umbrellas allow you to promote your business in unexpected places, with successful results and greater brand recognition. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a market umbrella (or two or three) today!

    Have you ever considered custom market umbrellas?

  • How to Make the Most of Your Advertising Dollars.

    Nobody wants to waste their advertising budget. Every business wants to advertise in ways that are effective and fruitful for their bottom line. But with so many different options out there, from print ads to radio promotion to custom banners and trade show displays, it can be difficult to know which method is going to deliver the most bang for your buck.

    However, there are some simple ways to narrow down the options and make a more educated decision on which types of advertising will work for your business. By taking the time to carefully consider  industry, your company’s values, and your business goals, you’ll be better positioned to choose an effective advertising platform or set of platforms. Ultimately, this will make your marketing plan more effective, and will make the best use of your advertising dollars.

    Investigate the different advertising options. Before you spend any money or even set a budget for advertising, do some research on the subject. What are the types of advertising that are relevant and available to your business?

    Does this seem like an intimidating prospect, or something better suited to someone who has a master’s degree in marketing? Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Your research can start as simply as looking at other businesses like yours, and looking at what advertising methods they employ to promote their business.

    For instance, say you have a gift and stationery store. How are other similar stores in nearby cities advertising? Do they have a cool mascot in an inflatable costume dancing outside of their store? Or are they part of every outdoor fair? Or do they drive around in a vehicle with wrap printing which shouts their name out everywhere they go? Or are they taking social media by storm, with thousands of followers? Take note of these different options as potential ways that you could market your business. 2

    Consider your goals. Now that you’ve got some ideas about the different advertising options that are available, take some time to consider what you’d like to accomplish with your advertising. Is it bringing in new customers to an existing business? Or announcing a new product or service? Or perhaps it’s to help customers find you in a new location. Cross referencing what your goals are with the different advertising options can help you determine which type of advertising is the best fit.

    For instance, if you want to alert customers that you have moved, a large banner or sign displayed by your old location might be very helpful; if you’re promoting a sale, a human directional or flag might be a flashy way to draw attention. For more information, check out our post on what type of signage is right for your business.Picture3

    Consider what is appropriate for your business. While there isn’t necessarily a “wrong” solution for advertising, it’s true that certain types of advertisements will prove more or less appropriate for your business. To offer an example, say you’re vending lemonade at a crowded street fair. This might not be the time to display a huge advertising mural or a spinning indoor display. However, an outdoor game or an a-frame sign will provide easy, portable, and affordable options for a temporary display. Consider the logistics of your advertisement.

    Make a plan. By now, you’ve done your homework, you’ve considered your goals, and you’ve pondered what will work, logistically, for advertising your business. But what if you still have a few different options? It’s time to make a plan so that you can start testing the waters.

    Create an advertising plan wherein you allot a budget to advertising based on the options that you’ve researched and decided upon. You don’t have to be held down to just one type of advertisement, so it’s absolutely fine to allot your advertising budget to various methods. For instance, your marketing budget might include a print ad, the services of a social media consultant, and custom signage.

    Invest in social media. OK, so we’ve alluded to the fact that you should try some different things and explore different options. But do make a concerted effort to invest yourself in social media. Now, “invest” doesn’t necessarily mean “throw all your money at it”. Sure, you can hire a social media expert to set you up on various channels and maximize the effectiveness of your social media. But for real results, you’ll have to invest yourself in social media.

    There’s no rule against a business owner doing their own social media: the key is that you have to be consistent, engaging, and keep things interesting for your customers, otherwise you won’t gain much traction. But since social media is such a large part of how we find and engage with businesses these days, it’s important to at least have a presence.

    Don’t just invest in social media. This piggy-backs directly on the last point. While it’s important to invest time in social media, don’t make it the only mode of advertising you employ, and don’t spend all your money on it. It is, after all, a virtual platform, and when you have a business in which you are directly dealing with customers, you need to offer a personal and tactile touch. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Do pursue social media, but also make sure that your advertising efforts are well-rounded, with printed advertising materials which can attract customers in the physical (not virtual) world.Picture4

    Evaluate every few months. Just because a method of advertising is working right now doesn’t mean it will forever and ever. Be sure to evaluate your advertising efforts every few months to see if they are still working effectively. For example, if you’ve been displaying the same custom game for three years, it might be time to mix it up and either alternate with another game, or add a different type of signage to your repertoire. Be sure to keep things fresh for your customers to remain memorable in their minds.

    Repeat these steps as needed. As time goes on, revisit these steps as often and as thoroughly as you’d like. Stay nimble and adaptable so that you can grow along with your customers, and attract new ones. Stay updated on the new offerings from Above All Advertising--you never know when a new type of signage or promotional item will become available that is perfectly suited for your business!

    Conclusion: Advertising doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Your industry, location, personal style, values, and goals will dictate what works best for promoting your unique business. By taking the time to consider the various types and methods of advertising and how they can align with your goals and logistics, you’ll make the most effective choices for your company, which will make your advertising dollars well spent.

    What methods of advertising work best for your business?

  • 6 Ways that Custom Tote Bags Can Boost Your Business.

    Can tote bags help promote your business? Tote-ally! Tote bags are a dream promotional item: inexpensive to produce, useful and handy for customers, and effective in helping spread your business name to the masses.

    Customized tote bags are an easy to produce and extremely versatile promotional item that any and every type of business should consider as part of their marketing and promotional budget. Here, we’ll detail just a few of the many ways in which customized tote bags can help boost your business.

    1. People love a freebie! It’s a plain and simple fact: people love a good freebie. When you offer customers a free promotional item, it will make people far more likely to give your business consideration over your competitors. Whether you’re taking part in an outdoor festival, exhibiting at a trade show, or just trying to market your retail storeon a daily basis, offering branded tote bags to your customers is a proven effective method of getting them to engage with your business and to see what it is that you do, and how it might benefit them.

    Offering tote bags can also offer you the chance to connect with customers in a more tangible way, as well. Often, you can request that customers join your mailing list or engage with some sort of small “call to action” to receive one of the totes, which can help boost your mailing list and help spread the word about your company.

    1. They’re a functional and useful object. One of the best things about tote bags as a promotional item is that you can guarantee that your customers will use them. Tote bags are useful for grocery shopping, library visits, and strolling the farmer’s market, so you can pretty much guarantee that unlike some promotional items that might be thrown out or stuffed in a closet and forgotten, these totes will probably get some real use.
    1. They’re like mini billboards. This point is a direct extension of the previous one. Your branded tote bags are, in effect, mini billboards for your business, spreading your logo and business name wherever they are carried. And happily, since they are such a useful and functional item, they will be carried far and wide!

    In effect, your brand will be showcased wherever your customers take these branded totes. So whether they are shopping for groceries or going to the local farmer’s market, they are spreading the word about your business wherever they go. This increases brand recognition and makes your logo more prominent in people’s minds!

    1. Inexpensive production = more bang for your buck. Custom tote bags are one of the most cost-effective promotional items, which means that you get a nice “bang for your buck” in terms of being able to create many printed units for a reasonable price.

    With items like tote bags, the more the merrier: the more totes you hand out to customers at trade shows or in an event or retail setting, the more chance there is for the tote bags to act as the mini billboards detailed in the previous entry.

    Printed items like tote bags, when printed in high volume, will become a recognizable commodity. The more people see them, the more accustomed they will become to your branding. Additionally, as an added bonus, the more people see your logo, the more likely they are to express curiosity about what you are doing, which means that even people who don't have your tote might take the time to check out who you are.

    1. They draw attention at trade shows.Tote bags can “go viral” at trade shows, so to speak. How so? Well, as you hand out your tote bags to customers passing by your booth, more people--both exhibitors and other attendees--will begin to notice the bags and your logo. This recognition can lead to curiosity, and it might lead other people to your booth.

    Sure, some people might initially come just for the freebie (as previously noted, people do love a freebie!) but this means that you have an opportunity to engage with them. And even if one person who visits doesn’t buy anything or take business further with you, the fact that they are displaying your branding as they walk away can turn out to be valuable for drawing attention to your business. So even if people don’t buy what you are selling, if they take one of your totes, they might be bringing you more business without even realizing it!

    Cross-promotional opportunity. Although it might not be your first thought, your customized tote bags can also provide a fantastic promotional opportunity which will mutually benefit you and another business or businesses.

    Consider printing extra totes and offering them to a local business. For instance, you could connect with a local farmer and have them give customers your bags when they buy produce at the weekly farmer’s market. The vendor will benefit because they will have a highly useful item to offer their customers, and you benefit by spreading your logo and company branding to a new audience. This can be a valuable way to mutually benefit, and to “cross pollinate” and spread your company’s branding far and wide in a creative way.

    Conclusion: For a simple promotional item, tote bags have a lot to offer for your business. For you as the business owner, they are appealing as an easy to produce and affordable promotional item, but the benefits extend to your customers, too. Tote bags provide a useful and handy item for customers that will increase your brand awareness and spread your logo far and wide. Tote bags are appropriate for just about any type of business, and can be used in any number of different settings, from trade shows to outdoor events to even in retail settings. It’s well worth considering adding customized tote bags to your promotional suite of items; there’s little risk in producing them, yet so many benefits which they can offer your company.

    Have you ever printed custom tote bags for your business?

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