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Light, convenient, modern furniture on your mind? Go the Inflatables way!

Modern furniture has come a long way today. People are shifting preferences from heavy traditional furniture to light, inflatable furniture for a variety of reasons – Convenience, durability, and cost-effectiveness being the primary ones. At Above All Advertising, Inc we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture including lightweight and economical inflatable furniture - Comfortable inflatable couches and loungers, air couches and loungers, blow up rockers, ottoman couches, ottoman chairs, inflatable chairs, etc.

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    Changing the game in the outdoor furniture domain!

    Contemporary blow up furniture is becoming a game changer in the furniture domain.

    Our inflatable loungers, inflatable couch beds, and inflatable air loungers are some great options that will give your indoor/outdoor space a facelift.

    The best part about inflatable furniture is the cost-effectiveness compared to regular furniture. In addition, inflatable furniture lasts longer, is comfortable, compact and portable – Just let the air out, fold it and bag it! Inflatables are so lightweight that even a child can drag it around!

    Inflatables are multifunctional

    Inflatable furniture comes in varied shapes and sizes and fulfills multiple purposes. For instance, a simple inflatable couch can be transformed into an inflatable couch bed! Maintenance hassles like polishing and spraying do not apply to inflatables either. Inflatable furniture is also great for kids - safe (no sharp edges or hard surfaces), bouncy, colorful, and lots of fun!

    Connect with us for your inflatable furniture needs and pick from our massive range. We can custom print your desired logo and graphics on the furniture, which will get attract attention, promote your brand and take your business/events to greater heights!

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