Event Tents

We don’t just make custom printed event tents but we design the canopy with creativity and purpose.

Be it an event, a workshop or a fair, customized inflatable tent & pop-up canopy tents are not only convenient but also an effective way of ensuring proper marketing. Personalized outdoor tents that pop up into a hollow structure like an umbrella are all fully custom printable and we have a range of sizes from the basic 10x10 logo tent to larger ones to suit the venue and your requirement. This is one of the sought after ways of campaigning by attracting the crowd in the shade and comfort of your custom printed inflatable tent.

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  1. Canopy Cap
    $333.33 As low as $300.00
  2. Canopy Roof
  3. Tent Station
    $1,000.00 As low as $900.00
  4. Pop-Up Tent (20' x 20')
    $2,999.92 As low as $2,699.93
  5. Pop-Up Tent (10’ x 20’)
    $708.32 As low as $637.20
  6. Pop-Up Tent (10’ x 15’)
    $583.32 As low as $524.99
  7. Pop-Up Tent (10’ x 10’) - Custom Printed
    $416.00 As low as $374.40
  8. Pop-Up Tent ( 05’ x 05’)
    $291.65 As low as $262.49
  9. K-Strong™ Custom Printed Pop Up tents (10' x 10')
    $383.32 As low as $337.49
  10. Pop-Up Tent, Economy (10’ x 10’)
    $249.99 As low as $224.99
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Our outdoor canopy tents are built with high-quality and durable material as your safety and satisfaction is our priority.

The pop-up canopy tents are made up of durable PVC frames and denier coated polyester fabric for the canopy which ensures durability against strong winds, water and UV damage. The frame of the custom pop-up tents can withstand light winds and also a hustling crowd to ensure safety for all. The tents are lightweight and easy to carry. They can be assembled within minutes and propped up at the desired location. With the fully digital printing feature, your entire tent can be a space for brand marketing and campaigning.

Custom event tents come in all sizes and at Above All Advertising they come in all shapes as well.

We have a whole range of instant pop-up tents from the simple tents shaped like a dome tents or a rounded structure, beach shaped tent, igloo and monaco shaped tents and large inflatable dome tents along with a feature to provide your own shape to our team of expert designers. Each of our pop up shade tent variety comes with its unique ability to attract customers and make your setup the talk of the event.

With the deceiving outer feel of a reasonably sized tent, the interior is large enough to accommodate the rising footfalls. We provide unique features like a canopy cap wherein you can retain the original blank tents and just invest in an outer covering for the design specific to that tent. You can also pair up these event tents with flex banner, contour flag or banner, tent leg covers and many more.