Wacky Man™ Double-Leg Inflatable

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  • Product is stocked 90% completed when you place your order. Accessories, finishes, lighting, logos and/or graphics are added to complete your order.
  • You are required to provide us with graphics and/or text, meeting the provided requirement, that will be created and/or applied prior to shipment. Please review the artwork/graphic guidelines and templates linked to in the downloads section before placing your order. Instructions for submitting your artwork/graphics are provided within the guides. We cannot be responsible for orders that are delayed due to artwork/graphics which do not meet the provided requirements.
In stock
Quick Overview
  • Available in various sizes
  • Includes: puppet with storage bag
  • Puppet Material: Titan Flow™ fabric
  • Compatible with all Velcro mount blowers
  • Blower not included
  • You need to purchase two fans/ blowers for Wacky Man™ Double-Leg Inflatable
Custom Artwork: You will be able to upload custom artwork during the checkout process or even after you have made the purchase.
  • Quantity
  • Price Each(USD)
  • 2 - 4 $1,803.74
  • 5 - 9 $1,757.49
  • 10 + $1,664.99
More Information
Shape Person
Features Display, Portable, Print
Material Nylon
Type / Style Inflatable
Sizes Inflatables 10ft - 20ft, Inflatables 20ft and more

Promote your business with our custom inflatable dancing tube man or sky dancers.

Let our trademarked Wacky Man do all the talking for your brand, these double-leg inflatables look like they are dancing high up above the ground and never fail to make a mark, sometimes humorous and sometimes full of awe these figures will ensure your brand stay unforgettable!


  • Wacky Man Double Leg Inflatable sizes
  • Includes: puppet with storage bag
  • Puppet Material: Titan Flow™ fabric
  • Compatible with all Velcro mount blowers
  • Blower not included

Good To Know:

  • An innovation to match to today’s creative advertising needs the Wacky-Man™ is a superlative advertising option that always and every time delivers to its promise of keeping your brand flag flying high and outlasting the competition.
  • Wacky-Man™ or ‘Dancing Inflatables’ as they are popularly called are made with the latest and finest premium coated rip-stop nylon that above everything else guarantees durability, easy usage, and storage.
  • The constant, sometimes humorous wacky movements of these intrinsically nimble inflatables make a step ahead of our imagination.
  • We welcome you to customize and work with our graphics team to craft your own kind of Wacky-Man™ which can be like rock stars, superheroes or logos. Check out some of our Wacky-Man™ designs here.
  • Our team will also assist you in the imprinting of your logo and other artwork onto the Wacky-Man™.
  • Installation of our Wacky-Man™ is fairly simple and easy because the product comes to you in a durable carry bag and is quickly assembled. We also offer cold air fans which will keep the Wacky-Man “alive” as they move and shake in the wind.

Please note that the inflatable dimensions and weights are estimates - these could be well off reality depending on the media used to create the item which affects weight, dimensions etc.

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