Increase the visibility of your brand with custom printed flags.

What are Custom Printed Flags?

Custom Printed Flags have been around for a while, and for good reasons. They are inexpensive, simple & super effective when it comes to highlighting your local business. They are designed to attract the attention of your target audience in a subtle yet intriguing way.

Custom flags can be personalized with your own graphics and logos as it creates an enticing fixture for passersby.

Create bespoke flag designs for any purpose!  

You can use them indoors or outdoor when you want to advertise your brand, display your logo, promotions, and sales messages, and advertise your products and services. With our custom advertising flags, you can set them up almost anywhere at the trade show, fair, workshop, or any other event.

Create your own flag image to be printed, it can be your company's slogan and emblem or the mascot of your favorite local sports team. 

If you are looking for permanent placement options, you can screw flags to the ground or bury them in the sand. For this purpose, our Giant Flags are perfect.

The best part is that you can also make a combination of our quality display products such as inflatable tents, tent frames, sign displays, display frames, canopies, and more.

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Custom Flags for Businesses - Choose Single Side/Double Sided Printing on Our Custom Flags

The majority of our bespoke custom flag designs are ideal to adopt to raise brand awareness, present essential information, and attract more customers. Flags can be used as a portable display at a corporate event, fair, trade show, or expo, or as a permanent construction at your company's headquarters. Our double-sided teardrop flags can be used for both temporary and permanent structures in your business.

The advantage of having your flags professionally manufactured by Above All Advertising, Inc is that you may create a completely unique style and design that fits your branding, personality, and identity. We offer customization options for multiple design characteristics within our feather flag range, such as material choice, flag pole type, and durability, to match your budget and needs. 

Move away from your routine flags to our very own fully customized and attractive advertising flags!

At Above All Advertising, Inc ., we craft flags that are fully customizable with printed graphics on one or both sides depending upon your requirement. These are your permanent promotional products. In case you fancy a new message or design, all you have to do is replace the older ones with new ones. Advertisement flags empower you to advertise in an affordable way that has impactful results on your business. Here, check out our Bullet Flags.

Our advertising flags are built from a weather-resistant and highly durable polyester fabric. Depending on the pole height, you have several sizes to choose from. Since these flags are mostly used for outdoor purposes, we have crafted them for durability while ensuring they are easy to install. In case of thunderstorms or severe weather conditions, we advise lowering and store them inside for the time being. Have a look at our Custom Flags.

Superior quality Custom Flag Printing from Above All Advertising, Inc 

At Above All Advertising, Inc ., we offer a wide range of outdoor promotional flags along with the ones that can be used as car flags, business flags, or our special Backpack Popsi and Backpack flag that can be put up on a backpack which you can carry around providing mobile advertising.

You can find attractive products to make the most out of advertising flags with our exclusive range of flex blades, flex banners, bullet flags, Aire Flags, each of which can be used as business flags or promotional flags.

We also offer a wide array of accessories for your advertising flags such as water weight bags, ball bearing ground platforms, trailer hitches, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are advertising flags?

Advertising flags are the most popular signage solution and you may have seen them in front of shops, restaurants, auto expos, and pretty much anywhere where delivering sales messages are a priority. They are not only the most popular and powerful advertising tool but also beautiful, thanks to their multi-color and graphics. Explore a wide range of colors and graphics to choose from our Flex Blade.

They are the most affordable way of advertising and are geared towards boosting your business right after installation. The key salient feature of them is they take minuscule space and hence, are ideal for your trade shows and shops. With our Evo Banner, you can augment your efforts with ease.

What is the difference between a banner and a flag?

People often use banners and flags interchangeably after all you see them in action sporting their purpose and messages, and therefore, marking their presence. They resemble each other closer, however, there are noticeable differences. The most common is – a flag hangs freely from its edge whereas a banner is fixed in place via two or more poles. Though the design is the same, the result is different.

Some more differences between the two:

  • Advertising flags are affordable and hence, can be easily replaced if lost or damaged, while banners are costlier compared to flags but can often take more harsh conditions with ease.
  • Advertising flags are eye-catching as they are brightly colored and sway in the wind which draws attention to them, while banners are sturdy in design with the help of two or more poles securing them.
  • Advertising flags are more space-friendly taking no more space than a pole required to hoist them and are ideal where space is of paramount importance. Banners eat up space to perform their best and hence if you are pressed for space, banners make it worse.
  • Advertising flags are flexible and remain unhindered for years, whereas banners are more specific and come and go as events change.

What material are the custom outdoor flags made of?

Polyester is the ideal material for flags because the printing procedure produces bold, stand-out colors that will not scratch or peel under various weather conditions. Our bespoke flags are made of our outdoor flag polyester material, which is a lightweight polyester that is scratch and UV resistant.

Our polyester has a great through-print, which makes it ideal for single-reverse flags. Polyester flags are also great for year-round use because the knitted fabric is tear-resistant and long-lasting.

While we provide low-cost bespoke flags, we do not utilize inferior materials. This cloth is made to be used outside for long periods of time in both wet and dry environments. 

What’s the lifespan of the personalized flag material?

Customers can expect over 6 months of use from the print and material, plus or minus some time depending on factors such as air pollution, weather severity, lightfastness level, and material composition. Customers should do general maintenance such as cleaning, trimming, strengthening, and re-hemming every 8-12 weeks to get the most out of the product (3 months).

How are my graphics printed on the flag?

Dye sublimation is a printing process that is used to put graphics onto flags. The material is heated and then inked or dyed with each hue needed to make the finished picture, one layer at a time, with dye sublimation printing. We achieve full, brilliant colors with our bespoke flag printing method, and the print is scratch and peel resistant. Another advantage of dye sublimation printing is the ability to use as many colors as you want. Make your own flag with as many colors as you like for no extra cost, whether you're making a bespoke brand flag or an all-over image.

Which Advertising Flags Should I Use?

The type of promotional flag that would perform best for your business advertising is determined by the type of advertising you intend to do. We have a variety of flag categories to fit a variety of tastes and promotions. 

To get started on creating your own personalized flag, simply contact one of our friendly customer service specialists.