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  1. 10 In-Store Marketing Ideas You Need To Know

    10 In-Store Marketing Ideas You Need To Know
    Staying relevant is important for any business. Marketing strategies are how businesses can float and introduce their brand to new customers as well as retain old ones. The journey of new customers is long as driving them from awareness to getting them interested is the key. Though the Covi-19 pandemic has changed the way in which customers shop, offline channels...
  2. Best Promotional Products for Restaurants in 2021

    Best Promotional Products for Restaurants in 2021
    Most restaurants have always been on a tight budget, especially in marketing and advertising. It was not surprising to be budget-challenged before the Covid19 pandemic hit the world. The restaurant industry was among one of the worst-hit industries in the world. The problem for those tasked with increasing footfall and the sale got only worse. There can be no question that the restaurant industry faced severe challenges. And with the new year, the industry is engaged in adapting to new changes and challenges. From limited customer seating to the behavioural changes in customers, restaurants are having a hard time. Your restaurant must follow health protocols. At the same time, you also need to look for ways to increase footfall and sales. In such a sticky situation, promotion is your best bet. After all, who does not like incentives? Well, technically, incentives are one of the ways. In 2021, you need to go beyond measures to keep your customers interested and engaged with your brand. This is, of course, a short-term challenge as vaccines are making headlines. It won’t be long before customers open their stringed purses and you can breathe easily, and outlast the cold winter months. When spring comes, your restaurant must be ready for sales, and to achieve that, you must invest in promoting your restaurant right now. Continue reading →

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