Most restaurants have always been on a tight budget especially in marketing and advertising. It was not surprising to be budget-challenged before the Covid19 pandemic hit the world. The restaurant industry was among one of the worst-hit industries in the world. The problem for those tasked with increasing footfall and the sale got only worse.

There can be no question that the restaurant industry faced severe challenges. And with the new year, the industry is engaged in adapting to new changes and challenges. From limited customer seating to the behavioral changes in customers, restaurants are having a hard time.

Your restaurant must follow health protocols. At the same time, you also need to look for ways to increase the footfall and sales. In such a sticky situation, promotion is your best bet. After all, who does not like incentives?

Well, technically, incentives are one of the ways.

In 2021, you need to go beyond measures to keep your customers interested and engaged with your brand. This is, of course, a short-term challenge as vaccines are making headlines. It won’t be long before customers open their stringed purses and you can breathe easily, and outlast the cold winter months.

When spring comes, your restaurant must be ready for sales, and to achieve that, you must invest in promoting your restaurant right now.

Before we look at the best products to promote your business, let’s get few to-do things out.

  • Customer base: Before promoting, you must know your customer base. Any specific promotion idea won’t work its wonder unless you have an idea whom to target. The success of a promotion depends on identifying, analyzing, and understanding customers. Ask questions like location, age, the motivation behind your customers i.e. being regular, being bold and trying your restaurant, saving money, etc. Figuring out such questions will help your restaurant make a stand and your promotions will hit home.
  • Margins: When you understand your customer base, you get an idea about how tough your margins should be. This helps you think of combos, offers, and free offerings. With your understanding of margins, you can decide on a discount and increase your sale.
  • Challenges: Promotions exist to tackle challenges, but you need to identify them. With your promotions, you must be addressing issues faced by customers and why your brand is the best in town.
  • Revenue or Publicity? You need to answer this key question as most people believe promotions are geared to generate revenue only. Well, you increase revenue only when people view your promotional messages and agree with them. Whether you want to go with revenue-focused messaging or building brand awareness is up to your current situation.

Here are the best 5 promotional products for your restaurant:

LED SEG Light Box Portable Counter

led light frame counter

With double-sided, LED-lit customized graphic design, sport your restaurant’s unique offers and combos. This lightbox is a perfect choice for building your brand awareness as it has LEDs that impact your branding.

By combining technology and your messages, you have the best promotional product.

Outdoor X-Banner Stand, Water Fill Base with Graphic

outdoor x banner stand

Banner stand never goes out of style even in 2021. The only thing you need to assure is the stand withstands the changing weather conditions. With an X-Banner stand, you can promote your restaurant in style with amazing graphics. Its water base holds the stand firmly on the ground so you don’t have to worry about it.

Make the most out of your promotion with X-Banner Stand.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Poster Stand

hand sanitizer stand with custom print

Touchless hand sanitizer is the need of the hour, but only install a sanitizer dispenser when you can also promote your brand?

This touchless hand sanitizer comes with a poster stand that is perfect for your promotion. With adjustable height, rotating sign holder you have a piece of equipment that serves two purposes.

Charge FX™ Side Table - LED Charging Station

led charging station

Attract customers to your restaurant with this charging station. With a wonderful design and LED lights on top and bottom, this charging station is chic. The table top has ample space where you can put some additional promotional items to take your efforts to new heights.

Offer something out of the box that your customers are not expecting in the least.

Anti-Bacterial TruFit™ Stretch Fabric Table Cloth

custom printed stretch fabric tablecloth

4-sided table cover, closed-back allowing privacy for storage, anti-bacterial table cloth features a clear and clean design that highlights your brand, logo, and slogan.

Why use table cloth only to protect the table when it can be used to promote your business as well? This stretchable fabric tablecloth is a must-have in 2021.