The Covid-19 pandemic brought several changes in the marketing industry. With changing consumer behavior, there is an array of new possibilities. Thanks to technological advancements, there are new, effective ways to search, advertise, and market.

Industries have transformed and changed how they operate. This has resulted in a dramatic shift in local marketing trends. Local marketing is witnessing enormous relevance.

Because of lockdowns and temporary closures, customers are seeking accurate information. This led them to turn to local pages and local listings. The new normal is evolving local marketing strategies.

Technological and consumer changes are fueling the future of local marketing and in 2021, you need to keep abreast of changing trends to take your business to new heights.

What are the top 5 Local Marketing Trends?

Localized Pages & Content

To make the most out of your local marketing campaigns, localize your content. Adapt brand messages for specific markets, regions, or audiences.

Rework your previously published content on the pages and turn them local. Your content must be geared towards enlightening local customers. This pattern should be consistent across all platforms.

By localizing page content, you are ensuring your audience feels personally addressed. This works in favour of enhancing your brand experience as well.

Local SEO Strategy

Since you are revamping your content, having a strong local SEO strategy will further strengthen your grip on local marketing campaigns. More than 46 per cent of people search with an intent to purchase from their local market. Align your SEO strategy with local content and see the magic.

Here are some tricks for your local SEO:

  • Stand apart from the crowd by telling your USPs
  • Add testimonials and reviews
  • Share local news on your pages and website

Page Experience

Double-check your page experience as it is the key to getting more customers. Nobody likes a slow page that takes minutes to display the required information. Hence, prioritize the user experience and reap benefits.

Get the reward with optimal page experience as fast and effective on-page information is vital for all users.

The dominance of Google continues in Search & Conversion

Google is already a powerhouse and it is going to retain its status in 2021. Since the addition of new features and functionalities, its dominance in local search is only augmenting.

You can now link your Covid19 landing page to share more information with the customers. This is an opportunity for your business to share timely updates to your audience. Ensure your customers are safe by sharing safety protocols before they decide to drop by your store.

The new attributes such as appointment, mask, temperature check, etc., are encouraging people to take care.

Personalized Offers

Everyone loves offers! Leverage them and give your customers a personalized touch. This is a water-tight strategy to increase your brand loyalty.

You can even go a step further and add a personal card to the order. This creates a sense of appreciation and hence, customers are likely to buy from your business the next time they go shopping.

Which products to use for Local Marketing?

Air Tube™ Single-Leg

Custom inflatables are key to success in your local marketing campaigns. Seamlessly promote your business with our air tube. This dancing display is an eye-grabber and your customers will never miss your store.

Above All Advertising, Inc., encourages you to create innovative and catchy designs with these tubes like personalities, superheroes, comic characters, etc.

Flex Blade

This large teardrop flag is a must-have local marketing product. Coming ion attractive design and fully customizable option, boost your marketing efforts and take your business to the next level.

Full-color digital dye sublimation imprinted flags to be able to stand out and grab attention. The dye is UV resistant which increases its life.

Wasa™ Outdoor Retractable Banner Stand

Outdoor retractable banner

This simple mechanical fixture turns into a marketing prop that your business needs. It can be used with multiple retractable banners like the V-Trak banner, Roll Star retractable banner or the fancier Standee Retractable for higher impact.

Premium Square Market Umbrellas

custom printed square market umbrella

Gain attention with our square market umbrella. Sport your brand name and logo with this umbrella and make the most of your local marketing strategy.

Our market umbrella design features an extra crown of fabric at the top called a wind vent that allows temporary gusts of wind to escape from underneath the umbrella cover.

Rol-EE ™ - Digital Signage Rolling A-Frame

advertising digital signage

Digital signage for the tech-savvy generation that comes with its own set of wheels. Your local marketing efforts just got a new star that features high-quality hardware and software.

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At Above All Advertising, we have created a complete line-up of marketing tools that are valuable for giving your brand a powerful stance in the marketplace. We aspire to be your reliable partner in all phases of your marketing campaign by offering an array of custom promotional products at affordable prices. Our prime objective is to make sure that our customers are successful in achieving the marketing goals of their business.

With Such great products as Custom Feather Flags, Retractable Banners and Trade Show Displays on offer. We will make advertising your business easy and effective. Visit Above All Advertising for more great promotional products. Or contact us for advice on the products you may need.