The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon tons & tons of changes in the way businesses operate. Within a short span of time, businesses around the world have come up with amazing & innovative ways of operating efficiently. While offices have adopted the ‘work from home’ way of getting things done, local businesses have focused on shifting their business outdoors. The reason being that the studies suggest that air conditioners & indoor environment is more favorable for the transmission of the virus.

But shifting your business to the outdoors isn't exactly an easy task. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration when transitioning from indoor to outdoor. For instance, outdoors requires bolder branding with more emphasis on grabbing your visitors’ attention.

At Above All Advertising Inc., helping businesses grow with superior branding solutions is our foremost passion. This passion, alongside our years of dedicated efforts has allowed us to help numerous businesses achieve their goals, something which we’re proud of.

If you’ve found yourself wondering about the best methods of outdoor advertising for your business, we’ve got some truly effective solutions for you.

Let's take a look at them -

Outdoor Umbrellas

Custom Printed Outdoor Market Umbrella

Using umbrellas for outdoor branding is nothing new. It has been around for a while & is going to stay with us in the future too. The reason business umbrellas are so relied-upon for outdoor branding is their sheer utility & effectiveness. Market umbrellas don’t just protect your customers from the sun & the rain, but also allow you to brand your space better, letting you get the most out of your space.

Different businesses typically use different types of umbrellas as per their needs. For example, this Customizable Square Umbrella is the go-to choice for hotels, resorts, etc., owing to it’s minimalistic & classy design. If you’re running an outdoor stall, cafe, or a restaurant, this Premium Market Umbrella would suit your requirements better.

As you probably already know, not all umbrellas are created equal & our range of fully customizable umbrellas is hands down one of the best in the market at this moment. Whether you’re looking for large patio umbrellas, commercial patio umbrellas or custom printed market umbrellas, we got you covered with our wide range of umbrellas!




Custom Printed Outdoor Canopy Pop Up Tent

Like umbrellas, tents need no introduction either. All modes of advertisement do not publicize your business right where you are sitting. But, a popup tent does so where you are present. Your target visitors do not have to search for your booth. They can find you exactly where your booth is. This way, they can ask you about your products or services in detail. While there are tons of different types of tent in our catalog, one of our bestselling tents is our Pop-Up tent which is available in multiple sizes. Pop up canopy tents attract potential clients to your business without you having to holler over a mike. Just put on a preferred graphic, attach a logo to the roof of the canopy and allure customers in bulk.

Our custom pop up tents are stylish and easy to handle. The poles are strong yet flexible, thus, assisting in pitching the tent and dismantling the tents. Thanks to the strong poles, the tent does not come falling over you all of a sudden. So, once you purchase a popup tent, rest assured you can use it to promote your business whenever and wherever you desire. Being light in weight, they can be conveniently carried to all places.

Worried about cleaning? Being lightweight they are easy to clean as well. Clean them with diluted chlorine bleaches or cleaners with ammonia base. The easiest way to clean them is to apply mild soap and water. Year after year, use the same popup tent to advertise your business, giving you unmatched ROI.

So whether you’re looking for pop up canopy tents, outdoor canopy tents, custom pop up tents or size specific tents like a 10x10 canopy tent, give our Tents section a look & find the perfect tent for your requirements!


Inflatable Air Dancers

Custom Printed Inflatable Wacky Man - Dancing Tube Man

Advertisement can be an expensive affair & attracting customers can be a tricky business. It has to be catchy enough to be noticeable but also subtle & efficient enough at the same time. What if you could have a portable advertisement tool that you can buy once and use forever?

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, not anymore!

Say hello to the fully customizable & trademarked Wacky Man™ Double-Leg Inflatable Air Dancer. 

Perfect for promoting your local business, Wacky Man™ is hard to moss, thanks to it’s catchy design & movements.

Available in various sizes with custom print options, you can fully customize your own Wacky Man™ with the choice of your design, text & logo printed with industry-leading Digital Dye technology. Thanks it's superior build quality & specially designed base that holds the Wacky Man™ really snug, the Wacky Man™ can withstand even serious winds!

The Wacky Man™ is light, portable, durable & really efficient at attracting customers, forever & ever, making it the perfect tool for on-spot local advertising.

Simply inflate your Wacky Man™ with any air pump & set it up at your preferred spot. Wacky Man™ will take it from there by advertising for you in a catchy, yet subtle & effective way, giving you an edge over the competition!


Portable Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage are far from perfect. Their installation isn’t exactly a breeze, they constantly need a power source & cannot be moved once they’re installed. Right?

Think again because our Rol-EE ™ - Digital Signage fixes all those problems & allows you to set-up seamless local advertising in a jiffy.

Rol-EE ™ - Digital Signage comes with its own set of wheels and can be rolled over everywhere with ease. The mobility of the digital sidewalk sign is one of the many amazing features of this product apart from its high-quality hardware and software. With 16-20 hours of battery life, the Rol-EE ™ - Digital Signage can function for the entire day of the market or event. All you need to do is charge it at night and it is as good as new the next day.

What’s more? Rol-EE ™ - Digital Signage features the Android OS & comes loaded with a range of built-in features like WiFi, HDMI & VGA feature, quad core CPU, 8 GB of built-in storage & LG IPS panel, allowing you to expand the way you look at marketing. Lastly, the Rol-EE ™ - Digital Signage also touts an official IP65 rating, which means you never have to worry about drizzle & splashes again!


A-Frame Sidewalk Poster Stand + Dry Erase Board

Custom Printed A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with Dry Erase Board

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way of promoting your brand outdoors, look no further. A-Frame Sidewalk Poster Stand + Dry Erase Board  is an effective multi-purpose easel frame that is easy to set up and fold back. It can be used as both a poster board and a dry erase board. The poster board is fully imprinted with digital dye ink providing a high-quality image perfect for advertising & the A-frame sign holder has a double-sided adaptable usage depending on your requirement. Changing posters is super easy and hassle-free allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand. Furthermore, the height of the board is perfect for grabbing attention in a crowded place, especially outdoors. The A-frame can work as a sidewalk or a pavement sign and can be used in outdoor environments without a worry.

Weather-proof, easy to carry & set-up, lightweight yet sturdy & lastly, super convenient, the A-Frame Sidewalk Poster Stand + Dry Erase Board is a must-have business accessory for local businesses.


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