As the Coronavirus tightens its grip over the world, most of the entrepreneurs & business owners are finding themselves in a pinch. There is no telling when this situation will disappear & the world will be back to being ‘normal’ again. With the businesses all over taking a massive hit, making sure your business doesn’t just survive, but thrives during these tough times is something every business owner aims to achieve! With that being said, here are 5 products that are crafted to help your business stay ahead during the COVID-19 pandemic -

Custom Printed Face Mask

Face masks, in the current world, are widely used & rightfully so. With the virus spreading mainly via the mode of respiration, covering one’s mouth & nose seems to be one of the most crucial preventive measures for protection. With so many people using masks to stay safe, custom printed face masks have become a great way to highlight your brand & to stay in the know. Our Custom Printed Face Masks are soft & are made from cotton or polyester depending on the production run. These Masks can be imprinted with a company's name, logo, or message. Our premium mouth mask can be used on many occasions like when going to school, work, shopping, or while traveling, or while riding. It’s dust-proof & will reduce viral infection in crowded places.

Barricade Skinz™ - Restaurant Barrier Cover

For all the restaurant & Café owners, letting your customers know that your business is still up & running is an extremely important thing to do right now. Most of the restaurants already use barricades & why let them go plain when they can be used strategically to advertise your restaurant is open and providing curbside pickup or take away? Check out our ultra-durable barricade covers that can be stretched and secured over barricades in any indoor or outdoor setting. Get various prints to match your needs printed with high-quality digital dye print that makes all eyeballs move towards your business. The rectangular covers are perfect for events, trade, and art shows, flea markets, and can also double up as protection against people crossing over.

Mobile Charging Station with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

If your business is situated in a public place such as inside a mall, airport, etc, the Mobile Charging Station with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is perfect for you! Great advertising is one that is done through a crucial utility & our Mobile Charging Station with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a perfect example of this. Loaded with the latest fast-charging technology & a super convenient hand-sanitizer dispenser that can be easily refilled without dismantling the case, this lightweight & practical product is sure to be remembered by your audience. What’s more? It can be custom printed on all sides, giving you the freedom to highlight your brand where it truly makes a difference!

Grocery Store Elbow Banner™ Rectangle Flag

Grocery & convenience stores are pretty much on top of the list when it comes to essential services. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, even essential services are not exempt from protection rules such as social distancing & wearing a mask. Grocery & convenience store owners are understandably concerned about not just letting their customers know that they are open, but also about the essential norms their customers are bound to follow while entering the shop premises, shopping & lining-up to pay. Our Grocery Store Elbow Banner™ Rectangle Flag is specifically designed to do just that, & more! It is crafted in a way that allows it to be conveniently mounted indoors as well as outdoors. Irrespective of where you install the Elbow Banner™, it puts forth your brand & message loud and clear, making purposeful advertising easier than ever before.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

One of the most important things that definitely cannot be overlooked during the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading awareness about it. With everyone finding new & innovative ways to get their message across, the basic & inexpensive floor stickers still work wonders! Made from our trademarked & industry-leading ABA Tex™ material, these floor stickers are re-usable & leave no sticky residue behind. Available in a lot of designs to choose from & option to add your logo to the prints, these Awareness Floor Stickers are an inexpensive, yet really efficient way to spread awareness & highlight your brand as well! Furthermore, we can also print your customized message or your local/CDC compliance information on stickers of various sizes of your choice. At Above All Advertising, Inc., we strive to constantly create new products that suit the need of the hour. The impact of the virus and economic slowdown is huge, but it is definitely not irreversible. As a business, you can continue to function by increasing your brand presence with our highly effective advertising solutions. Together, we can beat this crisis and recover the losses caused by this global disruption.

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