2020 hit the retail economy pretty hard - Stacked up shelves, high costs, low margins, and a pretty hard time reaching out to your customers. Now with the situation finally being normalized and everyone venturing out of their houses, the kind of advertising you put up for everyone to see matters. Your visibility matters now more than ever. The road to retail recovery isn’t all that smooth, but you can start by optimizing marketing and communications as we reconnect with the outside world. Up your outdoor marketing game! At Above All Advertising, Inc., you can take your pick of the necessary outdoor advertising equipment, as we curate the best performing outdoor advertising solutions for all types of businesses, budgets & requirements so you can grab the attention of those who pass by with ease.

Put your creative pants on and be innovative with your marketing campaigns

Unlike popular opinions, advertising signs don’t necessarily have to be boring! You’re bound to drive a higher societal impact when you’re creative. It's essential to make them believe that you’ve got something in store for them and see the magic happen for you. Even something as simple as a bean bag chair for adults to rest is going to encourage and give people a reason to stop by.

Advocate and implement store deliveries and vendor visits

It's simple! If people can’t come to us, we ensure you reach them. Your customers must know that you’re with them, whenever they need you: they’re more likely to depend on you this way. If you haven’t implemented home deliveries already, it’s never too late to start. Try engaging with current trends related to covid-19 restrictions and encourage safety protocols without being mainstream. There’s no better way than banners, digital signage, display stands, advertising flags, custom inflatables, and billboards to reach a large audience.

Don’t be afraid to be bold!

custom printed inflatable archway
Being loud is the first step to being heard. For retailers more profound in their marketing campaigns choose to go bold and get creative in the space you’re occupying. It's all up to you; if you want to break the norms or make new ones. Take advantage of custom branding solutions that help you build user-generated content and access the real-time value of a brand.

Be in sync with your brand’s message

Your brand is a reflection of who you are. Let people know what you stand for when you’re promoting yourself even in outdoor practices. For example here, Nestle has used a large and loud yet minimalistic words advertising sign display that speaks more than it tells- you know exactly what it’s telling you without even using too many words. Oh, and it’s useful to rest and hang out and has the potential to attract people to see it- one simply can’t ignore a huge red pop-up!

Promote your online traffic through

One stone, two birds: Leverage your outdoor efforts to increase your online presence. We still want to have a good online reach even when the pandemic situation fully normalizes and this could be done through the simplest of choices: an outdoor banner stand or flag banners.

Be clear with your call-to-action

Even a method as frivolous as a giant inflatable can be of extreme use- whether it’s to mark the location of your retails or to convey important information to your customers. There’s just something so undeniably catchy, fun, and inviting about an Inflatable dancing man that's bound to hold your attention. Be very concise in your communications, and have a clear call to action that most people can comprehend at first look.

Try holding pop-ups

Pop-ups can also regulate foot traffic and keep social distancing measures in check. Plus, it’s a good way to provide the brick-and-mortar experience to shoppers who miss it, without having to fully invest in reopening. It’s a solid way to reach a newer audience and try new products on an already loyal consumer base. Make effective use of resources like a pop-up tent.

Bottom Line

While it may be difficult to be hopeful while we are in the midst of a particularly trying time, we can be certain that once the crisis draws to a close, the public will want to celebrate their newfound freedoms. When the economy improves, retailers who have implemented the appropriate strategies will prosper. Post-pandemic campaigns are bound to show and uncover themselves in different ways than what we’re used to. Some of your channels will deliver and some will fail- these are unprecedented times. Whatever road you take, let Above All Advertising pave the way for you on your journey to recovery.