Is signage important? If you were to ask this question of ten different business owners, chances are they would all say the same thing: a quick and resounding yes. But if you were to follow up by asking why signage is important, the responses might vary dramatically.

The fact is, signage is important to businesses, but not always for the same reasons. So why does signage matter to you? Here, we’ll explore 8 important and fairly universal reasons why signage matters; in exploring this, you may discover some new inspiration for how to use signage to promote your business in the best and most effective way possible.

Attract customers.

Let’s start out with one of the most obvious benefits of signage: it helps attract customers. Indeed, this is one of the biggest and most important reasons why signage matters.

Your signage acts as an introduction to your brand for potential customers. This is true whether you’re displaying a booth at a trade show, if you have window display outside of a retail store, or if you have a customized branded game set up at a street festival. It acts to attract and entice customers, which can be the first step toward making sales.

Help customers find you.

As previously discussed, signage can act as an enticement, attracting new customers. But it can also help customers find you in a more literal sense, too.

For instance, if someone is walking down the street, they might not notice your small retail storefront if it is just down the block. However, if you have an A-frame sign or a human directional located on the corner to direct traffic to your place of business, the signage can act as a way to help customers find where your business is so that they can discover you, and hopefully, spend some money!

Let customers know who you are.

Signage is vital in conveying to customers who you are as a company.

While the graphics are important (we’ll talk about that more in a bit), the sign itself can tell a customer a lot about your company. For instance, if you are a creative, trend-forward company, employing creative signage such as a sealed inflatable or a branded game can help tell customers that you’re a playful and fun loving company. If you are a successful corporate company, larger signage such as a building ad or elegant monument sign (as pictured at the top of the post) can help you show customers who you are.

Project an image of success.

Your signage helps tell the story of your company and project your desired image to customers. This means that it also offers you the chance to consider this important question: what do you want to project to potential customers?

Of course, if you’re an established, venerable company, your signage can help project that to customers. However, on the flip side, even if you’re a brand new company, you can use signage to project an image that may at the moment still be aspirational. By investing in beautiful signage, people will take you seriously as a company; it helps you project an image of success. In time, this can become a reality, thanks to your hard work and beautiful signage.

Create brand awareness.

Branding is important for companies and businesses of every size. Signage is vital in helping you create brand awareness. This is where you move past the design of the sign itself and focus on the graphics showcased. Your signage plays an important part in creating a cohesive look with your advertising materials, which can help get your branding out in the public eye.

Yes, a physical sign helps people find you and helps attract customers. But it’s how you adorn it that increases brand awareness and creates visual recognition when people see your logo, company colors, and branding.

Engage with potential customers.

Your signage does more than just attract customers: ideally, it offers you the chance to engage with them, too.

Employing different types of signage can offer you the chance to interact with your customers, thus opening lines of communication and allowing you to connect. Some types of signage, such as branded games, can offer a chance for customers to literally interact with your sign.

Connection like this is important: it makes customers receptive to your company, acting as the key to creating positive relationships so that they are open to discovering your product or service.

Advertise specific services or products.

Signage is famously used to announce your company’s presence and display your logo, but that’s far from the only important use that it can offer your business. Once you’ve attracted a customer or drawn them into your selling space, continue to entice them by using signage to advertise specific services or products.

It’s easy to illustrate with the example of a retail store. While a sign outside might draw a customer in, you can increase sales by displaying more signage in-store to advertise specific items that might be featured or on markdown. This can be a great way to keep customers interested once they actually enter your space.

Creative marketing.

In reading through this post, you’ve probably gotten the idea that signage can serve to help you entice, engage, and ultimately sell your product or services to customers. But what might not be clear is that your signage can also serve as a creative marketing tool.

Signage doesn’t have to just be about showcasing your logo and factual information. It can offer an opportunity to market yourself in a way that is full of personality.

Take, for instance, a large format advertising inflatable. This is a type of signage which can be used for marketing which appeals and engages creatively.

Conclusion: Signage is a vital part of the marketing efforts for companies of every size and type. By understanding why signage matters, it can help you make the best decisions when choosing customized signage for your company which can help you further your goals and realize your dreams.

Why does signage matter to you?