The A-frame sign is considered an industry standard for retail and business promotion. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular: these indoor-outdoor signs are incredibly versatile, and can be used for a number of different promotional uses, ranging from parking signs to event promotion to even helping customers find your space.

Are you using A-frame signage to its fullest promotional potential? This post is dedicated to creative approaches to promoting your business using A-frame signs. From clever placement to partnerships with like-minded businesses, these 8 ideas can help your promotion reach further and target customers more effectively.

What is an a-frame sign?

An A-frame sign is a simple sign which has two “faces” which are connected by a hinge. It can be stored flat, so it doesn’t take up too much room. When unfolded, the hinge allows the sign to stand on four legs, making it sturdy yet completely simple to set up. Above All Advertising offers a variety of different types of A-frame signs; you can browse our offerings here.

Now that you know what an A-frame sign is, let’s talk about some creative ways to use them to promote your company. 2

8 Creative Ways to use A-Frame Signage.

Here, we’ll discuss different approaches to promotion using your A-frame signs, and how they can benefit your business.

Spotlight a specific product or service.

Everyone knows that an A-frame sign can be used to promote your business by showcasing your logo, hours, and location. But it can also be effective to promote a specific service you offer at your business. For instance, if your business is named “Candy Sisters” and your sign says as such, it doesn’t give consumers an indication of what you actually do or why they should be interested; as such, they might walk on by. But if your sign says “Candy! Homemade Fudge! Chocolates! Party Consultations!” this might entice hungry customers; these specific services or products called out might be more appealing than just a general announcement that your business exists.

Draw attention to an event.

If you’re having an event at your business, or are taking part in a larger event (such as a town festival), use your signage to shout it to the world. Promoting an event may give customers that extra nudge to check out your business; because events are finite and can involve specials and offers that wouldn’t be available at other times, there is an added element of urgency which can be the difference between a potential customer checking out your business and passing it by.

Bring attention to sales.

Is there a specific spring or fall sale that you’d like to shout out? Use your sign to promote it. Like promoting an event, a sale can be a great way to give customers an extra nudge to check out your business.

Increase visibility.

Not all businesses are right in the thick of the main street or clearly visible to passers-by; getting eyes on your business, especially if it’s tucked out of the way, can be an issue. An A-frame sign can provide a simple solution. Placing an A-frame sign at the nearest high-traffic intersection or around the corner from your business with your information and an arrow leading them in the right direction can simultaneously act as a mini billboard, advertising your business, and helping attract new potential customers who might not otherwise happen upon you. This functional method for a-frame signs can help increase your business in a big way and adds a little air of mystery to the customer, who may become curious about the business just off the beaten path.


Make it a game.

An a-frame sign can be a great promotional tool when you turn it into a game. For instance, you could have a “set” design for part of the sign, but leave a portion of the design blank so that you could adhere a different trivia question to the sign each day. This can act as a draw, especially if there is an incentive for customers who get the question right. Or, you could let customers physically play games with your A-frame, with an inflatable A-frame ball toss(pictured above), an advertising inflatable which customers can literally play and engage with. Using your signage as a means to engage with your customers will help them form a positive impression of your business from the get-go.

Make your business stand out at trade shows.

Are you showing at a busy trade show? It can be super difficult to catch the attention of potential customers, especially when the aisles are clogged with people who are dealing with visual overload. An A-frame sign in the aisle can help customers notice you. Similarly to putting an A-frame sign at the nearest busy intersection, this acts as a nudge to customers, helping them find you when they might not otherwise.

Put an a-frame near a partner business.

Here’s a way to cross-pollinate, business-wise: swap A-frames with a partner business. Confused? Here’s an example. Say your craft brewery makes a unique beer using lavender harvested from a local farm. You can display an A-frame sign for the lavender farm, and they can display one for your related product. Chances are, your companies attract like-minded clients, and this can help spread the word for both businesses.

Promote your social media pages.

Get in on the bustling world of social media by using your A-frame sign to promote your handles and pages. Be sure to list any applicable social media channels and your user name on them, so customers can easily find you. How can this help your business? For example, if you own a restaurant and someone walks by, if they are curious about you and then see the Facebook or Twitter page advertised, they might start to follow you right away, which will help you remain fresh in their mind for the next time they want to dine out.

Conclusion: An A-frame sign is an extraordinarily versatile piece of signage that can be used for everything from promoting specific products or sales to increasing the very visibility of your business. By investing in an A-frame sign and using it creatively to promote your business, you may see great improvements in traffic and in sales.

Do you use A-frame signs to promote your business?

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