It’s no secret that advertising inflatables are an extremely effective and eye-catching way to promote your business. But if you’re just getting started with inflatables, what direction should you take? For many businesses, sealed inflatables prove an ideal starting point. They are typically smaller in scale, and don’t require special equipment, so they can be assembled in minutes and displayed virtually anywhere you like.

Sealed inflatables are appropriate for any size and type of business. They’re perfect for small businesses which don’t have the space or a good location for giant inflatables or inflatable costumes because they are affordable, easy to display, and don’t require any special setup. For larger businesses, sealed inflatables can still prove a valuable investment, acting as a well-designed complement to larger inflatables, or as part of a larger suite of advertising materials.

To further demonstrate the versatility and promotion potential that these unique promotional tools can offer, here are just 9 creative ideas for using sealed inflatables to promote your business.

Offer up a creative POP display.

Sealed inflatables will look cool no matter where you place them. However, if customers are approaching your register or point of purchase (“POP”), you’ll have a captive audience to observe your creative display. A sealed inflatable invites attention, and will absolutely bring more attention to your business, especially if displayed in conjunction with your products or advertising materials. For added impact, you can personalize the display for the season or for a particular promotion or featured product, or even to announce a giveaway. This can be an opportunity to have potential customers explore your products and maybe even sign up for your mailing list, which will increase the chances of further interaction with your business at a later date.

Display several sealed inflatables overhead in a retail space.

Is it a bird? A plane? No, It’s a... super-sealed inflatable! By displaying sealed inflatables overhead or at a high level in a retail space, you’ll create a level of curiosity and offer customers a sense of whimsy while spending time in your business. They will be delighted to encounter such a unique indoor sign and are bound to inquire further about the products or items you are promoting with your sealed inflatable.Picture12

Make a replica.

Your sealed inflatables offer a fantastic opportunity to develop your branding. For instance, in the example above, a food truck made a miniature replica of their vehicle as a sealed inflatable. This is an extremely eye-catching way to promote.


For one, displaying the inflatable away from the operation, it gives customers an idea of what the business is all about, and what to expect. For another, it’s adorable, so it is bound to interest and delight customers and perhaps more importantly, start conversations.

Create a mascot.

Have you ever considered creating a mascot for your business? If so, sealed inflatables can offer an ideal opportunity to help you capitalize on this unique sector of branding. The ability to create a 3-D sealed inflatable of your mascot will broadcast your business to the world, creating an association which is unshakable and memorable. Whether it’s a cat wearing your company colors or an anthropomorphic soccer ball, a sealed inflatable of your mascot is a truly memorable way to market your business.

Create a memorable event tent.

It can be exceedingly difficult to grab the eyes of passers-by at large events, whether it’s in an indoor mall, an outdoor concert, or a festival. However, a sealed inflatable can give you the advantage. Available in a number of different sizes, sealed inflatables can be placed outside or on the edge of your event tent to create a visual diversion that will stand out in a crowd, and give your business the edge over others.

Display a sealed inflatable by an info booth.

Information booths are hotbeds of activity at any type of event. If show organizers are willing to entertain the idea, the info booth can be a great place to display advertising inflatables, which provides mutual benefit. For the show organizers, your inflatable acts as a visual draw and can help customers find the info booth. From there, once customers approach the booth, they will have the time to notice your business while they attend to their business. If paired with information about how to find your business, this can prove an extremely effective promotion that benefits both you and show organizers.

Use sealed inflatables for giveaways.

Some companies find that customers love sealed inflatables so much that they’re interested in taking them home! If it works for your business, you can consider offering an inflatable as a customer giveaway. This could be something that you give away at the end of a trade show or event or use as a promotion to get attention during slow times for your business. Sealed inflatables are a very cool and interesting item for customers to win, so they are bound to draw attention. Customers will be more than willing to offer their information for your mailing list for a chance to enter, which can prove invaluable in helping develop your customer base. Plus, the item will act as a mini billboard wherever the winner chooses to display the item.

Create a dynamic retail window display.

Even when displayed indoors, sealed inflatables can draw attention from the outdoors. Use sealed inflatables as part of your window display to create a dynamic, appealing visual. Used alone with accent lighting or displayed with products or other ad materials, they will create visual interest and will draw customers to check out your display, which can lead to increased foot traffic and purchases.

Trick out your trade show booth.

Trade shows can be tough on the senses for attendees. It’s easy for customers to reach visual overload, which makes it hard for them to notice your business. Make it easy for potential customers to find you by giving them something visually different to look at with your sealed inflatable! Sealed inflatables are interesting and unique, and break up the humdrum landscape of corporate logos and flat signs that dominate trade shows. Make your business stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion: Sealed Inflatables are an accessible entry for any type of business into the world of advertising inflatables. Their high level of personalization to your business makes them a great way to gain attention and engage with customers. They provide an easy opportunity to help your business garner the attention it deserves.

Have you ever considered sealed inflatables?

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