Source: Flickr Just about all business owners know that customized signage is important. But as unbelievable as it may sound, few of them have really stopped to think about why customized signage is so important. When you don’t consider your goals when creating customized signage, you may not be choosing the most effective signage for your company. By considering why you need customized signage, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to make the best and most appropriate decisions with the type and design of your signs. This means that you’ll be effectively marketing your company, which will increase business and overall sales!

Six Reasons Why You Need Customized Signage.

Here, we’ll detail six reasons why customized signage is so vital. Hopefully, it will inspire you to make decisions with your signage that will make it most effective and relevant for your business.

To introduce your company to the world.

Customized signage is a mode of communication. At its most basic--yet most important--level, your signage announces and introduces your company to the world. Having an office space, showroom, or retail unit is great, but that’s not enough to bring in customers. You need signage to let people know who you are and to indicate what you do. Customized signage is the ultimate tool in this regard. By customizing a sign with branded graphics, you will make a potential customer’s first impression a good impression. And you know what they say about first impressions: you only have one chance to make a good one!

To help people discover you.

Your customized signage does more than just announce your company’s presence to the world. It helps people discover you. For instance, if you have a law firm with offices on the second floor of an office building, a sign can be the difference between someone discovering you and never knowing you exist. This is all about the placement of your signage. A sign on the front door is helpful once someone is in the office building, but to help people discover you, you’ll also want to invest in signage that can go in the window facing the street, or even at the street level. Perhaps this is a small sign, or maybe it’s an entire building wrap! Either way, signage of this sort will increase your visibility and help people discover you.

To help people find you.

Customized signage is vital in helping customers find your business. Even if a customer is aware of your company and knows your address, a large sign outside of your place of business can save them the annoyance of circling the block to try to find you. This can also be helpful if your business is in an unusual or hard to find a spot, such as around the corner from a major shopping street or on the basement level. Be sure to use eye-catching signage that has a scale large enough to match the setting. For instance, an a-frame sandwich board might be the perfect sign to guide customers to your retail store just around the corner. However, if your business is on a large highway with a high-speed limit, you’ll want to invest in a bigger and easier to read a sign that will be visible to people driving by.

To make people like you.

The presence and physical scale or your signage can help people find and notice you. But your company branding and design layout can help your signage make people like you. A beautiful sign requires a great design. After all, the sign is your canvas to convey who you are and what you do to the public. You want people to like you! You can work with a graphic designer to create a beautiful sign that people will gravitate toward. Taking the time to strongly consider your branding and create a beautiful sign that reflects your company style will make the right and most relevant customers gravitate toward you.

To make people want to buy from you.

A beautiful design and well-made signage can make people like you. But to make people want to buy from you, the key is engagement. There are a number of different ways in which customized signage can help you engage with potential and existing customers. On the simplest level, including your website and social media information on your signage can entice customers to check you out further. Making sure that you have a well-established suite of materials online and a social media presence can make people like you, appreciate who you are, and want to buy from you. Another clever way to engage and make people like you with signage? Invest in an interactive sign. This could include a branded game or branded furniture, which customers can physically interact with. This will immediately pique their interest and offer a fun, non-invasive method of introducing yourself to the customer. Often, this small bit of engagement is all that is needed to break the ice and make people want to buy from you.

To develop a company culture.

Your signage offers a promotion for your company on many levels, from logistics to visibility to subtler things, like engaging. Your signage, overall, offers your company a powerful opportunity to share its culture and unique personality with customers. People don’t usually buy from companies: they buy into the company culture. If your signage offers a culture which someone responds to and resonates with, they are far more likely to buy with you. Consider the signage of companies that use recycled materials or who give back part of their profits to the community. Offering this information on the signage can offer a powerful indicator of the company culture, which can make like-minded people gravitate to your company. Showcasing your culture is a powerful reason why you need customized signage! Conclusion: Customized signage is vital to the success of any company. However, some signage solutions are more effective than others for different types of companies. Once you take the time to consider why your company needs customized signage, you’ll be better positioned to choose the options that will work most effectively to promote your business. And that’s going to bolster your bottom line in the long run. What type of customized signage is most effective for your company?