When it comes to promoting your business, few types of signs have as much immediate impact as flags and banners. These versatile signs can be displayed in a variety of different places, and in a number of different ways, to draw attention to your business.

But with so many different options available, how do you decide which flag or banner is right for your business? Should you opt for a custom flag, or would a hanging banner be a better pick for you? While there isn’t necessarily a “wrong” choice, there are some things to consider which can help you make the most educated decision on what will work best for your establishment. Here are 8 questions to ask yourself before purchasing a flag or banner for your business, so that you can choose the most appropriate option for your unique circumstances.Picture2

What type of business do you have?

The first question to ask yourself when considering what type of flag or banner to purchase for your business is a simple one. What type of business do you have? Is it a retail business on a bustling street? Is it a warehouse on the edge of town? Or is it a roving food truck? Right from the get-go, this can help you start to narrow down the choices. For instance, if your business operates on the road and doesn’t have one static location, you might want to start by looking at easy-to-transport flag or banner options, such as a flexi-billboard or a portable flag, which includes its own stand which can be assembled wherever you are.

What are your goals for displaying a flag or sign?

This is an important question to ask yourself before investing in a flag or sign. What are your goals for displaying this type of signage? Really take some time to define what you hope to gain by displaying your signage. Is it increased visibility for a business which might be hard to find just driving by? In that case, a series of flying flags might do the trick. Or is it to advertise a specific event or sale? In that case, perhaps an eye-catching Twizla flag might be a great pick. Deciding what the desired function and goal of your signage is can help you determine which option is right for your specific situation. Picture3

Where will it be displayed?

Think about the logistics of displaying your sign. Where will it physically be placed? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Will it be by the side of the street, or right by your door? Different signs can have a different impact depending on where they are displayed. For instance, a row of Evo flag banners displayed streetside by the entrance of your business is an eye-catching way to draw in attention; however, if your business is set behind a grove of trees, they might not have the same desired effect. However, once again using the example of a business located behind a grove of trees, a vinyl sign tied between two trees might provide better visibility. Take the time to consider the physical location of where you will put the banner or flag to maximize its impact! Picture4

What kind of impact do you want to make?

In displaying a flag or banner, what type of visual impact do you want to create for your viewers? Do you want a huge banner that will make a splash when traffic is stopped at an intersection? In that case, investing in a giant flag might be a great investment that will command attention. If you want to create an unexpected visual that will make customers curious about your business, a moving sign such as a flex blade backpack might be the perfect pick. If you’re looking for something more subtle to display above a display or in front of a window, you might want to check out the flex blade window display.

Is it for temporary or long-term use?

Different signs serve different purposes. What is your purpose for displaying this sign? Is it meant for long term use, to be a permanent piece of signage outside of your business? If so, a hanging banner or boulevard banner, which can be securely fastened to rafters or street signs, are sturdy and long-lasting options. However, perhaps your flag or banner is meant for temporary, occasional, or seasonal use, to be displayed outdoors only when you have a sale or special event. In this case, you probably want a sign which can be put up and taken down easily. A portable flag, or perhaps an elbow banner, might be a better choice. Picture5

Does your sign need to travel?

Will your banner or flag be traveling with you as you go to trade shows, host events, or display at street fairs? If so, this will have a big effect on which sign is best for your business. Lightweight and easily portable signs, such as the Twizla The Flex blade 3-D also provides the unique opportunity to have a display unit and a sign all in one, which may give you more bang for your buck with a traveling display.

Are there any rules about the type of signage you can display?

If you will be displaying your banner or flag outside of a leased retail, office, or warehouse space, be sure to look into any stipulations for what type of signage is allowed. Different landlords or management companies may have different rules, and you don’t want to choose a sign that violates them.Similarly, you want to make sure that the sign that you choose adheres to any local laws. Particularly if you are based in a historic or downtown district, there may be strict codes about the permissible sizes and types of signs. It’s better to do this research before you choose a sign, so that if any options are not going to work, you can take focus on the options that will work.

What type of flag or banner do you like?

It’s very important to consider the logistics of your sign, as well as what will help send the message that you want to project for your business. But once you’ve determined these things, it’s vital to evaluate what types of signs feel good to you. Your signage is a representation of your business, and you should feel proud of what you’re displaying! So really take the time to view all of the offerings and look at what feels good to you.

Conclusion: While there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” choice when it comes to choosing a flag or banner for your business, certain options may be better suited to your unique location and business type than others. By asking yourself these eight questions, you’ll be better positioned to pursue creating the most appropriate flag or banner for your business, which will result in the best investment and maximum impact for promotion. This will help you choose the best signage option for your unique business.

What type of flags or banners do you use for promotion?