Vehicle advertising is becoming quite popular with businesses, especially small ones. Vehicle wrap advertisement is a low-cost, high-effective medium to reach millions of customers. This method uses covering/wrapping that can be full or partial, depending upon several factors, on the company’s fleet. To get the message clear and loud, a business needs to recognize how to represent itself with quality, unique graphics. Since vehicles are painted with an advertisement, becoming a nuisance in the eyes of the public is not a far-fetched scenario. Therefore, a business needs to design its graphics in such a way that it does the advertising subtly.

Wrap design plays a vital role in determining its impact on customers.

The reason behind its growing popularity is that people are viewing vehicle wrap as a moving billboard. Looking at stats, this perspective makes sense. On average, Americans spend more than 17,000 minutes driving a year, and about 86% of the population drive to work or travel in a vehicle. What these stats simply mean is people are always in and around vehicles. Many small businesses are turning to wrap advertising. From customer rear window graphics to car magnets, from full car wrap to partial wrap, businesses are making the most from mobile billboard advertising tact. One car wrap has the potential to generate up to 70,000 impressions for a mile driven. A passerby can recognize a company’s name and logo with wrap advertising 15X more than any other advertisement method. This leads to 30% of people basing their buying decision on seeing vehicle wrap ads. Designing wraps require some unique graphic designing skills, but a business can have the basic knowledge to leverage the advantage of wrap advertising. Here are some tips to get the vehicle wrap design right:

Sticking to One Theme or Design

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Giving all the information seems tempting and businesses might just go ahead with it. When a person sees the wrap, however, confusion is the one thing that stands out. This happens because of a lot of texts or images or long pointers. Businesses sticking to one design have higher chances of getting their message through. One short, crisp message is more than enough to digest for viewers in mere seconds. Also, businesses need to keep consistent branding i.e. using the same logo, colors, fonts, etc., throughout their fleet. This consistency helps viewers identify a company easily. Be bold, clear, and concise!

Proper Graphics Size

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A little excitement about new things is good, but jumping onto a drawing board to create a vehicle wrap design might backfire for businesses. Businesses have a variety of vehicles of different makes and models. Therefore, one size won’t fit all. Before getting to the design part, businesses must measure the vehicle sides, roof, rear, hood, and bumpers. Marking them with the exact measurement number and then taking a photo would help a designer in making precise designs. Businesses must also keep in mind the curves of the vehicles along with body breaks, door handles, and any other such part on the body.

Font Size that is Readable from a Distance

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Businesses might be tempted to use a flowery font that appears creative and quirky. This inclination towards unique fonts might give viewers a hard time reading the message. The best strategy is to stick to traditional, regular fonts. Since people are accustomed to the regular font, they can read the message from a distance and take it home. Businesses can experiment with their name font, but it is recommended to keep it as simple as possible. When it comes to the message, traditional fonts are the best choice.

Bright & Right Colors

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After the font, the color scheme is the most important factor in design. Professional designers know the power of colors in generating the desired impact on viewers. With a basic understanding of colors, businesses can devise their designs for the desired impact. Red color, for example, has energy and aggression associated with it, whereas, blue has a calming and gentle effect. Businesses need to pick colors that evoke the right emotions. This depends on their brand message. Using bright colors for wrap helps businesses to stand out as bright colors can be recognized quickly from a long distance. With a bright coloring scheme, businesses can attract more people.

Illustrations, Graphics & Photos

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The vehicle wrap design is different from the graphic design used in other types of advertisements. Using conventional images, photos of products do not convey the message as it does in other methods. Wrap design usually uses illustration, graphics, and occasionally professionally clicked photos to send the message. Since businesses want their vehicle branding to reflect high-quality work, this process is better left to the professionals. Vehicle wrap design costs an upfront fixed price that is also inexpensive to maintain. The wrap gives constant exposure and does the advertising in an excellent method. By driving near potential customers, businesses can get a higher ROI. By coupling wrap advertising with other marketing strategies, businesses can reap the benefits of increased local exposure and brand awareness.