When it comes to branding, businesses leave no stone unturned. From business cards to brochures and marketing collateral's, they make sure every advertisement platform is used. But, to truly stand from their competition, they need to think something creative and bigger. The advertisement domain has revolutionized in the past few years, and companies have opted different techniques to get more visibility for their brand. Using giant location pins to advertise a brand is one of the most effective options that’s proving beneficial for businesses. When people see gigantic flags with bold advertising messages, they seem to recall it for a longer run. So, it’s time to upgrade your branding game with giant location pins.

How are they beneficial?

Giant location pins are akin to universally recognized map location pins, and that is what makes them attractive and easily recognizable. Since the location pins are gigantic in appearance, they are made with special care and attention so as to make them durable and strong to withstand any weather condition. These pins can be used in trade shows, marketing arenas, parking lots, etc. to turn all the eyeballs to your brand. Unlike other conventional advertising flags and banners, giant location pins can be recognized from a distance. The fonts and the bold message used on the location pins is readable from a distance, thus increasing its visibility by manifold than other advertising techniques. The most important advantage of using a giant location pin to promote your brand is that it can be customized as per your branding need. Whether you want a bright color, or a lighter shade, too much text, or a little to no text, or just a bright bold graphic, you can get the giant location pin customized with the help of design experts.

How high can a giant location pin go?

These breakthrough huge flags can go up to an impressive height of 15 feet, thus making it mark a territory on its own. A larger than life flags with seamless aerodynamics and robust built make for a true branding icon.

Which event will be ideal to place these pins?

Giant location pins are versatile in nature when it comes to choosing their placement. Whether it is promoting a retail store or a sports event, hosting a fundraiser, being part of a trade show, or wanting to make your brand’s presence in any significant outdoor event, you can use the giant location pins. Giant location pins can truly be a game changer for a brand, a store or an organization. These pins not only make branding an effortless process but also come quite reasonable as compared to the ROI you get after getting these installed. So, get ready to experience the best results for your brand with the giant location pins.