Food trucks have been around for quite a while now. The industry has seen drastic expansion, becoming a multi-billion-dollar restaurant niche. Thanks to food trucks’ mobility and less space requirement, they are appearing in densely populated areas or on streets where there is high traffic. Food truck owners enjoy the company of millennials who like street food more and hence, the industry’s growth is expected to increase in the coming years.

How can you grow your customer base?

Since most of your customers are millennials, your advertising strategies should revolve around this generation. By aligning your strategies with your target audience, you can make the most out of your advertising campaigns.

Here’s how you can grow your customer base:

Get a website

Now, you will think, ‘I’ve only a food truck, do I really need a website?’

Short and simple answer, yes. Websites are not expensive and difficult as they were before. And particularly with millennials, they tend to believe that if a brand does not have a website, it does not exist.

Getting a website is a great asset that you can invest in. It allows you to feature some popular recipes, photos and videos of your customers, and others will find it easier to locate your food truck.

Social media handles

After the website, you can opt for various social media channels. You don’t have to be on every platform. Find the ones that are popular with people who love street food and start your journey with photos and videos.

Instagram is best for sharing your eye-catching food dishes, while Facebook enables you to create a page of your food truck business and build a community. On Twitter, you can build a community via hashtags and increase your popularity.

Contests & events

You have the power of mobility, why not put it to good use?

Get a list of contests and events lined up in the city. Take your truck and attract the customers and later, tell them where they can find you on regular days.

If there are no contests or events, perhaps, you can create one. Come up with an idea and start promoting it. with effective planning and implementation, you can create a contest or event where people come in hordes. And there, you can offer coupons or offers for days to come to boost your business.

Food bloggers

Influencer marketing is everywhere these days. Even in the food industry, there are a lot of bloggers who have a massive following. Engage these food bloggers to promote your food truck, especially if there is someone from your locality who has a sufficient following.

You can either pay upfront or offer free meals and sort to the food blogger and drive traffic from there. Find the influencer who is a good choice for your brand and establish a following of your own.

Loyalty program

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? Loyalty programs are perfect for retainer customers. Not only you are offering good food but also adding value to your customers. Build trust with loyalty programs.

Which products are the best for advertising food trucks?

Truck Wrap

customizable truck wrap

Send your message across with our truck wrap that instantly generates profit for you. Impressive visuals attract customers to your truck.

Flex Blade - Custom Printed

custom printed advertising flag

With a larger teardrop, this flag is an attractive addition to your advertising needs with its unique teardrop shape. With its huge size, your customers will spot your truck from a distance.

Aire Ball

custom printed inflatable advertising ball

Another way to attract customers, is this fancy balloon structure can be used as an advertising tool and grab all the attention in a pleasant way.

Premium Square Market Umbrellas

custom printed square market umbrella

A perfect source for afternoon shade and with the option of full-color digital graphics to catch the eyes of passersby. Our Premium Square Market Umbrella is simple to set up for use and features a push-button locking mechanism, durable wood ribs, and a 1.5" center pole.

Rol-EE - Digital Signage Rolling A-Frame

customized digital signage display

Coming with its own set of wheels, this signage solution can be rolled over everywhere with ease. Offer your food in style with this contemporary digital signage solution and stand apart from the competitors.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand with Poster Frame

custom printed automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Always in need, dispense sanitizer with your message as this sleek hand sanitizer stand can double up as your marketing efforts highlight your brand.

Design-Air Stool

custom printed inflatable stool

Featuring portability, the air stool is easy to set up and store. It has an attractive design and feels extremely comfortable. Offer something different than the usual chairs with air stool and grab the attention of your customers.

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