Businesses, irrespective of shape and size, need promotional items to capture attention and get their message through. Promotional items are an effective way of advertising that has more reach as well as is more budget-friendly than other types of advertising channels. Promotional items help businesses in cutting their marketing budget while garnering attention from their targeted audience. For small businesses, brand awareness plays a crucial role in their long-term success. If people are not familiar with a brand’s name, its competitors will always retain an upper hand. A study concluded that more than 50 percent of small businesses fail within four years because of a lack of awareness. This is because small businesses tend to think that promotion items need to be flashy or expensive to make an impact on customers. To bust the myth around flashy or expensive promotional items, we have listed top promotional items, especially for small businesses. By taking advantage of these items, small businesses can surpass the limiting barrier of sales. Why invest in promotional items? Brands have been using promotional items as a cost-effective marketing strategy for decades. From startups to giants, businesses invest in promotional items as they are budget-friendly and good at attracting the eyes of passers-by. Also, we have noted some interesting stats about the use of promotional items:
  • More than 90 per cent of customers can recall a brand’s message after seeing a promotional product
  • 83 per cent of people like promotional items that have a strong advertising message
  • People are more likely to do business with a brand when they see the brand’s promotional items more often
  • Promotional items can draw 500 per cent referrals from customers
These stats offer strong insights and why small businesses should invest in items. Also, small businesses can hugely benefit from promotional items:
  • Low-cost & effective marketing: There is an overwhelming cost to market products and small businesses often have limited or predefined marketing budgets. With inexpensive promotional items, small brands curb the expenses and divert the funds to other aspects
  • Brand recognition: Brand recognition implies that customers can identify and differentiate a company from one another. Some best examples of brand recognition are KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc. The idea is to get customers to identify the company without a fuss.
  • Business card: Promotional items have names, logos, contacts, addresses, email, etc., and hence, they also function as a business card. Seamlessly introduce the brand to customers with this subtle yet effective trick.
  • Build loyalty: When customers start recognizing a brand, they will be frequenting the website or store. This builds loyalty as there is more interaction between customers and the brand. Not to mention, these customers will spread the word about a brand that they adore and bring their friends and family, thereby increasing sales.

Here are the 6 best promotional items that always work for small business

Special Flags

custom advertising flags Attract the crowd with this invaluable piece of marketing. Advertising flags are perfect for any situation and most importantly they are inexpensive. Small businesses can install them at key points to garner attention as our flags are there to make any activity an instant hit with the audience.

Pop-Up Tent

custom printed pop up canopy tent Tents not only protect key materials but also subtly market a brand. Easy to assemble and dismantle, custom pop-up tents are UV and water-resistant and are fully customizable according to the need.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man - Custom Printed

wacky waving inflatable dancing tube man What to stand out from the crowd? Get a wacky-waving man. These chic dancers will outlast the competition every time! bring them life and allow them to make their cool, amazing, and unpredictable moves that bring different personalities and leave a lasting impression on the audience. We have several wacky men like rock stars, superheroes, logos, etc.

Half-Moon Banner

half moon banner Unique in its name and unique is its operation, the half-moon banner catches the eyes of customers with its out-of-the-box design. The rounded shape gives distinct space for broader logos and extra messaging.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand with Poster Frame

customized automatic hand sanitizer stand with poster frame Sanitizer dispensers are indispensable today. Why not use them to promote the brand as well? While serving the cause, our dispenser stands with poster frames can also advertise the brand’s products or services, thereby augmenting marketing efforts.

Rol-EE™ - Digital Signage Rolling A-Frame, Indoor/Semi-Outdoor Battery-Powered

battery operated rolling digital signage display This portable outdoor digital signage comes with its own set of wheels and can be rolled over everywhere with ease. Make the most out of this promotional item as its digital display screen is perfect to attract a tech-savvy audience. It has features like Wi-Fi, HDMI, and VGA allowing the brand to experiment with marketing.