A reliable logistics partner is vital for brand awareness when you’re short of marketing campaigns and looking to make a big impact on customers. When public events happen, there is little time to construct, deploy, set-up or install, entertain the crowd, and break down the whole set up. There is simply no room for errors in construction and let alone logistics delays. Public locations are open-air and therefore, on-site storage solutions are the key. Not only do these help you in creating brand awareness, but also easy to construct, deploy, set-up, and deconstruct. Your business can use portable and weather-resistant pods to house all of your material. From display to signage to merchandise and promotional materials. Once the day is over, you can easily store all this material quickly. Pods can even be moved to a different location if safety is an issue. With that being said, here are five pods for different occasions that you use today:

Retail Pods & Shops

retail pods and portable shops Why not sell on-site with our retail pods and shops? Designed with security and set-up time in focus, our easy to install pods can get customers engaged and you can make sales. Move your pods to where the crowd is to make the most out of it. With retail pods, you attract customers with their slick and unique appearance. You can set it up at avenues like an airport, sports events, festivals, resorts, and even at remote places.

Cafe & Restaurant Pods

café/restaurants pods - portable The growing cost of land is killing the dreams of many who want to open their café or restaurant. Leasing a place equivalently takes a toll on everyone’s budget. If you are many entrepreneurs who have dreamed of owning your café or restaurant, why bother about draining your bank account when you can have a café and restaurant pod? With a customized option, you can build your café or restaurant exactly as you want it. not only will you incur little expense, but you can also use your budget on other pieces of stuff.

Experiential Pod

experimental pods With our experiential pod systems, you will have assets that are easier to move from event to event. Fully customizable, you can select from options that suit your taste. The pods can be transported with ease. Significantly lower operating costs, these pods are affordable and flexible to meet all your needs. If you are looking for an experiential pod, our solution is the perfect choice as this pod seamlessly melts within the ambience while subtly marketing your brand.

Bike Pod

shipping container bike pods Safety is the prime concern when you are looking for a space for your bike. After all you have spent, getting a single scratch throws the vibe off. We understand this dilemma and hence, our bike pod is a perfect choice for housing your bike and keeping those unwanted hands and eyes away. But what if your business is looking for ways to keep your customers' bikes safe? The solution is palpable to this cause as well. With its easy set-up and takedown, you can save your customers from a terrible experience.

Golf Pod

container pods for storage - golf pods Golf enthusiasts can now have an unparalleled experience with our golf pod without stepping out from the safety of their homes. A designated home golf pod that provides the necessary internal clear height for a swing of 3 meters. If you are a golf enthusiast, you can play and practice around the clock with a golf pod. The pod allows you to play, compete, and improve in real-time and gives you a reason to play golf more often. Our pods are designed with an extensive range to honor your every need. You can find pods that fit in the supermarket or retail spaces without any hassle. With a customizing option, you can build your brand awareness without spending a lot on advertising. Our pods portray your brand in a new light that uplifts your business and adds a new shine to it. If you are looking for on-site storage pods or event supply only, our pod solutions are an ideal choice.