What comes to your mind when you think of tents? Camping, adventure or something to do with outdoor activities? But tents are not limited to sports and travel, but can also be used for the purpose of business, marketing as well as any outdoor family or personal event. These multipurpose products can come handy for almost any occasion, irrespective of the venue.

So if you are looking for the perfect tent then browse through the innumerable options at the tip of your fingers and get one for yourself.

Event tents can be your best investment if branding is on the agenda. These tents come in different shapes and sizes and can be as portable as you want them to be. If you are worried about the installation hassles and costs of event tents then your concerns are totally misdirected. Look out for these amazing outdoor event tents and bid your worries farewell. Your purpose and function can help determine the right advertising tent. Take a look at these options and make the right choice:
  • Teepee tents: This amazing star-shaped tent can give your tent a beautiful look. Its native American roots bring in some authenticity and character to your space making it the talk of the event. These star tents come with multiple poles that are not extremely difficult to put together and gives the tent some great support. If your location is windy then this is one of the best options for you. The tent also gives you a lot of scope for decoration with the multiple spikes making it a great event tent. Light up the tent with LED and see it glow in the dark.
  • Custom 20 x 20 canopy: These are your basic tents but they manage to remain in vogue with all the new additions due to their sturdy built and ample capacity. These large event tents are perfect when you are expecting a lot of crowds or when your set-up requires more space. Due to their open nature, these are more inviting in nature. They are one of the easiest to set up and can be your go-to in any event.
  • Spider Tents: As the name suggests they do look like a spider but in the most creative way. These dome-shaped structures are compact and good to work around with when you need some head space for your brand and products. The inflatable nature of the tent makes it easy to set up as it pops up almost on its own with little effort from you.
  • Aire Cap Pro Inflatable Tent: These extremely simple and basic structure is a favorite for both big and small enterprises. They are minimalistic and can fit in almost any kind of venue. Due to their simple structure, this inflatable dome tent is both light in weight and totally portable making it a must-have in your kit.
While the purpose for which you are using the outdoor event tent is highly important in making the right choice, you need to also look at other factors.

Custom event tents play a great role in your branding strategy as you decide what goes on every inch of the canopy.

Opting for custom event tent is a wise decision to make as there is no dearth of these in the market. All you need to do is make sure you buy it from the right place to ensure that you get the right quality of the print. The imprint on the canopy can speak a lot about your brand and the quality of colors can attract the right crowd to your tent. Apart from the imprint, make sure you invest wisely in your tent when it comes to its durability. Any promotional tents usually go through a lot of wear and tear as they are outdoors, in spaces with a large amount of crowd. Make sure that you check the quality of the poles and the fabric of the canopy so that your investment lasts longer.

Use the right tent for the right occasion. Here’s how you can be a judge of that:

  • When in doubt stick to basic pop up canopy tents. These portable pop-up shelters can be used as advertising tents or as plain function tents.
  • If you opt for a specific design or shape, like the dome tents or star tents or even any air tent or large event tent, make sure you have determined the number of people who will be attending and how many of your people will be stationed within the tent.
  • What accessories you bring in or near the tent needs to be considered as well. Are you placing a bean bag, or an inflatable couch; will you be placing a trade show podium inside or put up custom banners and flags; are you planning to place charging stations inside or supplement the tent with patio umbrellas? All of these additions can make your tent look crowded or messy if not planned for.
Custom pop up event tents are extremely useful and if you are managing a business or in the event space or even have a small enterprise of your own, you should invest in an event tent and take your branding and marketing strategy to another level.