Advertising, an integral part of marketing, is an innovative process. It is all the more interesting since it involves general mass of people. Advertising is a specialized activity and involves complete dedication. This dedication and ingenuity is evident from the different ways in which publicity is done, particularly in outdoor category. In open air advertising, outdoor inflatables offer an interesting variation of sizes, shapes, forms and colors. Balloons are perhaps the commonest form of inflatable medium used for publicity. Other categories include: dancing balloons, inflatable product replicas such as bottles and cans, inflatable costumes, and inflatable spider tents.

outdoor inflatables

Wacky Men™ - Dancing balloons or air dancers are funny to watch and attract children and grown-ups alike. These are stationery, elongated or columnar in shape and easily identifiable from a fair distance. These dancing balloons or 'air-dancers' are installed over a motor that sends air up this elongated cover. As air is sent up this column, the entire balloon takes different postures and appear very amusing from a distance. These are brightly colored in orange, grass green, canary yellow or scarlet red. As these are appealing to young and adults alike, they are a rage among outdoor advertisers for their extraordinary shape and shades. These are ideal for fair grounds, street corners, and parks.

Inflatable product replicas–

This is another form of inflatable item ideally in the shape of a product that it advertises. These could be in the shape of bottles, cans, books, chocolates or shoes. These are ideally used in trade fairs and business conventions. These are attached to air pumps either from outside or inside that blow in air continuously to keep it inflated. You could also have them made in the shape of your popular cartoon character or your favorite animal. More and more advertisers are using this form of outdoor inflatables for trade fair and general publicity. Though these are not as funny as dancing balloons, they are colorful and visually appealing.

Helium Balloons

Unlike hot air balloons, these are helium filled and work on the principle of low density of this gas as compared to the air around us. These could be shaped in the form of blimps, spheres or any other customized shape. Customization is entirely dependent on your choice and you may order for ice cream cones, fish, cans and beverage bottles.

Spider tents –

These inflatable tents in the form of hemispheres standing on several legs take the appearance of a spider. This is a highly effective way of outdoor advertising especially in fair grounds, open spaces and road corners. As these are visible from a distance and take an unusual shape, they are easily identifiable. You could choose this for publicizing your product.

Hot air balloons -

This is a traditional form of outdoor advertising which is used in clear weather. Hot air balloons in tempting colors are used as outdoor inflatables by companies from different segments like hospitality, household appliances, FMCG, housing and real estate, and so on.

Further innovations are expected as technology has changed radically over the years, as also the taste and preferences of consumers.