Move your advertising strategy from a 2D world to the 3D world
with our special custom inflatable products.

The custom-made inflatables are perfect for leveraging your brand. These colorful and attractive inflatables work perfectly for outdoor or even indoor advertising.

The eye-catching movement and size of these inflatables can attract customers in a small and large setting increasing curiosity and footfall. These can be designed as costumes, blow-up tents or air-dancers. The custom giant inflatables can grab attention from a distance and act as the best engagement props for children.

Your imagination and creativity will be brought to life by our team with a range of products including attractive inflatable advertising balloons to full-size inflatable tents.

We provide you with plenty of options in blow-up products from basic balloons, helium balloons to wind dancers and other engaging mascots and inflatable costumes to full-size blow-up tents. All these products are specially designed for customer engagement and brand positioning. These products are totally customizable to suit your brand or business needs. Our team of design experts help your vision of 3D logos, mascots, other shapes take form in a suitably sized inflatable product. You can also put down text or any significant messaging making it a one-stop solution for attracting attention and sharing information. All these products are lightweight, portable and can be popped up anywhere with a simple pump or battery-operated air-filling system. They are printed with a high-quality digital dye that helps the colors and texts stand out.

Safety is our primary concern as these products are used in public spaces and reflect your business. We implement high-quality controls with regards to the durability of the material to avoid ruptures and air bursts. This material makes the products adaptable to physical damage and resistant to shape-shift.

These inflatable products can be used at trade shows, corporate events, art fairs, festivals or even at personal and office parties. Storage is a major advantage of these products as they can be folded and stored in a small space and easily transported. Put up a wacky waving inflatable tube man or a balloon at the entrance of the venue alongside our advertising flags or banners and direct the crowd to your booth. The custom inflatable costumes come with an advantage of mobility and interactions and can be used when you place interactive marketing games like the SpinTime Prize Wheel or the Go Golf Putting Game to make the environment engaging. Use the wind dancer, helium balloons and costumes to sync with your Trade Show Display Booths to provide uniformity and brand recall.