Covid19 has made several businesses grapple for survival. All the big plans and dreams went down the drain. Across geography, businesses are closing daily. It simply doesn’t matter if a business was decades old or an early start-up. The situation is dire, unpredictable. And we can all agree on this point – 2020, what a year! Reluctantly but surely. Businesses entered into 2020 with optimistic outlooks and how it turned out well, as they say, the rest is history. As this stormy year is closing to an end, you might be clouded by worries and anxieties. After all, you need to figure out how to stay afloat in the coming year. 2021 will come with its twists and turns, however, there will be potential as economies are waking up to a new dawn. Planning for the unknown is quite tricky but there are hints about how the world is going to go forward and adapt to the working condition. To help you in this transition, we have compiled a list of five products that will make your business 2021-ready. These new-age solutions are designed to deliver the optimal results that your business needs in the face of the unknown.

Outdoor Tubie™ Water-Base Banner Stand

Customized Outdoor Water Base Banner Display Stand Before the coronavirus pandemic, an outdoor banner stand was an important aspect of marketing your brand to people. Even when people are adapting to the new normal, they still have to go out to procure necessities. Your business, no matter the situation, needs a banner display stand to effectively market and retain a foothold in the marketplace. This water-base banner stand was designed after collecting feedback from several customers. By implementing their views and suggestions, this stand features a dome-shaped water-filled base. It is built with a plastic and aluminum frame so that it can hold ground in any weather condition. Since it is light-weighted, the stand can be transported, stored, and installed effortlessly.

Rol-EE™ Digital Signage Rolling A-Frame, Indoor/Semi-Outdoor Battery-Powered

Digital Signage A-Frame Display for Indoor & Semi-Outdoor use Digital signage display is the new-age marketing tool that catches the eyes of the passerby with its mesmerizing design and on-screen colors. The digital display offers a seamless way to market your brand. Flexibility and adaptability are the prime aspects of this display. The Rol-EE display comes with wheels and can be moved with ease. With 16-20 hours of battery life, you can rest assured of impactful advertising. Equipped with all contemporary features such as Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA, and such, it works on the Android operating system, allowing you to exercise creativity to the full extent as it supports a wide range of audio and video media formats.

Canopy Brolley - Customized Portable Cabana Tent

customized canopy tent With canopy sheltering, protect your customers better from weather conditions as well as subtly market your brand as a classy and new-age business. Shade provides a distinct comfort while canopy enhances it even further with its unique design and color scheme. It adds a whole different sheen to your premises. This Cabana tent is designed to withstand the sun, rain, and strong winds, yet it is light-weighted and hence, is easy to assemble and transport. Canopy Brolley comes in two sizes and is completely custom-printed with a high-quality digital dye that sports your business name, logo, and brand colors.

Bullet II Flag

Custom Printed Advertising Flag - Bullet Flag Modern innovative solutions would be left hanging on the cliff if it was not for the Bullet flag. Custom-made flags are at the forefront of advertising in this new-age. Capture everyone’s attention to boost your sales with this creative innovation. Bullet II Flag is crafted to attract eyes to your stall and drive brand recollection. The whole setup can be assembled in minutes as its pole is made of carbon composite material while the flag is made of polyester blend fabric. It is a perfect choice for all your on-the-go advertising campaigns.

Fleet Wrap

Customized Vehicle Advertising - Fleet Wraps Who knew vehicles would prove to be a powerful way of marketing a brand? With Fleet wraps, you can advertise your brand and get your message across. The wrap can be installed on all your vehicles of all makes and models. Fleet wrap graphics is a high-performance, impactful, digitally printed, large-format vinyl, and fully customizable for your vehicle. This wrap covers the entire vehicle space just like a canvas and hence, the color of your vehicle doesn’t matter. This unique wrap transforms your fleet into an on-the-go advertising machine that is likely to generate more than 600 visual impressions for every mile driven. Whether you are a new company or an established one, adapting to new-age solutions for the next year can prepare you for all the twists and turns, and the unknowns. By incorporating these products into your business, you are actively preparing for 2021. There will be market changes, but with these solutions, you will drive benefits by doing more robust business.

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