Flex banners are perfect for those windy locations as the banners are stretched across the pole system that keeps them in place. The unique shape of these advertising signs is ideal for grabbing the attention of potential clients. These flags can be placed outdoors and indoors but are more suitable for outdoor use as they can be placed along the roads, at an event site near your booth, or at the entrance. The feather flags can be customized as per requirement. We have often seen promotional banners of many organizations and events while passing through the roads and highways; flex banners are one of the most commonly used banner types for promotions.

Our Flex Banner EVO™ is an economical alternative to our popular Flex Blade and Flex Banner advertising / promotional flags, which have dominated the advertising market since the early 2000s. However, the Flex Banner EVO™ AKA EVO Banner Flag has been taking over in advertisement today!

What is different about the EVO Advertising Flag?

The Custom Printed EVO flag is one of our more cost-efficient products, with tons of benefits and a heap of REAL Value! The EVO is more economically efficient, but that is no remark to its quality! It's made from a quality polyester blend fabric and carbon composite pole system to ensure a quality, long-lasting Flag. To know more, visit our website.

The EVO is 15 feet and 25 inches wide, perfect for your design or logo. The shape and structure of our EVO banner are easily seen and will be sure to draw attention to anyone passing by. The EVO is available in any color and any design imaginable.

The flag is composed of high-quality polyester material, and the Flex Banner EVO pole system is made of lightweight, durable carbon composite components. We dye-sublimate the flag and employ UV Resistant inks to produce vibrant, striking colors. A ground stake (included) is used to anchor the flag into the ground, providing stability. This is the perfect way to enhance your business, and the assembly is so simple!

What are the benefits of Flex Banners?

  • Flex Banners are used on billboards because of their long-lasting sturdiness. When compared to other types of advertising, such as TV, they are also reasonably priced and accessible to consumers.
  • The flex banners are made of lightweight carbon composite poles and ultra-premium polyester blend fabric flags that are easy to carry around.
  • The custom feather flags can be imprinted on both sides with high-quality digital dye ink that is water- and UV-resistant.
  • The personalized flags can stay durable against light winds making advertising easy and effective.
  • The kit is complete with a pole system, flags, ball bearing ground stake and is easy to assemble with simple instructions.

The Advertising Flag - The Versatile Advertising Medium 

  • The flex banner system can be customized in design and height and size, making it suitable for any requirement.
  • The whole kit is easy to carry around due to its lightweight and compact nature.
  • The base of the pole system can be held together with different types of ground stake, car rollover, simple platform, etc.
  • This Flex Banner™ Evo™ LX perfectly goes with an Inflatable Spider Tent, XL-85 Spring Banner, Saver Case, and Start-Up Kit.

Where can you use these advertising flags?

The business flags are perfect to be placed outside your office, event space, parking lot, or workshop. It ensures maximum visibility of your brand and can be used for advertising or for directing people to your business. Pairing Evo Flags with small indoor flags or XL-85 Spring Banner - can create a positive perception and improve sales of your brand.

Various additional mounting options are available for your EVO Flag, including Mount in the grass, dirt, cement, indoors, and on your trailer hitch in almost any environment!

Attract the attention you've been seeking with Flex Banner EVO Custom Printed Advertising Flag today

The Flex Banner EVO is designed to provide maximum exposure at all times and is noticeable in virtually any setting. Above All Advertising is committed to producing goods with the best components possible to provide our customers with satisfactory service consistently.

Your advertising goals are sure to be met with our EVO Flex Flag! Call one of our helpful sales assistants to see how the EVO can benefit you and your business! Our production time usually is 10 to 15 business days.

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