Evolution is the way of nature. Like everything, advertisement has experienced some drastic changes to suit new mediums and audiences. Today’s advertising is more personalized than ever before. The internet of the digital age is the most significant milestone in the history of advertising. The internet is dubbed as the game-changer in the advertising sector.

With the rise of the internet, flags gained popularity. More and more brands leaned towards flag advertisement, especially in campaigns and events. Today’s entrepreneurs have found a great way to implement flags. From using on kingdoms’ capitals, battlefields, and ships to using on window, walls, flags have evolved to suit the taste of modern entrepreneurs.

About Flags & Their Evolution

The earliest record suggests that flags existed as early as 2,400 B.C. The changes that have happened since ancient times are numerous, however, the essence of flags remained the same until 960. People then developed traditional screen printing to make their custom banners stating their names, political attitude, and so on. This was the time when flags were used with the intent of advertising. This instance started a chain reaction that is continuing today.

Trade unions were the driving force behind flag advertising. This led others to jump on the bandwagon and now we see flags at various events be it sports, festivals, or religious.

The idea became more relevant in the 1990s as flags were seen as a more affordable and effective advertising strategy. With various colors and textures, organizations began experimenting with the cloth that would attract the public’s attention.

Fast forward to a few years back, with the rise of the internet, the usage of flags has marked a new beginning in advertising. Now, entrepreneurs have a wide range of designs, textures, colors, etc., to make the most out of their marketing campaigns and that too, at the most affordable budget.

Implementing the Best Strategy

So, flag advertising is both effective and affordable. Then, what is the trouble?

Too many choices!

With different types of flags available, businesses should consider the type of banner that goes hand in hand with their business type. For example, straightforward designs work wonders for serious brands, whereas creative and out of the box designs are perfect for lighthearted and more informal brands.

Also, the material is something brands should be aware of. Like going to indoor flags and using sturdy material is wasting resources. Where there is no rain, sun, or environmental elements, the material can be so-so, and vice versa.

Handpicked Choices for Brands

Ad Sock

Custom Printed Windsocks for Advertising

A multi-purpose, eye-catching flag that is a flawless choice for all outdoor advertising. Windsocks were traditionally used at airports and other locations where the direction and speed of wind counts. Today’s brands, however, have found an impeccable use of windsocks. Windsocks are now Ad Socks.

With its abrupt movements, it catches the eyes of passers-by and brands get the attention they seek. What an advertising tool!

Flex Blade® 3D Hut

Custom Printed Advertising Hut Flag

Who would have thought there be Hut Flags? This unique advertising tool offers a curved structure that functions as a shade while advertising. Brands can now offer shade while advertising. The 3D Hut can also act as a reception desk with some piece of furniture while engaging minimal space.

This ingenious piece can be installed within minutes and is fully customizable that is both UV and water-resistant.

Flex Blade® Window

Custom Printed Window Advertising Flags for Shops

A perfect choice for brands that are looking for indoor advertising options. With a single teardrop flag, brands can attract attention and propel the advertising campaigns to new heights.

The window flag has a suction cup that is capable of holding on glass surfaces for an extended period. The flag is best when used at a retail store, mall window, glass ceilings and walls.

Twizla™ Rotating Display

Customized Rotating Display Flag

Rotating objects are more engaging than static ones. action is always appealing even when it comes to flag advertising. Twizla display is a specially developed rotating display that makes a full 360-degree circle advertising three or four panels using wind as the force to spin round and round.

Make the most of advertising with four panels, each pitching different products. In that lies the distinctiveness of this extraordinary advertising tool.

BackPack Popsi

Custom Printed Backpack Advertising Flag

Mobile advertising is making a big wave in the advertising sector. With brands competing to get their message across, backpack Popsi is an innovative way to get the job done.

Convenient and lightweight, backpack Popsi is comfortable and durable so that an individual can carry it like a backpack.

Take the audience by surprise with this new and effective way of flag advertising. These choices are sure to boost any advertising campaigns.