We all know how much craze there is at sports events. People screaming, blood rushing, the sides fighting with all their might. Well, that’s quite high adrenaline pumping through our veins. That just not it, however, as there is more to sports events than just the teams battling for goals, points, and people yelling on top of their voices. Did you ever consider why television networks charge USD 5 million for 30 seconds of air time at such events, especially the Super Bowl? Well, that’s because brands are getting the attention of the public that is glued to the tv sets. Adrenaline fueled and action-packed sports events attract large crowds and businesses want to make the most out of these perfect opportunities. With the Covid19 cases graph crashing down, sports events will be accessible to all once again. When that happens, people will rush in hordes to live the moment. After all, everyone will want the piece of excitement after such a long time locked up in homes or facilities. Either way, year 2021 will be the one to keep an eye on as the latest developments bring positive news. If you are looking for ways to promote your business at sports events, we have the top 5 solutions that can help you make the most out of your advertising and branding campaigns in 2021.

Wacky Man™ Double-Leg Inflatable Air Dancer - Custom Printed

Custom Printed Wacky Man Inflatable Dancing Man Wacky man has pulled countless attention-grabbing gimmicks. There can be nothing more eye-catching and at the same time absurd as these perky nylon tubes that vaguely represents human features. When people are confused about the wacky man, the common term used is ‘that ridiculous thing’ and believe us, there can be no perfect definition for this. Available in several sizes to suit your needs, this inflatable dancing man can promote your business effortlessly. With its double leg inflation, your customers can hardly miss a wacky man dancing high above the ground. The dance moves they make are chic and your customers will definitely remember these dancing men. Our wacky man is made with the latest and finest premium coated rip-stop nylon that guarantees durability. Fully customizable, you can install these rock stars, superheroes with ease. You can add cold air fans to keep your air dancer alive and keep making those sick moves that will get you customers.

Inflatable Arch

Customized Inflatable Archway People love grand welcomes. And why not? It makes everyone feel hyped and special. With wacky men attracting customers, you only need to welcome them in a style. Throw a grand reception that is sure to leave your customers awe-struck with an inflatable arch. Made with high-quality reinforced PVC material, this beauty ensures stability, longevity, and safety in sporting events. It can be used as a start-finish line arch for racing events to add that extra shine to your stall. The arch is lightweight yet sturdy and can be installed within a few minutes with relative ease. The entire kit comes with a blower system, attachment tools, and a securing line to hold the arch in its place. This kit enables mobility as you can quickly move from event to event.

InstaFab™ Serpentine Wall

custom printed inflatable display wall backdrop Now that attraction and welcome part are over, time to make a mark on your customers. Tension fabric wall display is your go-to choice for a lasting impression. Its curvature is designed to catch the eyes of the public. Our serpentine wall is great for making an impact with graphics in a combination of colors, logos, messages, etc. Made from premium stretch polyester, the wall can be custom printed and we offer this wall with optional lights for highlighting purposes.

Giant Flag

customized giant advertising flags for business Advertising flags have stood for something in the past and hold the same essence in the modern world. Flags have an air of authority around them and are sure to turn heads. Now, with our giant flags, you can upscale your marketing efforts as flags for business advertising are making a big impact on the customers. This giant flag makes a good canvas for your choice of imprint design. Top it up with text, messages, logo, etc., and let it work its magic. It is lightweight and hence is mobile as it can be folded to make it compact enough to store it with ease. The polyester fabric flag can be imprinted on one or both sides with special digital dye ink that has a long life. The display banner is made of highly durable aluminum and plastic material that can weather all seasons.


custom printed pennants Exhibit your unwavering support for your favorite team with pennant flag banners. These pennants are designed to grab attention right off the hook. It features 8 mil polyethylene that is suitable for indoors and outdoors equally. A perfect choice to pair with your giant flag. Custom pennant flags are an effective yet inexpensive way of catching the eyes of customers. These small pieces of advertisement make a big impact on sports events. With lockdown restrictions easing, sports events will soon uplift the downed spirits of all around the world. Therefore, such events will make a perfect opportunity to propel your business to new heights. With our top 5 solutions, you are all set to make a mark in the upcoming events. Don’t miss the opportunity, grab your solutions right away, and get a bang on ROI for every penny invested in the future.