With just about any type of business, from a catering company to a marketing firm, occasions come up from time to time which requires a good looking display. Regardless of the tone and style of the event, custom table coverings can be a powerful promotional tool. Custom table coverings provide an instant advertising solution, transforming any table surface into a promotional tool in moments. A professional display surface allows you to project a successful image for your company, whether you’re selling at a low key craft fair or exhibiting at a high-end trade show. Here, we’ll guide you through some of the different table covers available via Above All Advertising, including how they work and how they might be used to help promote your business.

Quick Loop Table Cover:

When you need a table cover that can be fitted to an event table but won’t cover the sides, the quick loop cover may be exactly what you’re looking for. Made from a stretchable polyester blend, this table cover can be made to fit either 6 or 8-foot tables and can be customized with a digital, dye sublimated print featuring custom graphics. It can be printed with your company logo so that as you assist new or potential customers, your brand is out in the open for them to see. Since the print is featured on top of the table surface, this type of table cover works well when customers will be approaching your table and looking down at it; for instance, if serving food samples or offering items for a giveaway on the table. If your table will only be viewed from a distance or you want to capture attention from passers-by, you may be more interested in exploring the table covering options below, which feature graphics printed on overhanging sides.

TruFit Display Tension Fabric Table Cover:

If you love the fitted look of the quick loop cover but want more coverage on the sides of the table, then the TruFit display might be just the right choice for your company. Available to fit 4, 6, and 8-foot tables, these stretch table covers are printed with the same high quality graphics as the quick loop variety, but offer plenty more visual appeal. The fabric extends on the sides of the tables, so that you can make the most of the display area. This type of table cover is particularly helpful if the top of your table surface will be covered, either with display items, printed materials, or other items. It allows you to broadcast your brand so that it is visible from a distance; it can act as a draw for people passing by.

Convertible Custom Table Throw:

If you plan on exhibiting at different types of events, you may enjoy the flexibility of the convertible custom table throw. This display offers four-sided table coverage, but features elegant, draped corners and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Like the other table throws, it can be printed with custom imagery. However, unlike some of the other options, it can be sized to fit different table sizes. Velcro attachments can be employed to make your 8-foot table throw appropriate for a 6-foot table. If you may be showcasing your company at multiple events which may feature different display unit sizes, this table throw is ideal for creating a professional look in a number of different display settings and table sizes.

Watch how Table Throw, Convertible is set up in action

Nexis™ Café Table Throw with Overhang:

For a stylish look, consider the Nexis™ café table throw. This customizable table throw can be used on a variety of sizes of tables and features overhang to ensure maximum visual exposure. Full color, full bleed graphics mean that your logo and company colors can emblazon both the top and sides of this table throw, creating an eye-catching visual image which can capture customer attention from all angles. At an event where your table will be free-floating, as opposed to in a corner or against a wall, these covers can create a compelling visual. This makes them a great choice for a single display unit, or an incredibly effective promotional tool when used to cover multiple tables (for instance, at a company conference or event where you want to emblazon your branding all over).

Standard Table Throw:

Looking for a versatile table covering which can be used for a variety of different events? Look no further than the standard table throw. While this is the standard throw, it’s far from basic. Made from washable polyester, this heavy-duty fabric is flame retardant and wrinkle resistant, making it ideal for events both indoors and out. It is available in 4, 6, or 8-foot sizes, and features four-sided table coverage. Like the other products, it can be customized with your graphics, logo, and company colors. Incredibly easy to display, this table throw has the power to make even the most basic display stand out. It can make even the simplest info booth at an outdoor street fair look professional. At the same time, it is professional and beautiful enough to act as part of an elaborate trade show booth, too. It’s also handy for retail events; it’s simple to toss a table throw on top of your surface and make an instantly appealing display for a sale or event. A standard table throw is a must for just about any type of business, allowing you to promote at a moment’s notice and for any type of occasion or event. Conclusion: Regardless of what type of business you have, a customized table throw is a worthwhile investment. These easily transportable, affordable, and versatile display items allow you to promote your business easily and effectively in a number of different settings. A custom table covering allows you to instantly transform any table surface into a promotional tool, and increase brand awareness for your company at the same time. Check out all of the offerings in greater detail on the Above All Advertising website for more information and to see even more inspiring photos. How could you promote your business with custom table coverings?