Everyone knows that custom printed signage is one of the best ways to promote and market a brick and mortar retail business. But what if your business is not a retail business? Many a showroom or online business owner has avoided creating custom signage because they don’t want to confuse potential customers into thinking that they have retail space. However, they are missing a great opportunity to advertise!

Here, we will discuss 8 ways to promote non-retail businesses with signage. From custom vehicle printing to in-store display options to take on the road, these options are appropriate modes of marketing for businesses which do not operate in a traditional retail setting.

Vehicle printing.

Investing in custom vehicle printing can be a great way to promote a non-retail business. There are many different options available, from a full vehicle wrap (as pictured at the top of the post) to custom mirror gloves, tire covers, and removable vehicle magnets, which make vehicle printing accessible for any type of business and any budget. Regardless of the way you choose to trick out your truck or car, one thing is certain: it will absolutely draw customer attention. Featuring your business name and website will entice potential customers to check out what you offer. 2

Market umbrellas.

Market umbrellascan be a great place to strategically place your logo in a public setting so that it draws attention. There are a number of different ways that you can use market umbrellas to draw attention to your non retail business. One great option? Pairing up with a local eatery or cafe and “sponsoring” umbrellas, which will bear your logo and will always have a captive audience. Often, if you provide the umbrellas or pay for a good portion of the production, restaurants are more than happy to have your logo on display in their space, and you can expose your business to a whole new set of eyes. 3

Outdoor displays.

Taking part in an outdoor festival or farmer’s market using an outdoor display such as a pop-up tentcan be a fantastic way to increase visibility for your non-retail business.

For instance, say that you own a dog walking service. You could set up an outdoor tent at an animal shelter adoption event to advertise your services, which would be relevant for people who have just adopted a pet. This helps you advertise your business in a smart and effective way. Plus, your services will be in demand!

Large format prints.

Consider this an accessible method of making a billboard which can be displayed virtually anywhere. A large format print can offer many opportunities for marketing your non-retail business. You can put up a poster or large format print in a public space, or pair up with a local business to display it in their window. This can act as an ad, drawing attention to your business even if you don’t have a retail space of your own.

Trade show displays.

For non-retail businesses, such as wholesalers and providers of services, trade shows are one of the top ways to network with potential customers and to promote their wares or offerings. If you want to make every trade show more effective and successful, do this one simple thing: invest in a great trade show kit. With so many options available, you can truly create a trade show display that makes an impact and sets you apart. There are options available for virtually any budget and any different configuration, from tricked out booths with custom printed carpeting on the floor to more simple options. 2

Custom flags or banners:

Even if your establishment doesn’t offer retail hours or space, you can still display signage outside to increase brand recognition. For instance, if you are a craft brewer, you can display custom flags or banners indicating the name of your business and where people can go to purchase your items or to find purveyors who carry your beer. This can draw curiosity and can give people a solution to find your products without coming into your place of business. Plus, it makes your business seem far more professional.

In-store displays.

Even if you don’t have a retail space, that doesn’t mean you can’t display signage in someone else’s retail space. Custom table throws or customized podiums can be highly effective in this regard.

For example, say you are a purveyor of hummus. You could set up a station in the local grocery store to offer samples to customers. For many a wholesaler, a direct connection with customers can prove difficult, as they often sell their items through a middleman. An in-store display can offer a chance to directly connect and engage with your customers, which can not only improve your brand recognition but allow you a powerful opportunity to obtain customer feedback. It benefits the store as well by offering something different and novel to their customers. This is truly a win-win situation in which your signage can help promote a non-retail business.

Custom games.

Custom branded games are a great way to garner attention. They can be displayed in any number of different settings, from trade shows to outdoor street fairs to outside of a place of business. They offer something for customers to have fun with, and also a conversation starter so that you can gently engage with the customers and share what you do. Even if you don’t have a retail business, custom games offer the opportunity to take your marketing promotions on the go.

Conclusion: Many a non-retail business makes the mistake of thinking that signage isn’t appropriate for them. But as you can see through these examples, using signage can offer many a promotional opportunity even if you don’t have a retail space or brick and mortar location for your business. By getting creative with your signage and engaging with customers in new and different ways, you’ll see great growth in your business and higher brand recognition.

What type of signage do you use to promote your non-retail business?