Branding is the process of creating a name, imagery, and identity for your company and products or services. Branding works hand in hand with advertising and marketing campaigns to establish and keep your company fresh in customer’s minds. Branding is part of how you attract new customers, and how you retain existing customers.

As a business owner, you probably already know how important branding is for your company. You probably also know that to create a logo or tagline and call it good isn’t quite enough to create the desired effect of attracting and retaining customers. You need to apply your branding in creative ways to make it engaging and accessible. Here, we’ll discuss 7 easy ways to reflect and enhance your branding by using advertising materials. These open-ended ideas are well suited for companies of all sizes, and can be adapted to suit your unique needs.

Showcase your logo.

One of the simplest and purest ways in which ad materials can assist in promoting your business? By showcasing your logo. A great logo is one thing, but your tiny business cards can only attract so much attention. To really make your logo stick in people’s minds, consider printing branded advertising materials.

Above All Advertising offers all sorts of products which can be customized with your logo. Whether it’s a branded carpet displayed at a trade show, branded furniture displayed in a retail space, or a custom branded game placed at an outdoor street fair, your logo will stand out when applied on a unique advertising material, and is more likely to stick in customer’s minds.

Make a mascot come to life.

Mascots can be a powerful way to enhance your branding. However, to really take it a huge step forward, make your mascot come to life with customized advertising materials: in particular, advertising inflatables.

A customized inflatable is a fabulous way to take your mascot from two dimensions into the 3-D world. There are options for every sort of company and budget, from modest tabletop sealed inflatables to large scale inflatables or balloons, and even customized inflatable costumes. Whichever option you choose, a customized inflatable is always guaranteed to garner consumer attention, and helps expose your brand to more of the world in an extremely engaging way.

Emphasize company colors.

Your ad materials shouldn’t just be all about the logo. Creating specific company colors can be a way to make ad materials recognizable even from far away.

Consider, for instance, the red and white circles of the Target bullseye logo, and how these colors are employed throughout the store. Or the yellow arches and red accents of fast food giant McDonalds’ golden arches, which are employed on food packaging, bags, and cups. Emphasizing and utilizing company colors on your branded items can help create a “story” about your brand which makes your company look polished, with a cohesive look. Consider establishing company colors which can be used consistently in all of your ad materials to enhance your branding.

Cultivate consistency with repetition.

A beautiful sign or banner featuring your logo is a wonderful advertising item for your company. But to really spread the word, consider the “infusion through repetition” approach. By printing a larger amount of banners or signs and placing them strategically, you can increase your brand’s impact in a huge way.

Think about it this way. If you’re driving down Main Street and see a single boulevard banner hanging, you might see it or you might not register the subject matter before you pass by. However, if there were to be a row of five or six Boulevard banners lining the block, chances are you’re going to notice them--and take note of the company who is advertising. Repetition with your signage can enhance branding and make customers notice you.

Dream up a tagline.

When you think of certain companies, you don’t even think of their name: you think of their tagline or catchy radio jingle. Having a memorable tagline can be a huge way to enhance your branding, and it is the perfect thing to showcase on printed advertising materials.

A company tagline is great on a business card, but can also add a memorable element to larger scale advertising materials, too. Perhaps your tagline appears on a large flexi-billboard, or maybe it’s featured on a hanging banner. Perhaps it’s emblazoned on the side of a printed vehicle wrap. The tagline will not only make people curious, but it can help cement your branding in people’s minds.

Showcase a signature product or service.

Custom advertising materials don’t just have to feature company branding; they can be more specific. Branding is about more than just a company’s logo or colors: it can also be applied to specific products or services you offer. As such, creating printed advertising materials devoted to specific products or services can be extremely effective as a promotional tool.

Perhaps it’s as simple as a sandwich board advertising a featured product outside of your retail store, or maybe it’s a custom inflatable in the shape of one of your offerings. By expanding your branding to include products, you can enhance your overall company branding “story” and make your ads more memorable.

Create a signature trade show booth.

It can be difficult to stand out in a crowded trade show. However, a combination of great branding and beautifully printed advertising materials can help your business rise above the rest.

When you create an entire trade show booth featuring your company colors, branding, and logo, there are plenty of interesting items to catch the customer’s eye and make your booth visually memorable and appealing to customers.

Make it a home run in terms of effectiveness by offering trade show swag featuring your branding. This way, you’ll be sure that you’re not only noticed, but remembered, as customers can literally take a piece of your company with them and it will serve as a reminder of your services or products. You might just see an uptick in business!

Conclusion: Branding is an important part of creating a company identity, lifestyle, and look. Customized ad materials can help ensure that your branding is effective and most widely seen. This can lead to increased customer interest, which in time can result in increased sales, brand recognition, and customer retention. Consider adding branded advertising materials to your marketing suite to help promote your company in an engaging and effective way!

How do you share your brand with the world?