An outdoor sign performs many different services for your business. On the simplest level, signage outside of your business acts as an informative marker of your location for existing customers, helping them locate you on the street. But outdoor signage is also one of most effective ways to attract new customers and expose your business to those who might not otherwise discover you. A prominent, well-designed outdoor sign acts as both billboard and advertisement for your company, enticing potential customers who might be walking or driving by, and ultimately bringing new business in the door.

Here, we’ll discuss five specific ways in which outdoor signs can help increase business, both in short and long-term ways. We’ll also include some informative tips for how to maximize your sign’s potential so that it can be the most effective sales and promotion tool possible.

What is outdoor signage?

This might sound like a silly question at first: obviously, it’s signage that is outdoors. But it doesn’t just mean a sign outside of your door.

What is considered outdoor signage is actually quite a wide category, including but not limited to  hanging banners and flags, sandwich boards, human directional signs (a sign physically held by someone outside of your business), inflatables, ad tunnels, frog signs, arches, retractable banner signs, air tubes, and even outdoor tents. To get a full idea of the breadth of the outdoor signage options available to you, check out the outdoor advertising section on the Above All Advertising site.

Choosing an outdoor sign

Feeling intimidated by all of the outdoor signage options, and confused about which one is right for your business? Don’t be. By taking some time to consider your business’s specific needs for signage, the choice will become far easier. For help deciding which type of sign might be right for you, check out this informative post on how to decide what type of signage is right for your business that will help you gain clarity on your goals and needs for a sign.

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5 Ways that Outdoor Signs Can Help Increase Business.

Here are five ways in which outdoor signs can help you increase business, including how to maximize the effects for your business.

Bring attention to your business from passers-by.

Outdoor signage can attract customers simply by being there. That’s a great starting point; increase the odds of being noticed by making sure that you have an appropriately-sized outdoor sign, prominently placed, which has been professionally designed to showcase your logo, business name, and / or the service offered. Work with a professional designer to create a sign with the most possible impact.Picture29

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Add an outdoor tent = added business.

If you have an outdoor tent, you have the ability to maximize your “selling” space. Your tent could be on the business premises, such as in front of your business or in the parking lot during a summer sale, or it could be in a different location totally, say, at a street fair or outdoor event. If it is off-site, an outdoor tent can be a way to make a satellite location for your business to promote yourself, either offering products or services from the tent, or giving out business cards or brochures if that is more appropriate for your business. When displayed on-site at the place of your business, it can bring you one step closer to the public walking by, which might just be the nudge someone needs to check out your business.Picture30

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Showcase specials or sales.

When you have a yard sale, chances are, you put out a sign on the corner that says “Yard sale” with your address and the times. On a larger and more professional scale, this is what you want to do to help promote sales or specials for your business. After all, nothing says “BIG SALE” like a huge outdoor sign stating those exact words! Outdoor signage can provide an opportunity to bring attention to important events, goings-on, or savings that may be of interest to your customers. Be sure to make the offer clear, and use bright colors and engaging graphics to help lure customers in.Picture31

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Engage with customers with creative signage.

Creative signage options, such as ad tunnels, air tubes, inflatables such as hot air balloon shapesor wacky dancers are signs that engage and attract customers. A potential customer might approach at first because they are curious about the cool and creative sign; this can be a great way to get a conversation going with that person, which will make them far more receptive to learning about what it is you do or sell. This approach can be a great way to engage with customers and expose potential new customers to your business.Picture32

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Make a large (literally!) impact with flags and banners.

When you have a noticeable flag or banner outside of your business, it becomes  a landmark in the community. By creating that kind of brand recognition, your logo and business will stay fresh in people’s minds. This is a slower type of advertising, but very effective: say you have a drain cleaning service, the next time that someone has that need, if your signage is in their mind, you will be the first one they will think of and likely the first one they call.

Conclusion: Whether it’s a simple sandwich board sign or an elaborate inflatable, outdoor signage is an effective marketing tool for just about any type of business, allowing you to promote your service or product to the public. Pursuing outdoor signage can have a huge impact on your business and help bring in new customers, so it is well worth taking the time to explore. Check out our outdoor advertising options to see which one might be right for you!

What kind of signage do you display outdoors?