Advertising flags are highly versatile and apart from display at trade shows, indoor and outdoor events, these flags also work brilliantly as automotive flags and auto dealer flags. If you are looking for beautiful, conspicuous advertising flags for your automobile or car dealership store, automobile advertising flags are your answer!

Automotive flags include regular car flags, feather, teardrop, ceiling-hung, pop-up and various other promotional flags. There are also message flags – Preprinted flags with text, usually one, or a few words printed in large font to announce something or display a status. In addition to leveraging these advertising flags for promotional and announcement purposes, automotive dealers also use them to inform customers about where certain brands/models of cars are located on the lot. Why else should you opt for automotive advertising flags?

1) Multipurpose; 24x7x365 exposure

Auto flags can be used in different places, they have diverse applications and are suitable for various purposes, bringing greater flexibility to your advertising/promotional endeavors. The flags can be used as pavement/driveway/entryway/sidewalk signs; at arenas; branded automobile stores; car dealerships; car hire, auto repair, used vehicle, automobile accessories/fittings shops; and even basic places like parking lots, fuel stations and car wash services.

  • Message flags are apt for automobile stores that lack budgets for expensive neon signage
  • Street pole banners (akin to lamp post signs) are used by automotive dealers for seasonal decorations, festivals, promotions, event announcements, and to increase brand awareness
  • Ceiling-hung auto flags are suitable for large settings like trade shows and big promotional events

No matter where or how they are used, these stunning automotive flags impactfully deliver your message, 24x7x365!

2) Customize as you like

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Automotive flags are available in different sizes, designs, shapes, and dimensions, and can be customized with your brand logo, image, message, graphics or whatever else you desire! In addition, these flags come with varied pedestal options, functionalities and high-quality printing mechanisms that produce super-clear print, vibrant colours, and stellar graphics. Printing options include digital printing, vinyl printing, direct dye sublimation, one/two/three/full colour imprinting, single and double-sided, and custom digital printing.

3) Full marks for functionality

Auto flags attract quick attention, increase brand recognition and awareness, and help develop a strong client base. Some auto flags have one side that appears to be horizontally flipped, while others have right-reading backsides. Car flags can also be tailored for directing specific messages to defined target audiences.
Additionally, flag pole hardware becomes doubly effective when combined with custom logos, graphics, and text on the flags, giving you updatable, dynamic and cost-effective ad material. Therefore, when combined with the requisite hardware, automotive flags become an all-encompassing advertising solution.
Other advantages of automotive and auto dealer flags are that they can easily be assembled, taken down, moved, transported, and some auto flags come in compact carrying bags, making them convenient and portable. All of these are vital characteristics of car signage.

4) Robust and long-lasting

Automotive flags are made using premium-quality polyester fabric, while the pole sets, base/ground spikes are also very robust. The overall flag package is strong enough to last for years and light enough to beautifully flutter even with a light breeze. The existing hardware can be retained and the flags can be changed as per changing requirements. Auto flags are therefore versatile, affordable, durable, and agile solutions to your automobile signage needs.

5) All-weather durability

Automobile flags are engineered to withstand almost all kinds of weather conditions. You can fearlessly advertise in the wind, rain or snow, with zero hassles, thanks to the use of strong, high-quality fabric and materials. While the intelligent flag pole systems prevent the flags from getting twisted or entangled, the banner stands spin with wind gusts, saving the flag poles from tipping or falling. An additional advantage? The car flag’s elegant turning motion instantly draws the attention of onlookers.
The numerous options, benefits and value additions of promotional auto flags make them excellent tools for auto brands to get noticed, improve brand recognition, announce/advertise effectively and aesthetically, and of course, garner lasting customer admiration!