The year 2020 spelled unprecedented troubles for retail and local marketers. Lockdowns, fear of the virus, and stumbling economy only added fuel to the flames. With vaccines rolling out, it is highly unlikely to witness the end of the pandemic as it is still early to make such predictions. Along with the pandemic, there is social unrest and massive shift to eCommerce and that means you – as a retail store owner looking to capture the local market – need significant planning in an uncertain Q1-Q2. In such an unpredictable environment, what can you do to keep the business alive and thriving for the whole of 2021? Are there any retail and local marketing trends that you should know in 2021? To help you sail through this unknown patch, we have the top retail and local marketing trends that you cannot afford to overlook in 2021.

Will Influence Marketing work in 2021?

flex blade flutter flag for store Out of the media content type, video is easily digestible. It is no wonder why people prefer video anytime to consume information. In 2021, it is going to retain its crown. As physical stores are going to be closed for a good while, a video on apparel or test-out gadgets in-store is the best bet. And who can do it best other than influencers? Influencer content now has real aesthetics and brands are showcasing authentic videos to win the trust of customers. Influencer partnerships can generate high engagement and thereby, high ROI this year. By prioritizing educational, entertainment, and viewer experience, brands can garner traction. As a retail owner, an influencer partnership is the best option in 2021 for you. If you are targeting a local audience, a local, well-known influencer can be your go-to partner. This investment will bloom once your store opens up and you will be ready to witness a rush. advertising flags for business Now then, how to be ready for the incoming traffic? With welcome flags and store flags. With these, you attract people who know about you online but are visiting your store for the first time. Strategically put them to guide your customers and welcome them like never before.

Is Your Brand Recognizable?

display standing banners for business Brand awareness is crucial. It is a differentiator, helping you to make a statement. People in 2020 were more enthusiastic to try out new brands. The trend is going to rule 2021 too and you can make the most out of it by driving new customers to your brand more than ever. This year, you will be selling your brand rather than just products or services. To poise yourself for it, build awareness online. It is the key. Highlight your brand everywhere and keep your promises. Because at the end of the day, you are required to deliver and that will further strengthen your position in the marketplace. For strengthening your position, you can keep banners and Digital signages for quick recognition. These easy-to-recognize items boost your brand awareness once people step out of their homes. Like a beacon, you will be guiding them to your store and increase your footfall. digital signage display banner With these contemporary pieces, you are enhancing your brand value. The tech-savvy generation loves to communicate via technology and these banners and digital signages add a different shine to your brand.

Focus on Retail Experience

automatic hand sanitizer stand The buyer’s journey is vital as it goes through various spans and phases. Today’s customers go to their phones and check the item/product that interests them. Hence, retail experience has become more important in recent years. This trend is going to continue in 2021 as the world is experiencing a battle between offline and online shopping. More than 73 percent of customers use multiple channels to research. This means, before heading to your shop, they will likely be on a quest to gather more information about your product and the experience you offer. Here, you have an opportunity to mark your presence on every channel to attract customers as 62 percent of Baby Boomers and 58 percent of Millennials prefer buying from a physical store. But, is going online enough? Yes and no. Since you can advertise your brand via hand sanitizers these days, everyone is looking for a dispenser when they are out. With automatic sanitizer with digital signage, you can market your brand subtly while serving a purpose. This way you are covering both online and offline territory. Why limit yourself when you have options available?