When it comes to promotion, the more eyes exposed to your logo or advertisement, the better. Printing your logo or advertisement on a vehicle is a brilliant way to show your business and services offered to the world. Not only will it catch people’s eyes on the road, acting as a moving billboard, but even when the vehicle is parked, it can act as promotional item even while you shop or run errands. You never know when someone who needs your service will see your vehicle and reach out!

Venturing into vehicle printing can seem intimidating to some, so this post is intended to inform you about some of the effective ways in which this advertising method can be used to promote your business. From all-over vehicle printing to low-commitment removable magnets featuring your logo, there’s a vehicle printing option for just about every style and budget.

What is vehicle printing?

Vehicle printing refers to any number of ways in which you can transform a vehicle into an advertisement. This could include an all-over vehicle wrap, a custom car cover, a mirror glove, or even a magnet which can be affixed to a car. All of the offerings are viewable with specifications and photos on the Above All Advertising website.

12 Ways to Promote your Business Using Vehicle Printing.


Print your car with your logo.

If you really want to get noticed, a vehicle wrap is the perfect choice. This involves the application of a high performance, large-format, digitally printed vinyl that adheres like a skin to your vehicle's painted surface. You can customize just about any photo, design, or logo to create an out-loud, highly noticeable advertisement on a vehicle. This can be done on cars, trucks, or on the sides of freight trucks.

Print someone else’scar with a logo.

Alternately, you can print someone else’s car with a vehicle wrap, either instead of, or in addition, to your own or your business vehicles. Often, people will accept money or will get a highly reduced price on a car with an advertisement on it, thus spreading the “reach” of your moving billboard even further. 3

Invest in a custom magnet for your car.

Does an all-over vehicle wrap seem like a little too much commitment to you? Or perhaps you like the option to drive an ad-free vehicle on occasion. If this is the case, perhaps a magnetic vehicle sign is a better choice for you.A magnetic vehicle sign is exactly what it sounds like: a bigger and higher quality version of a magnetic business card that can be affixed to the side or back of your car, easily transforming your vehicle into an advertisement. You can include a logo, phone number, and services listed, or a catchy slogan--really, the sky’s the limit. These magnets are 100% removable and won’t damage your car, so you have the freedom to choose when your ad is live and when it is not.

Give magnetic signs to your employees.

When your employees are driving for work-related purposes (or even after hours!), they can affix magnets to their cars, too, lending an air of legitimacy and officiality to your business. Plus, the more chances of eyes on your logo there are! 4

Promote with a custom car cover.

Even when your car is not in motion, it can be working to make you money! A custom car cover is tailored for your vehicle’s specific size, using high quality materials that help protect your car from elements such as dust, UV rays, or falling debris. But while it protects your car, all-over printing with a logo or the advertisement of your choosing helps promote your business. So if your car is parked in a place of business or even in a garage and has a custom cover, it could be potentially bringing in new customers even while it is idle. 5

Try tire covers.

This is an engaging way to attract customers while protecting your spare tire! Equipped with an elastic back hem and quick-connect clips, a tire cover easily attaches snugly to your spare, protecting it from the elements while also broadcasting your business to the world. Constructed from heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl that can easily be wiped clean and is appropriate for all weather conditions. 6

Try mirror gloves.

For another subtle yet effective way to promote your business without the commitment of all-over printing of your vehicle, consider mirror gloves. These pocket covers are made of fabric, and slide over the side of your rear view mirrors, ingeniously fitting so that your view in the mirror is not obstructed. These mirror gloves fit just about any car, and can be printed with high quality, full-color ink. This can be a more subtle way to promote your business, with a logo or slogan featured on the mirror covers, or it can be combined with other custom vehicle printing to really make an impression! 7

Print a fleet truck.

The commercial truck wrap is probably the largest investment in the arena of vehicle printing, but well worth the money. According to 3M (a prominent vinyl substrate provider), a company would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to produce the same effect of a $3,500 Vehicle Wrap. Printing a truck with your branding is an impressive way to reach many thousands of new eyes. 

Sponsor a fleet truck.

What if your business doesn’t require cargo shipments or doesn’t warrant a truck? You could consider sponsoring a freight truck to carry your logo on the side. Similar to sponsoring a vehicle wrap, you can partner with a company that does need a truck, and have your logo printed on it for a fee. This can be a great way for them to cut some of the costs and for you to gain great exposure. 8

Car Flags.

Draw eyes to your business or a special event with a custom car flag. Configured like a flagpole, but extending from your car window, these sturdy, double-sided car flags ensure that there is an image showing no matter which way the wind blows. This is a great way to promote your business while driving around town, or to bring attention to an event or sale that your business is offering. Mounting hardware makes these flags suited to even driving at high speeds.

Offer free car flags to customers.

Offer free car flags to customers! Be sure to make your flag imagery something interesting and well designed; a slogan or an image that relates to your business but is also cool enough that people would be interested in displaying it. Whenever someone displays your flag and drives, they are acting as mini billboards for your business, driving all around town.

Create a promotion using your vehicle printing.

Some businesses even create promotions involving their printed vehicles. There are a number of different ways to approach this; to offer an example, there might be a contest in which customers are entered by posting a designated hashtag on social media where they spied the company vehicle. Getting more people to mention your business will mean even more exposure!

Conclusion: Vehicle printing is an effective way to advertise your company and services. It also allows for creativity that makes them fun to create, and it is an engaging way to share your business with existing and potential customers. Give this innovative method of marketing a try and see for yourself the amazing results that vehicle printing can offer.

Have you ever considered vehicle printing?