Trade shows are great platforms for showing off your product to visitors and potential consumers. It is an opportunity to showcase your products or services to dignitaries and industry leaders. Trade show advertising is thus aimed at increasing market visibility and reaching out to prospective buyers simultaneously. For this reason, a trade show is always attended by leading industrialists, business houses, bureaucrats, accomplished professionals, and general visitors. Participation is often of the highest standards and even involves global companies.

Trade show advertising

The opportunities for advertising at these trade fairs are great considering the options available. These are usually held in locations that have both open and closed areas for exhibition. Generally, discussions, buyer-seller meets and presentations are restricted indoors while stalls, kiosks and galleries are organized outdoors. Taking both indoor and outdoor areas, the scope of trade show advertising is immense. There is enough scope for using wind flags, outdoor inflatables, digital banners, tents, kiosks and umbrellas for publicity. For indoors, pamphlets, flyers, brochures and catalogues are perfect. Thus, a trade show opens up a great opportunity for advertisers and marketers.

trade show advertising

Wind flags –

These wind flags could be of different shapes and sizes. Though you are used to seeing traditional flags more often, those used in fairs are of non-conventional shapes. These could be in the form of triangles, or more adventurous in the shapes of teardrops, feathers, or even surfing boards. These are usually lined along pathways, driveways or at the entrance of stalls and exhibition halls.

Outdoor inflatables –

These are perhaps the most creative of all forms of outdoor publicity. Hot air balloons, helium balloons, air dancers, product replicas and spider tents are various kinds falling under this category. Hot air balloons are traditional forms of aerial publicity that have been in use for several years in trade show advertising. These are usually brightly colored and are visible from far away. These balloons are of a singular shape and could only be used in a fair climate. Helium-filled balloons are comparatively a better option as it could be floated in the air even in tough weather. These balloons could be in the form of a sphere, a blimp, or any other customized shape. Balloons always take an aerial route for their display and are viewable from longer distances. Outdoor inflatables of the stationary kind are an interesting and amusing form of trade show advertising. These could be various shapes, dimensions and colors adding to the glitz of a fair. These are loved by both kids and the elderly. Inflatables in the form of different products such as bottles, cans, cakes, and jars make an entertaining visual treat. You could also have these in the shapes of animals, birds, and even your favorite cartoon character for trade show advertising. These help in keeping visitors amused. Air dancers, elongated inflatables often with extended arms and legs, are funny in appearance and liked by all.

Tents and kiosks -

A trade show cannot be imagined without tents and kiosks. Many such tents are of inflatable variety and appealing to your eyes. Of particular note is a spider tent, which is in the form of a hemisphere standing on several legs. Trade show advertising is, hence, a great opportunity for advertisers and marketers to show their skill to a wide cross-section of visitors. In most cities, these fairs are awaited with great expectations.

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