Successful inflatable advertising is important for making people aware of your products/services and generating leads. As there are many companies in the market selling the same items, you have to differentiate your offerings using a unique selling position. With the help of ads, you not only tell people what you are selling, you give them reasons to buy. Inflatable Advertising can establish your brand image in the market. One of the main reasons for inflatable advertising is brand building, because consumers willingly pay any amount when they buy something from a “brand”, not just a company. When it comes to promoting products and reflecting the brand image of a business, many options come to our mind like banners, billboards and leaflets. But none has more impacting than inflatable advertising items. They give you a great way to stand out from your competitors.

Inflatable Advertising

Take them anywhere:

With the help of inflatable advertising materials you can promote your brand in those places where conventional form of ads like billboards and leaflets are not that effective. For example, if there is a volleyball competition going at a nearby beach, you can create a giant inflatable product replica and install it at the venue to give your brand a huge exposure. As the advertising inflatable items don't get affected under bright sunlight or rain, you can use them in hot and humid conditions without any concern.

inflatable advertisingMake your brand memorable:

Most people consider inflatables playful and funny. It takes them back to their school days when they used to go to fairs with their parents and loved those giant air filled promotional items. You can design the inflatable items in any color and thus, it is a good idea to use your brand color. You can also imprint the brand logo to make them more memorable.


Inflatables can't be missed by even toddlers. An inflatable product replica or brand mascot can be as high as 11 feet. Even if your business is located in a crowded space, nobody can miss such giant things. People can see them from a long distance and distinguish your location in a trade fair or sporting event.

Can be used repeatedly:

Unlike billboards and newspaper ads, it is one time investment. You can't shift billboards from one place to another, but giant inflatables are re-usable. You can take the same product replica in different trade shows and promote your business successfully. When there is no marketing campaign going on, you can easily deflate the air and store it in a small place.

Low cost:

The size of inflatable advertising can be huge, but price is not. TV channels and newspapers charge hundreds of dollars for a few seconds/few cm, and also your ad gets displayed only once. Contrary to TV and newspaper ads, inflatable promotional materials are not only cheaper, they keep your brand visible for a longer period of time as well.

So, as you can see, using advertising inflatable items is really beneficial. There are many companies selling inflatable advertising products online and you can the required items from them easily.