Promotional items can be seen virtually everywhere. Used with great effect as a relationship-building exercise, these can range from a simple disposable pen to classy dinner set or an iPod. Companies have been using promotional items to build brand visibility and as a token of appreciation for using their products and services. The nature and cost of the custom promotional item depends upon the nature of the transaction and relationship the company has with the customer. Here’s why smart companies use promotional items:

A Great Way of Brand Building

Typically, the promotional item will include the company name and logo, the tagline and even contacts in the form of a website address or telephone number. The great thing about promotional items is that it rarely matters even if the item is passed along to another person as this represents another occasion for that person to be impressed The custom promotional item can even be shaped like any of the company’s products; for example, a tire company may have a paperweight shaped like a tire or a sporting goods company may use a baseball-shaped pen drive. Promotional items like wristbands have also been used with great effect to publicize charitable or sports event. A good thing is that if the item is useful the recipient will keep it with him for quite some time and be constantly reminded about the brand.

custom promotional items

Build Loyalty

Promotional items have long been used as a loyalty-building device. It is usual for companies to reward their top customers by sending across a custom promotional item that reflects their appreciation of their continued support. If the sales revenue per customer is large then the item may be quite expensive such as crystal ware or even any useful electronic item like a tablet. Companies are also know to integrate promotional items into their sales and marketing plans. For example, a chocolate company may offer a freebie to every customer buying a certain number of packs together. If the item is carefully selected, then you can be sure that it will continue to remind the customer about the brand long after the product has been consumed.

Earn Local Goodwill

Companies are always eager to earn goodwill among their local audiences by integrating their presence into local activities and demonstrate their active commitment to the local community. Community events are a great platform for smart customer-oriented companies to take the lead to sponsor a charitable or social activity. A health checkup camp may be sponsored by the company for underprivileged children with the occasion being a perfect platform for giving away a free coloring book and pencil for every child attending the event. Giving away a custom promotional item in a consistent manner in this way can result in a bank of goodwill for the company.

custom promotional item

Promoting Product Launches

When a new product is launched, it is invariably accompanied by promotional and launch events in key markets. These occasions are ideal for using a thoughtfully-designed custom promotional item to distribute among the attendees as a memento that will ensure top of the mind awareness to drive sales in the future. Many companies are also sending out samples of their product if they are operating in segments that allow them to do so such as food, household cleaners, cosmetics, etc. along with mailers or inviting net surfers to request for free samples by clicking on banner advertisements. This sort of sampling exercises enable companies to demonstrate how good or superior their products are and to encourage satisfied customers to go out and purchase from the retail stores.