Do you want to promote your business at a recent trade fair? Do you want your booth to receive optimum footfalls? Well, in that case, you should opt for some retractable banner stands. These are exclusively meant to attract an audience to your business. Banner stands are effective because they are colorful and express the motive of your business in a concise manner. However, in order to attract the right client base, you need to make sure that the banners and stands are designed in an appropriate manner. Here, we are going to discuss how an efficient banner designer can make your business dreams come true.

Retractable Banner Stands

Take a look at these features.

# Maintain a proper sequence

It is natural for people to read from left to right and from top to bottom. You should ask the designer to create the banner keeping in mind the above-mentioned information.

# Offer core message in very few words

Yours will not be the only banner at the fair. Therefore, filling your banner with loads of information can bore your audience. Why not offer the names of the services and leave it to the brochures and pamphlets to offer information in detail.

Retractable-Banner Stand

# Let the logo stay at the top

People are first going to be attracted by the logo of your company. It can be a slogan, an image or even the website of your brand. Therefore, the logo should always be on the top of the banner.

# Use colors intelligently

Retractable banner stands can be your best friend in the walk to success if you choose the right color combination. An efficient designer knows that a banner can stand out if he or she makes thoughtful use of color. The color on the banner should go well with the logo of your company and the industry, to which your business caters. For instance, if you own a mobile phone company, you can use bright colors. The colors of the text should also not match the background colors of the banner. If they do, people may not be able to make out what is written on the banner.

Retractable Banner Stand

# Opt for the correct image dimension

The images on the banner should sport the correct dimension. The images should have 300 dpi so that it is easier for visitors at the fair to assess the image properly. It is better if you hire an efficient designer to select the image for your brand. They know which image size is correct to attract an audience even from a distance.

# Offer contact details

An interested visitor is going to try and get more information about your products or services. He or she can visit your booth to learn in detail. In the event that the visitor has less time, he or she can note down the contact information from the banner stand and communicate with you later on. Put the contact information at the bottom of the banner or any place which is easily visible. Know more, visit our website.

Have you ordered your retractable banner stands? With the right design and concept, it is going to fetch you plenty of visitors and lead to high conversion rates.