A pop up banner can be called many things like roll-up banners and pull up stands, and these have a big impact on your business if you manage to use it effectively. These are a great way to give your customers a brief insight into the product or service that your business has to offer.

Pop-Up Banners

Right from advertising products and services at a trade show or a conference to marketing your business at a shopping mall, these vertical banner stands can be a fabulous way of getting your message across. The best part about these is that they are an affordable way of promoting your business as compared to print and electronic media.
pop up banner

Here is a list of benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to use a custom business banner for promoting your business.

Easy to assemble

A pop-up banner stand is very easy to set-up. As the very name suggests, you simply have to pop the stands up and you are good to go. These work much like retractable banners where you need to pull the banner from its base and fit it on a telescope-like pole into place, and you are done with assembling it. The base is flat and the pole helps to provide steady support to the banner stand.


Pop up banners are very hardy. The printed vinyl that is used for printing is exceptionally durable. In fact, it is meant to last long. The ad’s base is also quite strong and provides extra support to the whole stand. The frames of most of these ads are a form of aluminum, which means that it is light for transporting and strong and steady as well when put on display.

Easy to store

Pop up trade show banners are also extremely easy to store, and do not take up much space wherever you choose to store it. It itself folds away into the base and the telescope-like pole is used for supporting the banner collapses and folds away without any hassle.

Ideal for transporting

Thanks to the light and compact nature of banner stands, it is very easy to transport them. It can be a great choice if you want to use it very often at trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, shopping malls, etc. They fit easily into a vehicle, and can also be carried by hand through from one part of a trade fair to the other.

Requires little space

Whether it is in a trade fair or in your shop, space equals money, and you certainly won’t go for a banner that takes up too much floor space. Pop-up banners are high and narrow, thus, takes up small floor space. This allows you to advertise with more number of banners within a small space.

You get to take your message on the road

This is a very big benefit of banner stands. Be it a conference, a trade fair or local show or concert, with a pop-up stand you can go a long way in conveying your message to the people you want. A pop-up banner is indeed a very useful way of offline marketing. Choose these for your next outdoor campaign; you will surely benefit.