Today, huge flags with bold advertising messages are revolutionizing the ad marketing domain. And when a flag is as gigantic as a towering building, it is also important for it to be strong, durable, and resilient enough to withstand everything that comes its way. A fabulous upgrade to the regular location pin is a giant location pin - A giant advertising flag designed akin to universally recognized map location pins. Giant location pins are robust, attractive, bold and can be fully customized with your company details. In this way, a colossal custom printed flag can become an excellent means to turn all eyes in your brand’s direction, be it at a trade show or any other outdoor event. Are you looking to invest in a giant location pin to uniquely display your brand on your next trade show? We’ll give you a few reasons why that could be a great idea!

Larger than life

By rendering a ‘larger-than-life’ appeal to your brand and your advertising message, a giant location pin immediately grabs the attention of thousands of people in a matter of minutes. Unlike other conventional advertising media that could have you struggling to draw in attention, giant advertising flags offer maximum visibility that is bound to make your competitors go green with envy!

More size + More build = More supremacy!

A giant location pin is capable of going up to an impressive 15+ feet height, making it a brilliant territory-marker. Seamless aerodynamics, a larger area, and a super-strong build make these breakthrough huge flags a great choice to have your brand message stand out with opulence and style. Attractive, striking, stylish, and pretty much regal, giant location pin flags help you highlight your brand spot easily, similar to the way it would be on a map.

Floor your spectators

Large custom flags printed with vibrant full-colour graphics on premium fabric and hoisted on strong pole material is a sure-fire way to floor and impress your audiences. Regardless of whether it is a trade show, convention, meeting, retail store, rally, fundraiser, school event, or any other significant outdoor event, garnering people’s attention becomes a cakewalk with customized giant location pin flags.


Giant location pin flags are hassle-free, uniquely shaped, and boast of sleek designs, all of which becomes an added bonus when it comes to being spotted quickly and effortlessly in any environment, especially a crowded space. The best part is the familiarity that giant location pin flags evoke in the audience’s minds due to the resemblance with an actual map pin location.

A dynamic, beautifully-designed giant location pin:

  • Holds up well and is resilient to all weather conditions - Can even withstand strong winds
  • Features strong pole material and top-quality polyester blend fabric
  • Is printed with UV-resistant inks
  • Helps attract instant attention to the location, since it is digitally dye-sublimated
One giant location pin - So many benefits! What better way could there be to flaunt your brand and gather a large audience within minutes?