Regardless of size, style, and location, every company wants to increase and improve their business. No matter what your company’s specific goals might include, promotional items can play a huge part in helping your company reach them. While promotional items can help your company grow in many obvious ways, some are less expected. To help boost your creativity and get you thinking outside of the box, here are seven unexpected ways in which promotional items can increase your business.

Improved brand recognition.

Promotional items can improve brand recognition. While this fact in and of itself is not necessarily surprising, what is unexpected is the many benefits that this can offer. Brand recognition means that when people see your logo or customized graphics, they recognize your company. Whether or not they register it, this recognition can play into their decision to invest in products or services. For instance, say you are a well-branded and advertised plumbing service. True: plumbing might not be the most glamorous thing to pause and reflect upon. But the next time they need a plumber, it’s likely that they will think of you first. Brand recognition can work in ways you don’t even know to help increase your business, and promotional items play a huge role in increasing brand awareness.

Positive associations with your business.

Promotional items, including signage and promotional aids, offer an opportunity for your company to share its personality and culture with viewers. If designed well, your logo and customized graphics will attract the like-minded people who you’d like to be your customers. For instance, the personalized bean bag cube pictured above is an engaging promotional item which is bound to inspire positive curiosity from customers. Promotional items can actually make customers like you and have positive associations with your business before you even sell to a person. This makes them far more receptive to purchasing your products or services.

Increase consumer confidence in your small business.

Particularly for smaller businesses or companies that are just getting started, promotional items can help you present a polished, professional image which can improve consumer confidence. This means that you’ll come across as established and professional, even if you’re brand new. While operating a small business is a point of pride, you don’t want your promotional items to lack professionalism. You might not want to be a huge company, but you want to seem big enough to make people feel confident when buying from you. Signs, promotional aids, and other promotional items can help you project this image of success. 

Perceived value.

Imagine that there are two nail salons in your town, a few blocks away from one another. One of them has a beautiful hanging banner sign out front, and a sandwich board on the sidewalk, advertising their prices and services. The other salon has no signage at all. Which salon would you be more likely to visit? Chances are, you’ll pick the one that is dressed up with signage. Not only does it make an establishment more friendly and enticing, but it increases the perceived value of services. It makes it a more pleasant experience to walk in and spend money. After all, it’s not just about the product or service you are offering. It’s about offering your customers a valuable experience. Regardless of your business type, promotional items can increase the perceived value of your business’s products or services.

Clarity on company goals.

When you create promotional items, whether it’s trade show swag or a full indoor display, you need to consider things like what types of graphics you should use, what type of sign or promotional item will suit you best, how you will display them, and what you hope to gain from them. While this might seem like a lot of work, it’s going toward a good cause: these decisions can really give you clarity on company goals. Investing in promotional items offers a great opportunity to consider not just what you want from the items, but what you want your company to gain in the long run. Promotional items can absolutely help bring your company closer to reaching goals, be it increased awareness, higher sales, or better marketing. It can also help you define those goals so that you can stay motivated.

You’ll be easier to find.

Well, obviously, if you have a sign outside of your business, you’ll be much easier to find. Customers will be able to find you easily while walking or driving by, and will be able to identify where you are physically located. However, “easier to find” doesn’t just involve your brick and mortar location. Promotional items can make you easier to find not just physically but in the virtual sphere as well. The custom printed oval counter pictured above provides a great example of how a promotional aid can help people find you in the virtual sphere. The design of the item is appealing, which will help customers gravitate toward you at trade shows. The URL printed on the branded item makes it easy for customers to connect with you online after the show has ended. And as everyone knows, the more connections and awareness surrounding your brand, the greater the opportunities for sales.

Improve employee morale.

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Believe it or not, promotional items can actually improve employee morale. Here are just a few examples of how and why. First, on the most primary level, investing in signage, promotional furniture, or promotional aids can make it more pleasant to walk into the workplace by making it more visually appealing. As a one-time experience, this might not carry too much weight. However, over days, weeks, months, and years, this can have a big impact on how employees feel as they walk in the door. Second, if employees are responsible for displaying signage or assembling booths or advertising inflatables, the fact that they are professionally made and easy to assemble will make their lives a whole lot more pleasant and enjoyable. This is a big morale-booster! By making your employees’ lives more pleasant, they will be happier overall.Happy employees are good employees, so you only have benefits like increased sales, better employee retention, and better quality of labor to look forward to! Conclusion: Promotional items can play a big role in increasing your company’s reach, brand awareness, and overall visibility. Over time, this can mean increased sales and greater company stability. By investing in promotional items from Above All Advertising, you’re making an investment in your company’s improvement in the long term. How have promotional items benefited your company?