If you display at indoor events such as trade shows, exhibitions, or even job fairs, it’s important to have display tools which will help you showcase your business in a polished, professional way. Our indoor display kits are the perfect solution, providing all-in-one custom-printed display options which can be used at a variety of different types of events.

But which indoor display kit is right for your business? Do you need something simple, or something a little fancier? Before investing in an indoor display, ask yourself these ten questions to help determine which kit is right for you.Picture22

What type of trade shows will you be attending?

One of the first questions to ask yourself when considering an indoor display is what types of the trade show you will be attending. Will you be attending big, flashy trade shows? Or quieter, more subdued affairs? This can help inform what type of display you’ll need. For instance, if you’re attending trade shows where vendors have tricked-out, “dressed to impress” type booths, you should probably consider a booth with more bells and whistles; if you’re attending trade shows primarily attended by vendors handing out brochures, a simpler setup might be all that you need.

How often will you use this display?

Another important question is to ask yourself how often this display will be in use. Will it be once a year? Or will it be on a weekly basis? This can help you decide what type of display you’d like to use. If you’ll be using your display once a year, for instance, perhaps you want to keep it simple with our Indoor Silver Kit, which includes a backdrop, retractable sign, and a table throw. If your display will be used more frequently and in a variety of different settings, an option such as our Indoor Gold kit might be a better fit, as it includes more signage options which are suitable for a number of different spaces and settings.


What kind of impression do you want to make?

It’s important to know that the way in which you display your business sends a message to your customers. With that in mind, what kind of image do you want to project with your indoor display?
Just because your company is small at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t aim big. For instance, are you an up-and-coming company that is looking to make a splash? If so, the more signage the better, as in the case of our Indoor Platinum Kit, which includes a few more bells and whistles such as a multimedia display stand.

How large is your display space?

How large are the physical dimensions of your display area? Different trade shows and events often have slightly different parameters. Obviously, if space is very tight, a simpler setup makes more sense. However, if your display area is quite large, one of our indoor kits with more signage options can help “fill out” the space, so that it doesn’t look too empty, and it includes plenty of things for potential customers to look at while they browse.


Do you want something a little different?

For some businesses, a simple, no-nonsense display suits them just fine, due to their personal style and leanings. Is that you? Or do you want to showcase your business as a little bit different? Invest in a display that sends the message you want to project to customers. For example, if you’re poising your company is a creative powerhouse, the Indoor Silver Kit might be a bit too staid for you; instead, you might decide to go with the Indoor Platinum Kit, which includes more creative sign options. Or, Alternatively, you might go with a simpler indoor display kit, but augment your setup with inflatable furniture or other creative display options.

Will you be able to use signs throughout the year?

When the trade show or event is over, will you be packing up your display to store it until next year? Or is there potential to give some of the signage and display elements other uses throughout the year? If you think that you’ll be investing in a display which can give you mileage all year long, it is prudent to look into one of our more deluxe displays. Our Indoor Gold Kit, for instance, includes retractable banners and a blade flag which could potentially have many other uses for your business throughout the year.

Do you want to include a multimedia display?

Technology is becoming more and more common and popular in trade shows and event displays. Is your company ready to jump on the bandwagon and reap the potential sales rewards that a tech-savvy display can offer? If so, you’ll need a display which can safely and prominently showcase your iPad or television screen. Our Indoor Platinum Kit features a multimedia display featuring tablet and monitor mounts, which makes it a great choice for companies looking to include multimedia into their setup. However, display units such as our Viper-V display allow you to incorporate tech on a more à la carte basis.

What’s the floor like where you will be displaying?

Some event spaces have nice, plush carpets or dignified hardwood floors. Others have ugly, discolored concrete floors. Don’t let your beautiful display suffer based on the floors of your event space. Our easy-to-assemble interlocking floor tiles are a perfect solution, which not only provides a softer surface for your customers to walk on but looks polished and professional. It’s an easy way to increase the appeal of your overall display.


Do you need to display brochures?

Will your display require units which can be used to house brochures or printed matter? Be sure to invest in a display that includes these units, or to invest in a free-standing display that can suit this purpose. For instance, our Indoor Bronze Kit features a standing brochure holder which can be outfitted so that the colors match the retractable banner and table throw which are also included in the kit.

What type of display feels right for you?

Sure, you can consider all of the questions posed in this post, but ultimately, which display is right for you also depends on what feels right. Once you’ve determined some of your practical needs for a display, spend some time browsing the offerings on our website and looking through what looks good to you. Investing in an indoor display kit can be a big deal, and it’s important to purchase the one that feels just right for your business.

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