Misting System

  • Dimension: 0.375 X 0.375 X 120
  • Material: UV Plastic
  • Weight: 1.5 LBS.
  • Our great new custom misting system that is the ultimate way to fit your product in a compact manner.
  • Our system allows you to incorporate misting fans as well, which appeals to many owners trying to combine a misting system along the perimeter while placing stylish misting fans in the corners.
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No matter how hot it is outside, our effective misting system will make sure your customer stays with you. Outdoor events and even some indoor events can be tough when the temperature does not support the event. It is for these hot days that you need a clean and effective cooler system, When this system comes with an attractive fan, that is when you can say that your brand has taken care of all aspects leading to effective marketing. These portable water misters are perfectly safe for people in all age groups and provide clean circulated cool airflow while maintaining the moisture which is important in hot weather. Place the mist cooling system just outside the tent and see how it attracts the customers towards your setup. These cooling systems allow visitors to beat the heat before entering the tent and prepare them to absorb all the information with ease.


  • The tent misting system can be placed in front of any kind of portable tents from our event tents category including our Customized Star Shaped Teepee™ Tent, Hoppin' Pop™ Tent, Inflatable Shell Tent Personalized Printed, Action tent, among others.
  • It is easy to set up and reduces the time you would spend on any traditional misting system. The kit comes complete with all attachments and a descriptive guide.
  • All you need is a basic source of water which will act as a natural coolant making this an environment-friendly outdoor cooling system.
  • The kit is light in weight making it easy to transport and made of UV plastic that imparts its lightweight.

Good to know

  • Placing the system at the entrance is a great way that many shopping malls and big shopping centers resort do, in order to get a customer ready to shop.
  • The tent mister is perfectly safe to be used in crowded areas and is not a health hazard to anyone.
  • Working on the ambiance is one of the things that makes this system a great investment.
  • Save on high electricity bills and bid goodbye to restrictive voltage supply air coolants by investing in the misting system.
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Type / Style Tent Accessories
Features Dome Shaped, Print
Imprint Custom Print
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