Your vehicle is an important and expensive investment. So why not figure ways to protect it for longer life. Car covers are important whether you find them appealing or not. They are the only layer of protective shielding for your vehicle that saves it from sun, dust, and rain. While we travel in the car in polluted cities and dusty highways, we stay protected from these harsh elements. But what happens to your car? It's metal parts, color coat continues to experience gradual wear and tear. The damage is way more when the car sits in your garage. The dust that accumulates on its exterior, gradually finds its way to the inner part, harming the seat and at times the engine as well. For those who appreciate the vehicles in their life, the range of car covers available in the market is a definite must-have.

How does a car cover protect your car?

  • One of the obvious things a cover does is by limiting the dust reaching the car. This dust that can cause a lot of damage to the exterior and interior parts of the car is better kept at bay.
  • The high-quality polypropylene material of the cover has amazing water-resistant qualities. Keeping moisture off your car is a good way to avoid the years of rust and damage that the metal parts are subjected to.
  • Did you know that the sun’s UV rays can damage the expensive color coating on your car? UV rays are harmful for any kind of varnish and that applies to the color of your car as well. If you do not want to see the car go from shades of black to grey, then it is important to keep it covered.

Is it only the car that needs covering up? What about all those spare tires that you have stored in your garage and inside the back of the car?

Just like the car, the car tires experience wear and tear as well. What’s more dangerous is that a worn tire can be a major cause of accidents. This gives you a great reason to keep them as protected as possible. These heavy-duty vinyl covers for tires keep them protected from water and UV rays. While covering and protecting your car and its tires is important, many of us choose to not opt for it due to vanity issues. If you are repulsed by the not so attractive covers that are available in the market, then all you need is some unique car and tire covers. How do you make them unique? You simply customize them! Custom made car covers and custom vinyl tire stack covers are readily available in the market as well as online at competitive rates. You can now get your favorite movie poster, a fancy design or any text of your choice imprinted on the covers for both cars and tires and make them attractive in your own way. Custom printed tire covers are available for almost all make of cars. They are designed to fit the car in the most appropriate way with full elastic hem, leaving no room for any dust to enter in. The double-stitched seams of these personalized car cover ensure that you get value for your money. These covers are perfect for car cover advertising as well. If you want to market your brand or utilize a stationary car for marketing campaigns, you can get it designed for the purpose with ease.

Tire cover advertising is an added advantage for customized tire covers and an added benefit for your business.

Stack up a bunch of tires with a well-designed marketing tire cover and place them on the side of the road or at events spaces and trade shows. This is a promotional accessory in itself. You can place these tires around your inflatable event tent or beside banners and flags. Add custom signage beside it to direct customers towards your stall for added benefit.

Choose the right cover for the right benefits and life-long investment.

With the number of covers available in the market, it is easy to get fooled by something that looks good and something that is the best quality. While personalized covers are the best way to go make sure that you do not cheap out on the material and the fit of the cover for both cars and tires. Invest in protecting your cars and tires and reap the benefits of a lasting automobile.