Digital marketing and advertising may be popular at the moment, but conventional forms of promotion still have a lot to offer. These tried-and-true techniques have endured the test of time for a reason. They have a track record of achievement and are particularly well-liked by companies trying to establish a presence in their local market. Have you considered using outdoor advertising for your own business? Uncertain of where to start, what format to use, or where to put it? To assist you in doing just that, the team at Above All Advertising has put together this comprehensive guide to outdoor advertising.

What is outdoor advertising?

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Any promotion that is visible outside and reaches potential buyers who pass by is considered outdoor advertising. They typically appear as solitary advertisements and are put on building walls, windows, street furniture, and public transportation.

They can be used to display business information, such as opening hours and new product launches, as well as store promotions and events. They are made to catch the attention of passersby.

Billboards, stickers, signs, banners, and more are illustrative examples.

Any form of marketing that is done outside to attract attention is considered outdoor advertising. Billboard advertising is the most often used format, but there are a variety of other possibilities, many of which now have digital components.

The specifics of outdoor advertising broaden the scope of this format to encompass a number of topics you may never have even thought about:

  • Experiential marketing, like the well-known "Carrie" prank in the coffee shop
  • Vehicles customized with logos and graphics from advertisers
  • Ads on park benches or in bus shelters
  • Before you watch your movie, there are promotions in the theater.

The list is endless.

What makes outdoor advertising so crucial?

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An excellent tool in your marketing armory is outdoor advertising.

It might assist you in getting in front of the crucial foot traffic that daily travels through town and city centers. You can target a larger audience, which means more prospective clients, by placing advertisements in areas with lots of people.

Making outdoor advertisements can support your other marketing strategies, including printed posters, leaflets, and brochures. You may target your organization's most significant number of potential customers by utilizing them in tandem.

The first step in drawing your target audience to your business and boosting engagement and sales is grabbing their attention as they pass by on their way to work or in the locations they frequent most.

How can I improve the impact of my outdoor advertising?

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To draw the attention of individuals passing by on foot or by car, outdoor advertising requires that the design be as eye-catching as possible. Naturally, this depends on what you're trying to promote.

Try to adhere to these design tenets as a rule -

Think beyond the box; in 2006, a McDonald's sundial billboard attracted attention by displaying the appropriate food at the proper time. This is only one outdoor advertising instance demonstrating how creative thought can produce a standout advertisement.

Design specifically for your marketing; for example, your clients want that information presented clearly and concisely if you're advertising opening hours. It might be necessary to do something more extravagant for a sale or product launch.

Make sure it stands out; for example, branded benches, bus advertisements, and large scaffolding banners are easily recognizable. Getting people to see your outdoor advertising idea is essential, so keep that in mind when creating.

Where Should You Rent Outdoor Space?

It's essential to pick the ideal spots for your outdoor advertising campaign. The best location will depend on your business, the objectives of your campaign, and the target audience.

Simply put, you'll need to make sure that your advertisements are placed in areas where your target audience is most likely to be present, taking into account a variety of characteristics, including -

  • Traffic flows
  • Where your target demographic lives
  • Where your business is based
  • Your customers' interests and daily routines
  • The core purpose of your campaign.

Evaluating each advertising location's efficacy individually

Impressions & Reach - Reach is the number of distinct people who view an advertisement, while impressions are the number of times an ad is viewed.

Frequency - To calculate frequency, divide impressions by reach over a predetermined period (e.g., two or four weeks). You may determine which places gain the most traffic over time by understanding how frequently an advertisement is seen there.

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It's a common misperception among small businesses that outdoor advertising (OOH) is expensive and useless, yet this couldn't be further from the truth.

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