There is no doubt that the traditional promotional tools like banners, brochures and pamphlets are quite effective. But, there is certainly no harm in trying out the latest techniques given the fact that they are no less helpful in attracting attention. In present times, giant promotional balloons have become extremely popular among different types of businesses. Big as well as small brands are reaping ample benefits from this promotional tool which are available in various types. If you are looking for some newer, better and greater ways of advertising your business, you may look for attractive hot air balloons for sale.

What are the advantages of an advertising balloon?

As already stated, there are several benefits of this advertising tool. When you are using a giant balloon to spread brand awareness, you will have peace in mind that it will be highly visible. There is no way a passerby can miss it. This is the biggest advantage of advertising balloons. The mammoth size and interesting shape easily catch attention of the onlookers.

hot air balloons for saleYou can place giant inflatables at different locations that experience heavy footfall like, hotels, shopping malls, large restaurants and on the top of buildings and apartments. Positioning them appropriately on busy streets and highways will garner a lot of public attention. Unlike brochures and pamphlets, people cannot throw them in waste box without reading the message.

Inflatables do not require high maintenance. When not in use, you can store them in a sturdy box (which is provided by suppliers during purchase). They are absolutely fit for repeated use and easy to transport from one place to another. It is worth mentioning that promotional balloons run on electricity and they hardly take more than twenty minutes to blow up.

In addition to these benefits, hot air balloons for sale can be found in cheap rates in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Advertising with inflatables is considered one of the cost-effective and creative ways of business promotion.

hot air inflatablesWhat are the different types of advertising balloons?

Different types of advertising balloon available for successful promotion are as follows:

  • Round shaped
  • Custom design
  • Blimp
  • Lit
  • Air dancers
  • Bouncers

Each of these is to be found in stunning colors and designs and distinct sizes. You need to contact a supplier who can offer you variety. Also, the supplier needs to be reputed and reliable so that you can have complete trust on the quality of the product. You can either buy inflatables or take them on rent. Purchasing one is a good idea since you can use it repeatedly. When you are opting for custom design balloons, make sure that the designer is familiar with your business requirements.

If you wish to use inflatables for events like business parties, you can choose from a large variety of party balloons that come in exciting shapes, sizes and designs. Different suppliers demand different rates. It is advisable to choose a seller only after comparing prices. Comparison will help you get hot air balloons for sale at best possible rates.