Our Flex Banner EVO™ are an economical alternative to our popular Flex Blade and Flex Banner advertising / promotional flags, which dominated the advertising market since the early 2000's. However, the Flex Banner EVO™ AKA EVO Banner Flag has been taking over in advertisement today!


What is different about the EVO?

The EVO flag is one of our more cost efficient products, with tons of benefits and a whole heap or REAL Value! The EVO is more economically efficient but that is no remark to its quality! It's made from a quality polyester blend fabric and carbon composite pole system to ensure a quality, long lasting Flag. Know more at: https://abovealladvertising.net/

The EVO is 15 feet and 25 inches wide, which is perfect for your own personal design or logo. The shape and design of our EVO banner is easily seen, and will be sure to draw attention to anyone passing by. The EVO is available in any color, and any design imaginable. We offer single sided digital dye sublimated graphics. This is the perfect way to enhance your business, and the assembly is so simple!

There is a variety of additional mounting options are available for your EVO Flag, which include: Mount in grass, dirt, cement, indoors, on your trailer hitch almost any environment!

Your advertising goals are sure to be met with our EVO Flex Flag! Call one of our helpful sales assistance to see how the EVO can benefit you and your business! Our production time is normally 10 to 15 business days.