It has been more than a year since the first case of Covid19 was reported. Down the line, the world has witnessed several unpredictable and devastating situations. Even after a year, there has been no significant respite. The coronavirus pandemic is still a public health emergency and therefore, there can be no lapses when it comes to protecting yourself. As the number of cases is sinking, offices around the world are opening. Maintaining safety of all employees is a priority for all organizations. Though, the responsibility falls on everyone’s shoulders because if you uphold vigil, the chances are high that you will sail safely in such trying times. Keeping the workplace clean and well sanitized can stop the spread of the novel coronavirus – WHO guidelines have stated. In addition to keeping your workplace clean and sanitized, implement the following best ways to protect your workplace from the coronavirus as these precautionary measures have a great potential in curbing the risk of injection.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand with Poster Frame

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Stand with Custom Printed Poster Before Covid19, we used to forget keys, wallets, and mobiles, and now, we forget sanitizer and face masks. There are a lot of people in this boat, though, sanitizing hands is the vanguard in the battle against Covid19. With an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, you can rest assured. This hand sanitizer dispenser stand ensures that your workplace remains free from not just coronavirus but also other viruses and bacteria. Equipped with an infrared sensor, this hand sanitizing dispenser is indispensable for maintaining proper hygiene. The frame is lightweight and easy to install. It functions with simple batteries, hence no plugging is needed, and is capable of dispensing both liquid and gel sanitizers. The stand can hold up to 1 liter of sanitizer, making it a perfect choice for workplaces. To avoid spillage, there is a flat plate just below the nozzle, thereby keeping the premises spotless.

Digital Infrared Thermometer - No Contact Temperature Gun

Infrared No Touch Thermometer Gun A little spike in temperature is one of the key signs of Covid19. To ensure you are not around infected people, a no-touch thermometer is a must-have. Infrared temperature guns are more sensitive than other types and are guaranteed to give the correct temperature reading. Light-weighted, secure grip, operating on simple batteries, and precise sensor, this gun adds a luster to your work ethics. With a tolerance of only ±0.2℃, this forehead thermometer can operate in any weather condition.

Desktop Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Wall Mount

Automatic Hand Sanitiser DIspenser Wall Mounted Dispenser stands and temperature guns take care of people coming in. The items people bring with them, however, might be contaminated. They can't always go out to sanitize their hands again after touching their belongings. Precisely for this purpose, you need an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. This wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser is designed to hold a sufficient amount of sanitizer, making it perfect for indoors as it takes a little space on a wall. It is also equipped with infrared sensors and hence, dispensing is touch-free.

Germ B Gone Nano Sanitizer Mister Atomizing Spray

Nano Misting Spray - Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle After all the precautions, the virus might be on your desk, laptop bag, knobs, car steering, and many other such places. There is a risk that the virus might jump onto your hands and then into your system. Germ B Gone sanitizer hand spray is your pocket buddy who will add another layer to your armor. With enough space for liquid sanitizer, you can use it about 16 to 18 times to disinfect any surface. This mist hand sanitizer is a must-have as its automatic spray reduces contact between you and the surface. The device is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be charged via USB cable.

Custom Printed Face Covering

Custom Printed Anti Germ Face Mask Now, the first line of defense against the coronavirus is customizable. Just like the touch of a feather, these customized face masks are gentle on your face. It comes with a high-quality elastic ear belt and is wide enough to cover the mouth and nose. Our premium soft material ensures a seamless breathing process. Get custom printed face masks to subtly market your company’s name, logo, and message.